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Accessible Web Page Design Curriculum

By Knowbility, Inc.
for the ITTA (Information Technology Training Association)

It is estimated that one in five people have a disabling condition at some time in their lives. As the population ages, the need for accessible information technology will increase along with these numbers. Knowbility has designed this curriculum so that you can broaden your web site design skills to include this growing population.

Just as building designs can help persons who use wheelchairs to navigate doorways, there are ways to accommodate persons with disabilities in their use of online communications. Techniques and tools are readily available to help create systems that are flexible enough to meet the needs and preferences of the broadest range of users of computers and telecommunications equipment. People with disabilities, many of whom use assistive technologies to browse the web, are also prospective customers, employees, and participants in online communities.

Course Content

This curriculum was designed to help Web designers learn how to create Web sites that are accessible to people with disabilities, and how to teach others to do so.

However, be advised that this curriculum is merely your starting point. Technologies are evolving and changing rapidly, and the guidelines for accessibility are evolving just as fast. We link to a variety of organizations and online resources to help you keep learning about accessibility, and we encourage you to become an expert in your own area and share your experience with others.

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