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    25.3.00 - 31.3.00

(Lazing around on a Greek beach, so no updates...)


Luke was telling me last night about this site, in which new digital films are showcased. This week, Look Who's Hawking, in which an acclaimed genius performs his own special renditions of All By Myself, Jump and more top tunes. Worth every second.


I've been told it rots one's brain, but I don't care. I've heard the warnings by the panic-mongers, and my only response is to pop another can, shrug, and say "So?.." Especially in a week like this one, where the weather is gorgeous outside and the view from the office taunts me throughout the day, and I've got too much to do and not enough time/resources/energy to do it all....all praise to the row of silver and red cans which is slowly building across my desktop. It seems I'm not the only one who likes this particular tipple - though, as with anything which is potentially bad for you, there's a fine distinction between mild enjoyment and obsession, I think.


Someone was playing a game of space invaders with me today, and I didn't like it very much.


When I lived in Canada, I saw a show called "Dead or Canadian?" in which contestants had to guess which category certain celebrities fitted into. I remember thinking this was cruel but somehow quite funny.


Canada. Land of wide open spaces, monopoly money


Forget the fawning. Today I'm in a bad mood. There's nothing better when you feel like this, than a good old kvetch.


A sunny spring day at last - this time of year always makes me think about new beginnings, changes. It's good to let things go sometimes. So hey, why not do it in public?...


Man, this guy is a genius. Every time I come across him on my web wanderings I am dumbstruck and amazed. So anyway, today his name seemed to be following me around - everywhere I wandered, links to his site kept cropping up. I've never met the guy, but I'd love to. Derek, if you read this, forgive me for being forward, but how do you feel about marriage? No? OK, then - how do you feel about tawdry affairs?


I wonder how it would feel to be a cultural icon? A symbol of an era? The most well-known person in every school playground across the country? Mention one name to anyone who was under 15 during the early eighties in the UK, and see what their response is. Go on, try it. The name is....Joey Deacon. It's not fair and it's not funny, but it will get a response, I swear.


When I moved into my current flat, a friend gave me a set of erotic poetry word magnets for the fridge. Last Christmas, someone else gave me a similar set of magnetic Shakesperian insults. The fridge door now features some bizarre compositions, idly constructed while waiting for the toast to burn. So, in honour of the Ides of March, "dull, ignorant wastrel; scream, glisten and throb like a wanton horde of moist cuckolds."


Do you ever get the feeling that you're a long, long way from where the action is? I increasingly feel like that, on the web. Is it possible to live in one place but be in another?


Charlotte sent me this little marvel and I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself.

    12.3.00 (birthday)

Nothing better to get you in the party mood than listening to an angry dead guy.


Getting ready for the party at the Halyon Club, and trying to decide what time to show the film. Akita!


Wet day in London: nothing describes the scent of two hundred and seventy six damp people armpit-to-nostril in a metal box in the morning.


Need a haircut so desperately - but can someone please tell me why, if you needed a wig, you'd actually choose a mullet...?


Only a watch corporation would have the audacity to invent a new system of measuring time. Do these people have balls the size of melons or what?


Thinking of handing out novelty party favours at my birthday bash this weekend. Of course, I'd have to find my cleavage first.


Sinuses killing me - this city is so dirty. Perhaps I should invest in one of these?


When my mum was this age she was married - scary thought. Mind you, if I spend all my time at work, what chance have I got of meeting someone?


I wonder how my grey matter would compare with a least weasel... favourably, I'd hope.


This morning on the tube, I discovered the reason why sneezes are infectious. Don't ever catch me saying that I never learn anything new.


Had this song in my head all day, and it made me think of a) being drunk in Seville b) unfortunate names and c) homicide.


Windy today, and everyone on the street seems to be suffering from mad march hair.

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