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   Wednesday, July 21, 1999

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by Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Ralph Maughan

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. -- After a long time waiting, the date for oral arguments of the appeal before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on Judge Downes' wolf removal order has been set--July 29, 1999. Downes' ruled in December 1997 that the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone and central Idaho was a violation of section 10j of the Endangered Species Act. He ordered all of the reintroduced wolves and their offspring "removed." This now is about 225 wolves and will be probably be well over 300 by the time the U.S. Court of Appeals rules whether Downes was correct.

Downes' stayed his removal order pending appeal. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife has indicated that if Downes' removal order is upheld the wolves will have to be killed. Sometime after his decision, Downes wrote that he didn't mean for the wolves to be killed, only removed. He offered no solution as to where to put the wolves.

Should Downes be upheld, informed observers predict civil disobedience and unrest as citizens strive to protect this biologically successful project.

(Visit the Greater Yellowstone Coalition's website at, or Ralph Maughan's website at







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wilkes01.jpg (1500 bytes)PEOPLE AND PLACES
by Clint Wilkes
Every Wednesday Clint Wilkes will offer a story of interest to everyone who loves Yellowstone and the surrounding area. Some stories will be humorous, others will illustrate a point.  You the reader are invited to respond by email.

BELGRADE, Mont. (YNET) -- This is my column devoted to Al Gore, not because I support him for President but because he is currently #2. This is my #2 column and it is for Lone Star Geyser. Lone Star is my second favorite geyser (Riverside is #1) and the Lone Star Geyser hiking trail is my second favorite ( Beaver Ponds hike is #1). So here's a great photo of Lone Star Geyser; be sure to go see it second. And you can vote for whoever you want.


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by Geyser Watcher Matthew M. (originally posted in the Discussion Forums)

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. -- I recently received reports that Economic Geyser, a popular geyser in the early days of the park, has erupted. Except for one active period in the past couple years (rumored to be due to the fact that they moved the boardwalk and changed the structure of the runoff channel), this geyser has not been seen since 1959.

You can find Economic right next to the boardwalk between Grand and Giant (near Beauty Pool). It is named for the economical way that the water drains back into the crater after an eruption, it was a crowd pleaser that erupted every few minutes up to 25 feet at the highest. These eruptions lasted into the 20's and it has been virtually inactive since then. There was one day of action in 1957 and a few weeks in 1959 in response to the earthquake. It is believed that its dormancy could be related to the Grand Geyser Complex. (Thanks to T. Scott Bryan for the statistics and info)

Until a couple of years ago, the pool appeared black due to the algae growing in its 130 degree F water. When the boardwalk was moved, the pool heated up, the algae was destroyed and a few eruptions occurred. After the eruptions stopped, the water remained hot enough to prevent the really dark algal growth from occurring again, but new hotter water algae took its place.

A few days ago, David Schwartz (a thermal volunteer at Old Faithful) reported the smell of dying cyanobacteria near the feature. Upon investigation, the pool was found clear of algae, there were dead algal mats surrounding the feature (these reportedly smell like rotting fish), and new runoff channels had been formed. Ralph Taylor (president of the Geyser Observation and Study Association and thermal volunteer at Old Faithful) investigated the scene over the next few days and reported evidence of at least one further eruption.

Thanks again to T. Scott Bryan, David Schwartz, and Ralph Taylor. Without them, I could not bring this info to you!


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News Brief by Cheyenne Frontier Days

CHEYENNE, Wyo -- This year will be the 103rd annual "Daddy of 'em All"® and it promises to be better than ever! We invite you to Cheyenne for a ten-day extravaganza in rawhide! Witness the breathtaking action and breakneck pace of our daily PRCA rodeos with over 1200 contestants competing for a purse in excess of $600,000.  Our rodeos feature all the traditional roping, bucking, riding, and 'dogging events. Spectators can expect to see as many as 40 bulls and 70 saddle and bareback broncs try to throw the world's top, and toughest, cowboys in rodeo's biggest arena each day. Join us for CFD™ Concerts featuring performances by some of country music's biggest stars! In between we offer plenty to do for visitors of all ages: Parades, Pancake Breakfasts, Carnival Rides, Art Shows, Air Shows and much, much more! The frontier spirit and bluejean western hospitality of the 1800s is still alive and well in old Cheyenne. We welcome you to our neighborhood during the last full week in July for an experience you will never forget.