Your faith in The Order has eroded. All that remains now is hatred and mistrust. You are one of the new breed. Willing to fight for change against The Order and it's oppression. But...there are others. The rebellion is underway. Join them as they attempt to throw off the evil yoke of the Order and free this world from its stranglehold.

It's up to you and the few like you. Go forth and bring the tyranny to an end!


Strife was originally released in the spring of 1996. The game helped launch the current trend of Action/RPG interactive gaming. We contend that Strife is one of the 'granddaddy's' of the genre. It is a game that merges hard-hitting action with an engaging plot that fully immerses the player, you, in our world.

From the start you'll notice that Strife is different. A word of caution is warranted here. You shouldn't kill everything that crosses your path. In fact, you'll need to leave some of the inhabitants living to get important information and vital clues about the world and your missions. It's mystery and intrigue mixed with a heavy 'spattering' of action!

Strife was created using id Software's chart-busting DOOM technology. Certainly that 3D technology may be considered 'elderly' now, but...Strife's game play is as furious as ever with seamless level transitions, awesome voice-over's, amazing sound effects and an interactive plot that will keep you immersed in the game. Rogue continues to get extremely positive responses from gamers about Strife. Still! 4 years after it's original release!! If that's not a testament to its game play, we don't know what is!

Unfortunately, Strife's original publisher is now out of business and the game is commercially unavailable. Sadly, we do not know where you can purchase the game, but look to Rogue in the future for more info on a re-release and maybe, just maybe...Strife II.

All in all, if you are looking for hours of classic gaming entertainment then unearth a copy of Strife. We know you will dig it! (Pun intended.)


  • Minimum 486-66 with 8 MB RAM (recommended Pentium with 8 MB RAM and 16/32 bit soundcards)
  • MS-DOS 5.0 or higher (runs under Windows)
  • Hard drive with 70 MB free space
  • CD ROM drive
  • VGA graphics
  • Mouse, joystick and modem support
  • Supports IPX networks