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The A16 Mobilization has extra t-shirts that were sized by the cops when they shut down the convergence space on Saturday A15. Please check them out and buy a few it'll help fund future mobilizations and IndyMedia Centers.
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Indymedia is a collective of independent media ogranizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage of the IMF/World Bank protests.

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Charges Against Organizers Dismissed in 2 Cases

Liz Butler, 27, of DC, and Nisha Anand, 23, of New York City, the coordinators of the non-violent workshops for arrest. They were facing misdemeanor charges of failure to obey a police officer. D.C. Superior Court hearing commissioner Jerry S. Byrd threw out the charges that stemed from the raid on the converence space.
[ Read More ]

Breaking The Bank - Video

We've produced a documentary covering the A16 protests against the IMF and World Bank. You can order the video by getting in touch with Paper Tiger TV or you can view it online.
[ Breaking The Bank Part 1 ]
[ Breaking The Bank Part 2 ]

Students protest the IMF and World Bank on Sunday


Riding the Anti-Corporate Globalization Wave

Along with socialists and workers worldwide, French anarchists prepare for a week of marches and festivals through May day, the international day of workers solidarity. [ read article ] or visit [ mayday2k ]

Reports on Police Brutality

Read a public statement written by 70 incarcerated male protestors.
Listen to Leslie Kean's interview with attorney Katia Komissaruk on police abuse during the protests.
Read report on Sunday morning's frenzy of baton-swinging and pepper spray

(If you have experienced harassment from the police during the protests, please document it.)

Protestors clash with police Monday morning

The New Global Solidarity

If you ask a Mexican farmer, Filipina garment worker, or South African student what structural adjustment is, chances are they can explain IMF and World Bank mandated belt tightening. But if you survey shopping malls, subways and college campuses across the U.S., few people would have a clue. That is, until this week. [ read article ]

Instruments of National Destruction

The IMF and World Bank do not exist as independent actors but rather serve the same masters, big capital, as NATO and covert agencies. The flip side of the IMF/World Bank economic destruction of places like Bulgaria is the NATO destruction of Yugoslavia. An Interview with Michel Chossundovsky. [ read interview ]

Youth of Color, Youth in Asia Organize Against Corporate Globalization

What do the prison industrial complex, police brutality against youth of color, and the Asian student movement against globalization have in common? An interview with Colin Rajah of JUST ACT, an organization that is bridging the struggles of youth of color in the US to those in Asia, where student organizers have been jailed and put into exile. [ read article ]


Tibeten children protesting in Seattle

A Short History of Neoliberalism

Susan George on elite economics and the emerging opportunities for structural change. [ read article ]


Students Protest Against Sweatshops

Erik Brakken, of United Students Against Sweatshops, on the connections between the student movement to end sweatshops and the IMF/ World Bank. Students around the country are working to end sweatshop conditions in factories that produce clothes for their universities. [ listen ]

Interview with Njoki Njehu

David Barsamian interviews Njoki Njehu of 50 Years Is Enough, a grassroots organization dedidacted to fighting and transforming the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). [ listen ]

Interview with South African protestor [ watch ]
Homeless couple discuss unaccountable corporate power [ listen ]


Concerns With Unification Methods
J18 22:29:05

Profile of Philly "Ringleaders" mean danger, but to whom?
J18 16:27:43

Heavy Metal Parking Lot - The Movie
J16 10:15:29

LA Indymedia on new Server
J15 12:15:18

NExt Steps for America in the Global Revolution
J15 00:21:47

Indy Media center closed due to bomb threat
J14 23:20:13

The Empire Strikes Back
J14 13:58:57

Report A16 Govt. Misconduct to the A16 Legal Team
J13 01:45:33

J12 03:30:07

Sellars Condemns "Vandals"--Innocents Charged for Attacks on Chief??
J10 11:54:15

Did Somebody Say Keep Quiet?
J09 15:49:56

J09 13:46:33

J06 01:38:49

Urgent Appeal for Legal Funds
J05 22:03:10

web address for activists
J05 10:57:54

Anarchist Conference to be held in Vermont
J04 23:40:18

Photographer Hit by Rubber Bullet
J04 04:23:35

MICRORADIO UPDATE: Info and Direct Actions
J02 22:26:37

GOP Shoots Self in Foot, Again
J02 02:10:11

Call to action -- protest at the Democratic National Convention to STOP Fast Tr
J30 23:43:06

Suit Says Police Violated Protesters' Rights
J28 11:15:03

Stop the War Against Iraq
J28 02:32:12

DC Fire, Police depts cooperate in blocking housing reformers' efforts
J28 02:21:22

Lawsuit Filed Against Government for A16 WB/IMF Tactics
J27 22:23:04

Harriet Tubman, Homeless in Baltimore (Mural)
J27 12:42:35

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