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Overall Best Game of the Year

Soul Calibur
Publisher: Namco
Developer: Namco
System: Dreamcast

With probably only three or four serious contenders, Soul Calibur won our overall vote. The game is supreme. Jeff agreed: "Soul Calibur is the game that showed us how amazing games could be, if given enough time and talent. The game combines an amazing control scheme with a better-than-arcade graphical style. Plus Namco tossed in a gang of new modes, including the superfun mission battle mode. While some people may enjoy other fighters more than they enjoy SC, there's simply no arguing that 1999 belonged to Namco's Soul Calibur."

The Milkman surrendered his love for Beetle Adventure Racing for Soul Calibur as well: "Without question, the most significant addition to the list of Sega third-party developers for its Dreamcast launch had to be Namco. This is the company, along with Square, that practically 'made' the PlayStation. If it wasn't for Ridge Racer and Tekken (and to a lesser extent Ace Combat), the PlayStation's initial library wouldn't have been nearly as strong. Toshinden just wasn't cuttin' it. So, in light of Sega's fiercest arcade rival taking what had been a PlayStation 'franchise,' developed on PlayStation-based arcade hardware, and porting it to Sega's next-gen system, this is, to me, the most significant gaming news of the year. I come to this conclusion based on the fact that this is the Dreamcast game of the year. As a Virtua Fighter freak who also loves Tekken, it was with great pleasure that I discovered the greatly improved version of Soul Calibur. As a devout follower of the arcade version, I followed the news of the Dreamcast version with an invested interest. Well, Namco certainly didn't skimp on its first DC title. Despite the lack of a CG intro or CG endings for each character, Namco still had time to stuff just about every other possible option into the game. I don't really need to go on about all the features and how awesome this game is. It's been covered about as much as any game in the last few years. Suffice to say, if you own a Dreamcast, you must own Soul Calibur."

Justin and Andrew, two perennial Final Fantasy supporters, voted in favor of Soul Calibur as well. Justin said, "It was tough choosing between Final Fantasy VIII and Soul Calibur, but thinking about how many perfect scores Soul Calibur racked up and how many testimonials the game received really clinched it for me. There just isn't anything wrong with this game that's worth complaining about."

Andrew attested: "I have to give it to Soul Calibur, as much as I love Final Fantasy VIII. While FFVIII hinted at what would be possible with future generations of games, Soul Calibur delivered. Truly a landmark title in every way."

Honorable Mention

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Final Fantasy VIII
Publisher: Square
Developer: Square
System: PlayStation

There wasn't much of a contest for honorable mention here. Once Soul Calibur was decided upon, there was really only one hands-down choice: Final Fantasy VIII. Brad said, "What needs to be said? The culmination of more than a decade of game design by the core development team, FFVIII represents the pinnacle of dramatic narrative in video games and wraps it around the same FF-style core gameplay that everybody loves, with enough new features to keep it fun to play. FFVIII is the most moving game I've ever played." And everyone agreed that after Soul Calibur, Final Fantasy VIII earned its seat.

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