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  New Laws for Gay Couples

Dateline: 02/14/00

The Canadian government is calling for sweeping changes to dozens of laws to ensure that same-sex couples will be treated the same as heterosexual common-law couples.

The proposed bill will affect 68 federal statutes and will cover everything from pension benefits and income tax to bankruptcy protection and the criminal code. The government is reacting to a Supreme Court decision last year in favor of a lesbian who was seeking alimony from her partner. Justice Minister Anne McLellan says the government is complying with that decision and other court rulings on equality rights.

"What the court has called for is to ensure equal treatment of unmarried relationships of the same or opposite sex." -- Justice Minister Anne McLellan.

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Current Results

The long-awaited bill gives same-sex couples more obligations than benefits and does not alter the definition of "marriage" or "spouse." Nevertheless, gay and lesbian couples are glad that they'll finally be recognized under the law. "This bill signifies that the era of discrimination is reaching an end," said John Fisher, executive director of the gay rights lobby group EGALE (Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere).

A handful of Liberal backbenchers are not happy with the proposed legislation -- saying that if benefits are provided to same-sex couples, they should also be extended to other couples in economically dependent relationships. Despite some internal opposition, the government should have little difficulty in passing the bill. The NDP and the Bloc Qu�b�cois are both said to support extending such benefits.

Officials estimate about 140,000 same-sex households in Canada. But the government expects the cost of the new legislation to be minimal. Although Ottawa will be paying out more in benefits, it will also be collecting more in taxes. McLellan said she hopes to push the bill through Parliament before the summer break.

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What do you think? Should gay and lesbian couples be recognized under the law???
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