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Welcome Aboard!

You have reached the Columbia 50 Cruising Club. This club is for the Promotion and preservation of the famous Columbia 50 sailing yacht. One of William Tripp's most beautiful and successful designs.

Please take the time to browse these pages. We are restoring these beautiful yacht's to cruise the oceans of the world and return once again.

Annie & I have gone to great lengths to provide a web page for the creation of a data base of the Columbia 50 yacht. These yachts have cruised and raced the oceans of the world winning more first place and first in class than any other 50' sailboat afloat.

Featured below is a photo library of the members boats with as much information as we have currently gathered. See these beauties in various stages of restoration, sailing all over the world or at the dock! See examples of these yachts that after 30 years still turn heads where ever they go.

YOU CAN HELP! If, while you are in your marina's or sailing and see a Columbia 50 let them know who we are and how to reach us. If you are a fan sign our guest book and become an associate member. Send us an email at <> with your interest and or experiences with Columbia 50's and we will add you to our new page. Get to know other enthusiasts as we will try to arrange a sail on one of these "PLASTIC CLASSICS" in your area. Note: sailing aboard a Columbia 50 is totally up to the owner, his interest and situation. No guarantees of services are intended by the Columbia 50 Cruising Club. Lets see how many interested sailors are out there and get the reaction of owners. :-) Editor.

Photos of Members Boats

Original, Colour Sales Brochure

Refitting our boat , Products

1st Annual Columbia 50 Rally
"ALLURE" Passage South to Ventura
"THISTLE" Adventures in Mexico
"Shipwreck and Rescue at sea", McGee Family

Santa Cruz Island,circumnavigation on "ALLURE"  

"PROCION" Major refit in Brazil. See photos! "NEW"





New Members W/O Photos

Gale &Dory Young "STARLIGHT"

John C. Applegate " MANDALA"

Derl & Beverly Burgess "FREEDOM"

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