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An (almost) Daily Dose Of Thoughts From The Editorial Board

August 14, 2000 -- Last one standing. Is it me, or does it seem that the AL playoff picture is a case of high stakes musical chairs--where the team who can wriggle into the final chair on October 1st gets to the post-season? Were the speakers at the Republican convention who talked about Clintonian "squandered opportunities", really referring to the inability of the Red Sox to capitalize on the clearly vulnerable Yankees?

Tell me I'm dreaming. I didn't REALLY see a Red Sox lineup with Manny Alexander, Bernard Gilkey, Mike Lansing, Darren Lewis, Scott Hatteberg, and Rico Brogna...did I? OK, that leaves 3 spots in the lineup for guys who CAN hit. Oh yeah, I forgot about Ed Sprague.

Raiders of the Lost Offense. Forget about pitching, the Red Sox cannot score....period. They are last in team batting average and 13th in runs scored.....Is Jack Clark available? How about Marcia Clark? Or Lewis and Clark? (EP)

Welcome To

Our mission is very simple. This site is dedicated to thoughtful Red Sox fans everywhere. We will bring you editorial commentary by a wide array of "dyed-in-the-wool" Sox aficionados. We will touch on every facet of being a fan of this glorious, benighted franchise. We promise it will be fun, informative, unvarnished, and dedicated to one goal: Bringing a World Championship home to Boston. Can we do it alone? Not likely. But we want to create a haven for those Sox fans who need a creative outlet for our frustrations, our hopes, and - dare we say - our dreams of one day being part of that victory march down Commonwealth Avenue....It will be the utlimate sports celebration and will dwarf any ersatz display in Times Square....This celebration will have a heart, a soul, a real meaning.

You can come here every day and get updated baseball news and yesterday's Bosox box score. Vote in our polls and cheer or boo the columns from our Board of Editors. You'll see guest columns and regular features like the Rant of the Week. The current Rant is from Editor-in-Chief Ernest Paicopolos. Want to Rant? The Board of Editors will consider your submissions and the best (according to us) will be published as the Rant of the Week. Click here to get more information on submitting your own Rant of the Week.

Want to know what others say? Check out the The Dugout. We'll survey the best (and worst) writing about the Sox for you, as well as see how writers around the nation weigh in on current Sox topics. Check in often. It changes frequently.

And you'll always get the opinion of each of our Board of Editors. Like what they say? Don't like it? You can talk back to each of them. Perhaps they'll acknowlege your opinions. Perhaps they won't. Perhaps you're worthy. Perhaps you're not.
Just want to vent? Then go to our Bulletin Board, where you can post your views --and reviews-- on a daily basis.
Rant. Rave. Vent. Whatever. Keep stopping by, there will be something new every day.

Letter From The Editor-In-Chief

By Ernest Paicopolos

Welcome to the inaugural edition of FenwayNation. In the spirit of accountability-something that is sorely lacking in sports journalism-we are asking every member of our esteemed Editorial Board to put their Year 2000 predictions on the public record. When was the last time you remember Peter Gammons admitting that his prediction of impending superstardom for, say, Charles Gipson was a little off the mark? Or, can you recall any talk radio blowhards replaying their March predictions in October? Not bloody likely!!!!

But, here at FenwayNation we are not ashamed of exposing our complete lack of prognostication skills. No sir. Herewith, our carefully considered views on where the Old Towne Team will end the 2000 campaign:

Ernie Paicopolos says the key is Rotation Location.
R W Glaub comes From Out of Left Field with a hauntingly familiar prediction.
Larry Shiman says watch out for the Jays.
Bob Biletch is Off the Wall.
Dean Zack Darns the Sox.
Bill Collins sees Red(s).

Regular Columns by our Board of Editors

When their spirits move them, members of our Board of Editors spout off with regular columns. They've got out on a limb for their 2000 season predictions (see above). Now, they're beginning to weigh in on the really meaty issues -- or whatever happens to be on their minds at a given moment. Columns change on a whim, so keep checking back.

FenwayNation regular columns:

Warning Tracts by Ernest Paicopolos
Out of Left Field by R W Glaub
Shiman Says by Larry Shiman
Off The Wall by Bob Biletch

The Dugout

Insight On Eyesight
Maybe you've heard stories about Ted Williams' "superhuman" eyesight? Not so, says the Splendid Splitter in a report by USA Today.

Trade Winds
Well the Sox did make some moves. Nothing anyone would rate in the blockbuster category. Hoping being back in the earth’s atmosphere will lower his soaring ERA, Rolando Arrojo steps into the starting rotation. And, the Dukester guessed right once again, getting Rico Brogna off the waiver wire, winning a game of chicken with the Phillies.

Who did the best in the trade game?’s Ian Browne weighs in on each of the major trades, including who got the best of whom. He thinks, for instance, the Red Sox got the better of the multi-player deal with the Rockies. SI’s Jeff Pearlman doesn’t rate individual trades, but overall says the Yankees are winners, the Sox losers.

The View From Kay Cee
Trouble in Paradise? You don’t hear all that much about dissension in the ranks at Kansas City, but they come to Beantown in the midst of a nasty dustup. with Carlos Beltran, suspending him without pay for failing to report to the Royal’s rehabilitation center.

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