Watch this page for recent developments and noteworthy events:

1/28/99 Antares announces Auto-Tune VST LE. Low-cost version of real-time pitch correction plug-in available for VST-compatible Macintosh audio applications.
1/28/99 Antares unveils the AMM-1 Microphone Modeler.
1/19/99 Antares announces Auto-Tune Version 2 for TDM. New version of real-time pitch correction plug-in offers new features and Pro Tools|24 MIX compatibility.
1/4/99 Antares announces merger with Cameo International. Sales and Distribution organization to become part of Antares.
1/4/99 Antares announces the Auto-Tune for MOTU's Digital Performer. Real-time pitch correction plug-in available for Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer, Performer, and AudioDesk.
11/3/98 Antares announces the Auto-Tune Plugin for DirectX. Real-time pitch correction plug-in available for DirectX-compatible audio applications.
1/26/98 Antares announces Auto-Tune in a box. Affectionately known as the ATR-1 Intonation Processor, this "Perfect Pitch in a Box" is for everyone. Checkout ATR-1.
10/10/97 JVP TDM 4.0 is well suited to almost any recording, broadcast, and post production application. JVP includes a de-esser, a compressor with a downward expanding gate, a parametric EQ, and a multi-tap delay all presented in a familiar user interface. 
9/19/97 Auto-Tune is now stand-alone. It is shipped with AudioStream, the Antares stand-alone host program and can run on any Macintosh. A PowerPC Macintosh is required for real-time processing.