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Welcome to Andys Scribblings a regular free E-mail newsletter. In it you will find a selection of tasting notes and personal recommendations on wines, beers and other drinks plus reviews of books, web-based wine sites and more.

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 Latest News - 12th August 2000

Its a pen! The problems viewing A-S in Netscape should now be resolved (I hope). If you still notice any errors please let me know. Bravenet should be back on-line to accept new subscriptions too. New Links have been added but due to the reprogramming everything else has had to be suspended.

The latest craze sweeping Japan, land of all that is faddish, is the virtue of deep-sea water in soft drinks and cosmetic products. The water is taken from the Cape of Muroto where the seabed drops off sharply allowing access to the mineral-rich waters of the deep ocean. The Ako Kasei Company is currently producing 600,000 bottles a month of drinking water (with the salt extracted) while cosmetic companies use the deep-sea water in body and hair moisturisers.

 In the Latest Issue

A new cocktail recipe, several wines tasted, a champagne site to look at and some German wines newly arrived in Unwins. The best issue yet!

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I have looked hard on the web but I do not think there is anything similar to this newsletter out there at all. Several web-based magazine-style publications but no e-mail newsletter (ezine or e-zine) with the depth and coverage of Andys-Scribblings. No one offers independent reviews, tasting notes and looks at both the High Street and web-based merchants. The breadth of drinks is wide too - ale, champagne, cocktails, whisky/whiskey and port as well as wine. There could be a reason for that (not money-making!) but the subscriber data-base proves that there is a demand.

 Quick Slurp

Its a bunch of grapes! Simple Sangria

What more do you need at this time of year? (apart from sunshine that is!) Mix together - a bottle of Spanish red something around �3.99-�4.99 should do just fine, a large handful of ice, a miniature of Cointreau and one of brandy. Throw in a few slices of orange and lemon. Finish with a stir. The perfect summer cocktail. Links to cocktail sites can be found on the links page.


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