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Fred L. Smith of the Competitive Enterprise Institute warns against the dangers of the European Union stifling scientific innovation and foreign trade in pursuing the "Precautionary Principle" in his article, "The Dangers of Precaution".


Stephen Pollard's second Pfizer Forum article, "A Question of Health", explains how the UK's public has changed its views concerning the future role of the National Health Service and the potential popularity of private sector healthcare, according to a recent Social Market Foundation opinion poll.

Stephen Pollard


"The Asian Miracle is Alive", according to Y.C. Richard Wong, Ph.D., Director of the University of Hong Kong's Business School and head of the Hong Kong Centre for Economic Research.

Dr. Wong argues that Asia's success was built on tried and true fundamentals such as a hard-working, well educated and trained labor force and a cultural and regulatory environment that encourages entrepreneurship. All of these key factors remain despite the Asian crisis. (more)

Y.C. Richard Wong, Ph.D.

Featured Policy Resource:
Many Pfizer Forum authors have come from a broad range of leading public policy research institutes around the world.

In this edition of, we highlight Timbro, Sweden's leading free-market "think tank."


About Pfizer Forum:

Pfizer Forum is an "advertorial" series sponsored in the interest of encouraging wider public discussion on policy questions. The series features a wide range of differing views from leading policy experts --on health care, trade, economics and other issues.

The print version of Pfizer Forum runs in The Economist and a variety of other leading publications in Europe and Asia, and in several languages.

By bringing this series online through, we hope that a wider, global audience will take this opportunity to consider these policy challenges and to formulate their own views. For more information on the Pfizer Forum Series, visit our "About this Site" section.

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