Scotty Anton
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 255 lbs.
Year Turned Pro: 1993
Catch Phrase: "I Want to Give You The Clap!"
Championships Held:

The Network's hired gun, Scotty Anton has turned his back on friendships and loyalties in order to achieve his own fame and recognition.

A former WCW World Tag Team champion, Anton came to Extreme Championship Wrestling when his best friend Rob Van Dam went down to a broken leg. The first person to call "Mr. PPV" when he won the World Television championship, Anton was also the first to offer his help when RVD needed it most.

Anton watched Van Dam's back and fought alongside RVD as they battled the Network. When Van Dam made his return to the ring at Hardcore Heaven 2000, however, Anton shockingly shoved him off the top rope and attacked him, leading to Van Dam's first pinfall loss in over two years.

Scotty Anton had sold out friendship for the Network. It wasn't good enough being Rob Van Dam's best friend. Anton's ego demanded more.

Since Hardcore Heaven, that ego has grown with each victory, as he's used his version of the Sharpshooter, the Clapper, to make men like his former mentor Raven tap out. Anton mockingly claps his hands together before and after each impressive victory, sickening the ECW fans and competitors alike.

With Cyrus feeding his ego, Scotty Anton promises to continue to spread the clap to all of his opponents in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

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