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Update - January 31, 2000

SCC on the WWW is no longer updated - Check the links page for sites with up-to-date SCC info!

Update - July 2, 1999

One step closer to closing up shop for good - the fall tour dates are here!  Just to let you know ahead of time, these are the only dates I am aware of, so please don't email me asking if he's coming somewhere that isn't on the list - I don't know.

I was a little bored tonight, so I transcribed "The Change" and "Fingerprints of God" for guitar - you can get them at the Guitar Chords/Tab page

I bought Steven's book Speechless - Living in Awe of God's Disruptive Grace from Amazon.com the other day.  I've read the first couple of chapters, and so far it's very good.   His writing style is very similar to Max Lucado, so if you dig Max (as I do), you'll really enjoy this book as well.

(By the way, have you guessed Amazon.com is sponsoring me now? ;)  )

On the album / radio play charts:

Whew!  Good job my friend!  Excellent!

In other news, CCM Magazine did a feature piece on Steven for their July issue!

Update - June 21, 1999

First off, Speechless is out - buy it here!   I'll have a review coming shortly.

Also available is the companion book Speechless - Living in Awe of God's Disruptive Grace.  I haven't received it yet, but it's on the way.

And last but not least, the official site has gotten a snazzy new redesign

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