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Krogh continues to improve

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (Sept. 1, 1999)

Since the last update in mid-August, Jeff Krogh has made significant improvements in his rehabilitation from the brain injury he sustained on July 3. Krogh had the trach tube and gastrostomy tube removed Tuesday, and he is beginning to eat solid foods. He still has trouble with thin liquids and bread, but otherwise is progressing quickly toward a normal diet.

Krogh's speech is greatly improved. He is doing his own dressing, grooming and shaving, which has been difficult because of the halo vest. According to his physician, Alan Weintraub, MD, the halo should be removed in the near future.

Krogh continues to use a wheelchair, but is making significant gains in ambulation, and is walking in the parallel bars up to 300 feet at a time with spotting. The next patient-family-staff conference is scheduled for Friday to review progress and set new goals.

Krogh is in rehabilitation therapies approximately seven hours per day now, and is extremely motivated to get better.

"Rehab is very hard work," Krogh said. "Most people have no idea how hard this is. I'm proud that I'm starting to walk again ... I'm getting there, slowly but surely."

He has had many family members visit during this past week which has been very important to him.

"My family has helped me a ton," Krogh said. "Karla (Krogh's wife) has been wonderful, and my parents have been great ... my family is everything to me now."

According to Krogh's mother, Molly, the family continues to be excited about his progress.

"Jeff is doing wonderfully" she said.

During his leisure time, Krogh spends time with his family and visitors from time to time. Last Friday he watched the NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division race, and on Saturday night he watched the entire NASCAR Winston Cup Series race, which he enjoyed very much.

Krogh wanted to again thank everyone for their support, and this time wanted to specifically thank Dr. Jerry Punch for his kindness, Bill Amick for flying Karla to Froedtert Hospital and to the entire crew of the No. 56 car.

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