Hervé Moulin (Rice)
Roy Ruffin (UH)

Yasar Barut (Rice)
Suchan Chae (Rice)
Davis Dechert (UH)
Marc Dudey (Rice)
Nicholas Feltovich (UH)
Kevin Hasker (Rice)
Neelam Jain (Rice)
Chinhui Juhn (UH)
Yuka Ohno (Rice)
Gordon Smith (Rice)
Nat Wilcox (UH)

The 12th Southeast Economic Theory and International Economics Meetings will be held on October 27-29, 2000 in Houston, and jointly organized by the University of Houston and Rice University.
The Southeast Meetings contains two parallel sub-conferences: Microeconomic Theory and International Economics.
The conference consists of contributed papers and two invited keynote speakers: Ariel Rubinstein (Tel Aviv and Princeton) for theory and Donald R. Davis (Columbia) for international economics.
Registration and submission of papers will be exclusively online. The deadline for submitting a contributed paper is September 15, 2000.
The Program Committee will try to expedite the evaluation process of submitted contributions, and will make a decision based on the abstract only in some cases. A completed paper or a draft, will, however, be required in most cases.
For any inquiries, the email address of the conference is