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Creatures 3


You won't get a chance to get too comfy, though, because several biospheres are aboard the ship, each with its own species and dangers. As you explore, you'll find a variety of bugs, piranha, and dangerous bacteria--as well as the other dominant races, the mischievous Ettins and evil Grendels. Grendels can mortally wound your Norns, beating them up until they die. They also destroy any new eggs they find, so keep eggs safe in the Incubation Room until they hatch, or place them with adults. Given time, you can train Norns to fight back, but until then your next best option for defense is a machine called an Agent.


By connecting different combinations of Agents, you can create all sorts of cool devices to help you combat the Norns' enemies. You can make a Creature Detector that fires balls of sludge when a Grendel comes near it, or you can use a different Agent combination to instantly teleport sick creatures to Sickbay. You can even set up a Smell Detector to alert you to the presence of an enemy, as well as develop custom Agents using the Creatures Developer's Program. You need to explore every part of the Shee ship to locate the Agents scattered in the different biospheres. Keep an eye on these devices, because Ettins love to take them to their own biosphere.

Whether or not your Norns are attacked, they'll die one way or another, mimicking real life. They can get sick, be eaten, or be abused by Grendels. You can write a memorial to a dead Norn in the Crypt if you've given it a name.

Creatures 3 features an intuitive interface that makes getting around the terrariums a breeze. Once you visit a new terrarium, its icon appears at the top of the window. Just click the icon to beam to that spot on the ship. This is the best way to keep tabs on your wandering Norns. Everything in the game can be identified with the Agent Help tool. Simply click an object, and a balloon appears that describes the item in detail. Also, three tabs along the right edge of the screen let you access information about your Norns, options, and inventory.

Although the graphics are very detailed, the animation of the various species leaves a lot to be desired; they seem to need additional frames to move smoothly. Additionally, when I ran the game on a Pentium II-200 with the recommended specs, it struggled to load each level, often leaving my hard drive spinning forever, even during gameplay. It might be better to run this game on a Pentium III. Creatures 3's sounds are adequate, but nothing E.T. would write home about. I found the piano music to be out of place, however; something more high-tech would have been more appropriate. And the high-pitched voices of your digital kids, although cute at first, might make you want to jump out of a window.

Creatures 3 doesn't feature action-packed or blood-drenched gameplay, but it is a solid game that will appeal to young and seasoned gamers alike.

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Dwayne J. Ferguson is the creator of the comic book series Hamster Vice. He is also the art director of the animated series Mutant League and a college professor in New Jersey. Agree or disagree with this review? Let us know.

Creatures 3
Price: $35 
dos Pentium-200, 32MB RAM, 300MB disk space

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Creatures 3

  Creatures 3
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