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Elizabethan Curse Generator

Press the "Curse!" button to be randomly cursed by in Elizabethan (Shakespearian) language. There are 388944 possible curses!

How many times do you want to be cursed?

These are not actually found in any of William Shakespeare's plays, but they are of the language he used.

Perl hackers can check out the source code

You can get a list of words this program uses so that you can create your own. Also available tab delimited for easy importation into a data base. And if you're a masochist with high bandwidth, you can get an alphabetical list of all possible curses. justin notestein ( was the first to successfully generate them all. Hooray for him!

Clay Sides ( took the liberty of converting this page to the palmtop platform. You can download the Palm version here. I know nothing about palmtops, so can't provide any assistance. Please direct such queries to Mr. Sides.

Coming when I get the time: what all those weird words mean!

If you found this site from somewhere other than another web page, I'd like to hear about it.

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