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Each Microsoft Research group works within one of four general categories. These group pages describe how each group is  contributing to those categories, what projects are in the works, who is contributing to the research, and in some cases list contributions in the form of professional conference proceedings and technical journal articles.
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Writing kernel-mode Windows NT device drivers is challenging. To facilitate education and research, we have developed the Proxy driver, a system for developing user-mode drivers. Using the Proxy Driver to retrieve I/O requests from the kernel, user-mode drivers can export full device services to the NT executive and applications. User-mode device drivers offer enormous flexibility for emulating devices and experimenting with new file systems.

The paper and presentation describing the proxy driver are both available online.

The proxy driver, including the samples described in the 1st USENIX NT Workshop paper, is available in an unsupported Proxy Driver kit.

Please note that this is not a product release and it is not intended for commercial use. The release is for research, educational, and testing purposes.

The software supplied in this release is not officially supported. Microsoft support personnel must be notified that you are using this software during any support calls involving a computer that has it installed. They may ask that the software be uninstalled prior to providing support.

To Download:

Before downloading the Proxy Driver Kit implementation, you must read and agree to the license agreement.
From there you will be taken to the download area.

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