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Updated 7-22-00.

Stories alphabetized by author's first name or first letter of pen-name.

Dannell Lites

Draco Draconis -- [R] [young Jason/Nightwing & Tempest] When Jason left the manor and made his way to Blüdhaven to live with Dick, he wasn't quite prepared for the nature of Dick's relationship with Garth. [sexual content]

Heavenly Babysitter -- [Dick/Garth/etc.] Set somewhere in the future.  When Dick and Garth leave their adopted daughter Mary at home while they go to visit Jays, is Azrael really the choice of babysitter they should have made? ;-)  This was a Kaylee's Birthday story!


When I Grow Up -- [Gina/Jason/Barbara] The funniest story I've read in ages.  Must read.  Don't wanna give anything away.  And this was a Birthday Story for ME!  Much nicer than sweaters and cupcakes with candles in them. ;)


Lessons Learned -- [R] [early Draco/Azrael] Jean-Paul Valley, wearing the guise of an armor-sheathed Batman, has lost control and is on a rampage...and he just wandered into the Corner... [violence]


Stick It Out -- [young Jason/Nightwing] Early in his training with Nightwing, Jason has to learn a few lessons about his future life as a crimefighter and as an adult.

Heatherly Hodges

Dragons -- A short, clever story about the wisdom of children... ;-)

Rain -- A unique perspective on the interaction between Bruce and Jays.  Another Birthday Story for me!  I'm thinking I need to have more birthdays, because not only did this make people write for me, but it made people write wonderful stories.  (And y'know, I really believe that Heatherly needs to write much more Draco.  Pronto.  Yes?)

Jaya Mitai

The Grunge Truck -- A tedious delivery route, an asthmatic and probably terminal truck, battles with unexpected new lifeforms...  It's a routine day for this young woman as she stops to stock snacks at a certain one-eyed mechanic's shop, and she's not expecting the day to start looking up.  Here's another Birthday Story!  And it happens to be from the woman who's made assorted vows to torture and kill my boy Jays, since he's somewhat dragged me away from good ol' Marvel. ;)  She's got a damn fine hand with him for someone who hates him, doesn't she?

JB McDragon

Having Faith -- [Corner kid/Draco] Life in the Corner is never particularly safe and secure, but this girl knows something not everyone does...  This is a real Corner-story - my favorite kind because of its consideration for reality - and it'll stick with you.


Here There Be... -- [canon Draco] Another son of the Bat has staked a claim to the Corner, one of the roughest districts in Gotham.
[1] [2] [3] [4]
[5] (still in progress)

A Little Slice of 'Haven -- [Dick/Garth/Jays] Set a few years pre-HTB and shortly after Jason moved away from Blüdhaven.  Dick and Garth are taking advantage of this chance to have time to themselves...
[1] (still in progress)

Fightin' Irish -- [Draco] Donal Finnegan is just a good Irish boy wanting to go home from the bar, but that blasted Draco keeps getting in the way...


A Good Meal -- [Draco/originals] Draco learns a bit about life in the Corner from a viewpoint he's not accustomed to taking. Mel's the first writer to borrow Draco from me, and I'm absolutely delighted with what she's doing with him. :)

A Dinner of Herbs  --  [Draco/Beldacci-Browns] It's Jason's 21st birthday, and he's spending it being pampered by the Beldacci-Browns...with three uninvited guests. :)

Daily Bread -- [Draco/Beldacci-Browns] Another of the awesome birthday stories I was honored enough to receive!  Gina's ex is out of prison and back in action.  Gina finds herself trapped in a steadily deteriorating situation, and there doesn't seem to be any way out...  Serious story, dealing with hard and human issues.  As Mel says, this isn't a "Draco, pass the broccoli, please?" story.

One Day -- [Gina] A short, hard-hitting glimpse of a day in Gina's life during the time when she was still married to Lewis.


The Right Turn -- [Subreality Draco] Told to wander off by his writer, Draco takes a trip through Subreality and ends up on the wrong side of town...or does he...?

Shai Perihawk

Third Watch -- [Draco/original character] Annette didn't know what to expect when she returned to her old neighborhood, this time as a Gotham City Police Officer.  Draco was not in the game plan.

Circles in Circles -- [Dracoverse cast/Annette] Annette begins meeting "the family" when Dick surprises Jays with a visit, and things get a bit more complex from there...
[1] (still in progress)


One Hit Too Hard -- [Dick/Jays] What happens when a situation gets out of control, at the price a life...?  Smitty's being generous enough to let me adopt this into the 'canon' Dracoverse. :)

Trisha Lynn

All in the Family -- [Batman] Set during "Here There Be..." shortly after Jason's abrupt departure from the funeral.  Bruce reflects on harsh words, and the meaning he sees behind them.

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