Welcome To GT2 Xtreme!!

Welcome to GT2 Xtreme!

Freshly Updated to give you the latest stuff

Welcome to the newly redesigned GT2 Xtreme.

This is the first new design of GT2 Xtreme. After we get the right software (FPX 2000 or something), we can make GT2 Xtreme look a heck-of-a-lot better (with frames and stuff). Just wait.

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GT2 Xtreme Chat

You guys wanted it, so we finally got it. A chat room. Feel free to use it. But please, use it only for Gran Turismo-related talk, not personal things. You will be kicked out if the talk is off subject.

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Don't forget to vote! A new poll will be posted (relating to GT2, GT2k, or GT2 Xtreme) every once in a while.

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Let us know who's been here by signing the guestbook. Or you can see who's signed it.

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Sign my Dreambook!

This is the new website. There may be problems (mistypes, java errors, HTML errors, etc.). If you find any, please tell us. Send an e-mail, telling us exactly what and where it is. Thanks for your help!

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Got questions? Or just want to get something off your back? E-mail us. gt2xtreme@aol.com

Gotta tell us RIGHT NOW? If you have AOL, AIM, CS, or CSIM, you can send us an instant message. You can usually catch us after 8pm (EST) almost every day. Click the right link on the "AOL Remote" below:

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There has been people here since our initial lauch in February 02, 2000!

This page last updated Tuesday, July 18, 2000 at 10:06 PM.

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GT2 Xtreme!
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