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News: 31.5.2000 22:22 GMT by tommo

Although here at Pokeball we haven't reported on 'Hey you, Pikachu!', the N64 Pokemon game where you can actually talk to Pikachu, and he talks back to you. Well we have just heard, that testing the game for release over here in the UK, Nintendo have come accross a problem. Our Accents! It seems that they are so different that the software Nintendo uses in the game cant tell them all apart! This means only two things! 1. The game will be delayed so that Nintendo can change the game so that it does work, or 2. *SHOCK HORROR* Nintendo won't release the game over here AT ALL!!!
Oh well! We will have to just wait and see! If any more on this story is revealed rest assured Pokeball will be there first!

News: 28.5.2000 19:34 GMT by alexc

I have to apollogise for the no show at bluewater. I was assigned to go but due to lack of transporation I was un-able to go. I am still waiting on confermation on the pokemon championship application so if anyone gets confermation before we mention on pokeball then please let us know.
Thanks alot and sorry again about the lack of coverage at bluewater (mewwater).
Signing out. Alexc.

News: 28.5.2000 18:58 GMT by tommo

After much time resisting, I have finally put chat onto Pokeball. This is where we will be holding our brand new group chats! Ok, so if you want to go chat, it DOES NOT require a registration, click on the chat link on the sidebar now. The first Pokeball group chat will definatly have me there, and if I can some other staff memebers. So come and turn up! It will be on Saturday the 3rd of June at 18:00 till 19:00!

News: 28.5.2000 14:44 GMT by tommo

Pokeball was a no show at Mewwater, sorry. Apparently at the last minute the Pokeball team were unable to make it to Bluewater, Kent to recieve the very gracious prize of a Mew from Nintendo themselves. So, is there any readers out there, who did get to go and get a Mew? We want to hear from you! Send us an e-mail telling us about what happened! If you have pictures all the better! We want to hear everything! Ok, that's all for now, except we need some more fanart!!!

News: 27.5.2000 16:59 GMT by tommo

Looking over Pokeball (as I generally do) I have just found that there is only one fan art entry for this month!!! What does this mean? Well without any competition this piece will be forced to win! But it also means that this month will have less competition if say... another piece of fanart was entered! Think about it all you budding artists out there! Have you got an excellent piece of fanart that is just begging to go onto Pokeball's fanart gallery? You all have until the endof the month to send you entries to

News: 26.5.2000 9:07 GMT by tommo

Well surfing the net today, I've just remember the 'Mewwater' event that I should be reminding you all about. It is TOMMORROW!!!! Get there for 10:00, basically it is at Bluewater in Kent, Just past the Dartford tunnel.
So get there if you want the first ever chance to get a Mew for your very own in the UK! Get there early there are going to be thousands of fellow trainers there with you!

News: 25.5.2000 20:45 GMT by tommo

WOOOOAH!!! No one has updated! Sorry about that everyone! Anyway, I've been having my GCSEs latly (that's a total of 4 exams so far!) so I havn't been able to update. Oh, I've just read Pokeball's E-mails and freekachu has been banned from the net for a while, so no more updates from her for a while! We may be having a new member to the Pokeball team soon, just wait!
In other news, I'm working on getting the Pokedex back up, to see it, I'll leave you to work out the imaginitivly created web address so you can go and see it! Anyway, that should been re-opened soon.
I'll leave it for now because I've gotta go revise and use those brain cells that I've devoted to Pokeball for so long!
Oh! One more thing! Remember on Bank Holiday Monday, GMTV are showing brand new Pokemon episodes! It's at 08:00 (ITV) and there will be two episodes shown! Oh I'll be waiting till then!

News: 22.5.2000 11:53 GMT by freekachu

Indeed we will, Tommo! If anyone watched QVC on Sturday night at about 10pm, you would have seen another Pokemon hour! Yay! With the new Neo 9-card promo japanese set, the new series 2 collectors tins (of which I have the Team Rocket one thanx 2 the NOM tour), and, in my opinion, the best prize of all, for £22, the 'Pokemon Adventures' comic, signed by Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart and Adam Blaustein, the voice talents of Jessie, James and Meowth!!!!!!!! Sadly, I couldn't buy it 'cos a. I don't have a credit card, natch b. I didn't have time to write down the order no. and c. I was alone in the house so I couldn't buy it anyway! Wa..........

And I know I lied 'bout reviewing the new trailer, but we've been having major probs with the net at home. I'll review it as soon as I can.

News: 20.5.2000 22:12 GMT by tommo

Well sorry about this everyone, Pokeball hasn't really been updated has it? Well I will be truthful with you now, it is largly because we are slap bang in the middle of our GCSE exams! For the next 4 weeks or so, we will be taking them. However this only means that some Pokeball activites will be slowed down. it also means things like J.C.'s Gym will have to wait for a few weeks, but don't just leave us, I'm sure our other staff will endeaur to still get all the goss etc. in the Pokemon world right here in our excellent (if I don't say myself) UK news service! OK, bye everyone for a while, I'm going to revise!

News: 19.5.2000 14:26 GMT by freekachu

Hi! I jusst noticed on the bottom of the new American P2K poster the web address! (I luv the tag-line: 'This summer, one person can make all the difference' The poster's kewl too) I just logged on to it, and it's got the brand new American trailer!!!!! I can't download it yet tho', 'cos I'm actually in school in my I.T. lesson (lol - lots of work to do - can't be bothered to do it), so I don't know what it's like, but on Saturday, I'll tell u all!!!!!!
If u can't wait 'till then, here's the address:-

In other news (what am I, a news-reader???), I will not be going to the Blue Water Shopping Centre, cos it's in Kent and I'm in Southampton, and to get there for 10:00am, I'd have to get up at 5:00am - YOU'LL BE LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!! So just count yourselves lucky, mortals, that I can't get Mew (sob, sob) AND I can't enter the championships, but if I did I'd blow you all away!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!

News: 17.5.2000 19:53 GMT by tommo

The european Championship rumors? Well it looks like they're true!
At the end of August, there will be a national final with every store winner competing in London. The best two trainers will then be found. Then sometime around December this year the two trainers will be jetted off to Germany to compete in the final!
Still no word on the capatibility issue I raised earlier, but conferring with alexc on the issue, the actual answer may be that every PAL (european) Stadium Cart, has every language version of Pokemon incorporated into it (hence every manual has the different languages in it!). However we just won't know until either Nintendo tell us what will happen, or until the actual day!
Ok enough rumor confirmation for one day!

News: 14.5.2000 19:36 GMT by freekachu

Hi! I'm the newest team member on Pokeball UK - (and it's an honour, not that I'm sucking up or anything ^_^) freekachu! My real names Jade Gallagher, I AM a girl-cheers, tommo ;), and I was born and bred in Southampton, and you lot can call me Jade, Freeka, AK123, or whatever, I don't care. I'll be helping with updates, getting downloads, pics, Japanese and American gossip, etc. so hi to all and e-mail me! !

News: 14.5.2000 12:16 GMT by tommo

Well, I've just found out about a Rumor from our hosts UPN. Appartently, and this is NOT comfirmed, the Pokemon Championship 2000, happening right here in the UK is going to be MUCH bigger than we had thought before. Every store winner in the UK WILL be taken for a grand final, and the 2 best Trainers in the country will be found.
However it doesn't just end there (and I suggest you sit down now) These 2 trainers will be taken to Europe where they will represent their country in the EUROPEAN Championship 2000! Now this sounds VERY exciting, but it also means that if you want any chance of winning, you're gonna have to TRAIN like mad. You're all just lucky I can't compete! You wouldn't have a chance if I could!

There is just one thing bugging me about this news, which may suggest that it is ONLY a rumor. Well, every European country has a different language version of Pokemon, and they are not compatible with each other, because some of the Pokemon have different names to the English versions (read the back of your Pokemon Game box if you don't believe me!). Anyway if it is just a rumor, it is a pretty big one, only i still can't help wondering how Nintendo are going to get around that little fact ............ that's if they've thought of that of course!

News: 14.5.2000 11:40 GMT by tommo

Ok, this is it, J.C.'s Gym is having its last heat battles this week! There are only two battles this week, but they will decide the last 2 of the 30 Pokemon, about to battle in the next round. Go to J.C.'s Gym now and vote for your choice of winner from this weeks battles. To get to J.C.'s Gym either click the side banner <<< (opening a new window) or go to the Gym's section and find it from there.

News: 13.5.2000 23:27 GMT by tommo

Pokemon Yellow has finally had its own FIRM release date set for the UK (and Europe) after nearly a year after it was origanally released in Japan! Pokemon Yellow will be released for EXACTLY the same price as Pokemon Blue and Red are at the moment of £30. Anyway, Yellow will be released on the 16th of June 2000. Another Pokeball exclusive there.

News: 11.5.2000 21:03 GMT by tommo

Five new Pokemon names have been announced for E3, where Pokemon Gold / Silver is debutting for the first time in its English form. The new names are for the three new starter Pokemon, and the forth legendary Bird.

Chickorita (152) - The plant starter Pokemon
Cyndaquil (154) - The fire starter Pokemon
Totodile (157) - The water starter Pokemon

Ho-Oh (163) - The owl Pokemon
Lugia (249) - The forth legendary bird, only found when the other 3 birds are brought together

My favourite out of all of these names has got to be Cyndaquil, just because it sounds cool and unique. Anyway, yes it is true I can't go to any of the events coming soon because I am about to start work EVERY saturday! I am very disapointed by this, but our other staff memebers shouold be able to cope on their own! ...... I hope!

News: 11.5.2000 18:27 GMT by J.C.

Well, as Alex C has said, tommo wont be able to attend any of the pokemon events coming up! Because of this, I will also be representing pokeball at the championship and will be going along with Alex C to collect my Mew! So, if any of you readers have to face me, BEWARE! Only joking, I look forward to facing you, to see if you are truly a pokemaon master!

News: 10.5.2000 20:56 GMT by alexc

Hi Pokeball Fans
In the last few days there have been quite a few pokemon events that have been revealed. As many of you know, Tom has got a new job and will be unable to go to any of these events, which include the national competition and the Mew event at Bluewater. Due to this he has left it up to me and a few other pokeball reviewers to report on all the events. I will be representing Pokeball in the national pokemon championship and i hope to kick ass. If any of u readers are entering the comp, e-mail us with your name, age and local store and i might even end up teaching you how to play!
C u lot later.

Alex C

News: 9.5.2000 19:43 GMT by tommo

Well thanks to our affiliate Pokemon UK, we have recieved some very BIG news! Mew is to be released in the UK!!! At the special event, on Saturday 27th of May in Blue Water Shopping Centre, Mew will be given out to everyone who attends! For the event Blue Water, will be changing its name to Mew Water Shopping Centre. If you would like to recieve a Mew of your very own, turn up there for 10:00 in the morning!
Enough from us tonight I think.

News: 9.5.2000 19:08 GMT by tommo

After much plugging by me, I suddenly thought that some of our viewers may not have seen the Pokemon Championship 2000 advert screened last Saturday! And so just like the angel I am, I've taken the advert and uploaded it to the Pokeball servers. You can download it now if you want, it's just over 5 mb and lasts 1 minute and a half. If you want it click here. I would recommend using the 'Save target as' feature if you would like to download it.
Oh and one more thing! Hello to all of our new visitors! Since being announced on UPNetwork as a hostee, our hits per day has doubled! Roll on the UK Pokemon revolution!

News: 7.5.2000 19:15 GMT by tommo

J.C.'s Gym is here! Yes after TONS of work, we have finally got J.C.'s Gym back up! To go straight to it just click the feature advert on the left bar!
Also we would like to say a BIG hello to all of our new visitors today, if you have just come off of the UPNetwork site. We have finally been listed there under the hosted sites section. Anyway, sorry, but there is alot more updated today especially the right bar>> but I gotta rush. See you later!

News: 6.5.2000 11:26 GMT by tommo

Well that was one of the best adverts Nintendo have EVER done! Absolutly superb! Although it didn't tell us as much information about the event as I posted last night, Nintendo actually made a decent Advert for once! 'Your country needs you! Are you prepared to use Flamethrower, Psychic or Hydro blast?' Brillient! i'll try to get the movie file up of it sometime and I'll definatly post some screenshots. But for more, just look down at last night's News story and go to the official Site!

News: 6.5.2000 0:16 GMT by tommo

Anyone wondering what the secret Pokemon announcement is tommorrow on saturday? Well like the secret spies that we are here at Pokeball. We've found out before it has even been officially announced!
The new announcement is of a Pokemon Tournament like no other! The Pokemon Championship 2000 is to be held in Electronic Boutique and GAME stores.

In England, Ireland and Wales the competition will start on Saturday the 3rd of June and then run on every Saturday until 15th of July. However in Scotland the competition will still start on Saturday the 3rd of June but it will then run on both Saturday and Sunday until Saturday 24th of June.
To enter, contestants must visit the official Pokemon UK website and register their details. Once registered, the officials will select the best of the best and send them a registration card. This will include the time and place of the battle. Each store will have 128 trainers battling. This means that over the 276 stores nation wide, there will be room for 35328 trainers, and there will be 34776 battles. Each store will have a winner decleared from these battles. Which also means there will be 276 winners throughout the country. This is BIG business. And Pokeball is the site that brought you it first!
Pokeball is VERY excited about this aswell as you should be, we even stayed up late to bring you this bulletin! Hopefully we should be in the league, and even competing! We'll bring you all the news for this event, from start until finish. Tommorrow, we'll also give a little report about Chamionship 2000 and how it was greeted by the UK Pokemon fans! Pokeball we're always there first!

Go to the site now to register your name!

News: 4.5.2000 12:57 GMT by a.j.

Well, i ain't used this for a while, so i better make an appearance! I havent really got any news here either! i'm working on Project:Alpha, as J.C. had said earlier. that should be finished by the end of the month, so hold on for that!

News: 3.5.2000 21:27 GMT by tommo

Today, I've got three updates for you all. The first and probably smallest (maybe) would the addition of Marrill, my new fave Pokemon to the Pokeball design. If you look VERY carefully at the top left you should be able to see it. If you can't then try pressing refresh on your browser until you see it.
Next, We have a new affiliate! Pokemon Mania is a dutch site and so if you're ducth then you may well benefit! Anyway check them out to see how good they are!
Finally I've added a place where the archives of all the news are kept. If you look over to the left bar now under the news title, there should be April 2000's News. Click here and you've guessed it, April's news will be there! This is really a thing to help you if you've missed Pokeball for a week or so, when the news is archived.
Oh and no I havn't forgot about Fan art, hopefully tommorrow or Friday, the winner will be announced, and get your fan arts for May in now!
J.C.'s gym? Ahh...... we've still got a few problems. Anyway see you later!

News: 1.5.2000 21:28 GMT by tommo

Ok, here it is, the Trainer's League is back (go and submit your details now!), the Gyms section is also back, with a brand new Gym. Sorry this isn't Jay's (or J.C.'s) gym, we're having a few problems. But hopefully it'll still provide some entertainment for you as it focuses on the one aspect of Pokemon, Pokeball doesn't, the card gym or TCG.

TCGym is from Frazzle a Pokeball reader, and if you want to see the Gym, just click here

Also today, I have added the full summeries for the two episodes screened today on GMTV this morning, with screenshots! Check out the anime section now! All this seems like Pokeball is getting running again, you just try to catch us when we're full sprint!
Anyway, see you later, School's back on tommorrow :( but dont be downhearted, Pokeball will still be here!

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