Chilly Willy
Hometown: Everywhere is Home for Chilly Willy!
Height: 6'
Weight: 250 lbs.
Year Turned Pro: 1997
Catch Phrase:
Championships Held:

Everybody's homeboy, Chilly Willy, loves to dance and have a good time with the ECW fans, but once the bell rings, this youngster is all business.

An incredible physical specimen, Willy is heralded for entering tough man competitions in the heavyweight division on his off days, just as an additional training method for his wrestling career. Even more amazing is that he is undefeated in these tough man efforts.

While Willy's punches could rock anyone this side of Mike Tyson, it is his variation of the Falcon Arrow that is putting many an opponent out for the count.

The future is bright for the "Ghetto Superstar," as Chilly Willy intends to keep winning, and dancing, here in Extreme Championship Wrestling.