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Rubalyne | Change-A-Strip | Colored Composition Cork | Natural Cork | Fabric Covering

Rubalyne: adjBB.jpg

A grooved rubber material used for the changeable letter system. It is available in black, brown, gray, blue and white. Custom colors are available in larger quantities. Rubalyne accepts all sizes of Adjusta letters.



When maintaining a letter board in a particular order, and if moving whole lines of letters instead of individual letters is what you want, then the Change-A-Strip option is for you. Available on any frame type with a Rubalyne backing, the strips are magnetic. With this system your board can be rearranged in seconds.


Colored Composition Cork:Colored Composition Cork

When a premium posting surface is required you need look no further. This all natural composition cork is the finest quality cork manufactured. This durable, permanently resilient cork is available in various colors including tan, umber, black, steel gray, green and dessert sand gray. This cork is 1/4" thick, self healing, soil resistant, washable and resistant to fading. It is uniform in both color and density to give years of worry free use.

Natural Cork:Natural Cork

The natural cork that we use is the finest pure grain 1/4" thick cork available. Push pins and thumbtacks can be inserted easily and are gripped firmly by the cork. The smooth resilient surface remains soft and pliable indefinitely. Punctures heal quickly and holding quality is not affected by repeat punctures.

Fabric Covering:

This 100% nylon fabric is Velcro compatible. It is available in numerous colors and is resistant to soiling and staining. The fabric is applied to a natural cork surface so that push pins and thumb tacks may be used. Its velvet like surface gives a rich looking appearance. The material makes it easy to display objects of considerable weight. Objects can be places and removed almost endlessly.