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Server - schmerver.-  19/07/00

Please note this is not the new layout just a new

banner + colour scheme.

Ok I forgot to mention in the last update that we have inquired about a server on Barrysworld ;

Also I may getting a cable connection so I will be able to host some high speed games.

Also, also Piledriver from Autoscum has challenged Whiteboy from Maximum Mayhem

Also, also, also I am fully aware that a few pics in the download section do not work so please don't keep emailing me about it. Thanx.

Vudu k.

A note from the sleeping partner of the carmacup -21/07/00

I need loads of you carma' people to write to

barrys world and mention our Site ok :) I need to say we want some of those servers for our Cup to get it runnin'

good i know I can reply on yas :)


(sleeping partner of Carma-Cup)

like our logo :)


Clans - .-  20/07/00

I've decided to post up two new clans prior to their website completions to save me the effort at a later date.

* stoners reeking havoc

and the

*poof poofing poofers.

Most of you by now will have seen the newest

Screenies' on carma'.com, am I the only one who's noticed from these that they've finally started to do something right cos' the cars are bent up like in C2.

Man, look at all the '  s everywhere.

Vudu k.

I refuse to work under these conditions -  27/07/00

I'm not going to update until I get the new layout from Symm (should be a week or two) It looks that cool I can no longer stand this one.

Meanwhile  plz' keep submitting clans and if Also plz do as Symm says in his last post :)

Also I am getting a cable connection and so I may host some games.

Vudu k.