Trail Rides @ 4x4 4U The Greasy Fork Trail
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The Greasy Fork Trail
Photos By Ralph Filosa, Derek Bauer
Story By Jim Guld

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Greasy Fork Trail When traveling the highways and byways of the United States,
and looking for a good greasy spoon to stop on into,
one of the best bets is to go where truckers go.

Well this same theory sort of applies to 4 wheeling. When looking for a good trail you have to look for places where rocks and trees are going to make for a good day of trail riding. We found just such a place this past weekend and I named it the Greasy Fork Trail because of the many forks in the trail and because of the weather conditions that made the rocks pretty slick.

Greasy Fork Trail Trail riding in the winter in the northeast can vary a lot, depending on how much snow, ice, rain or the combination of all three that you get. We didn't get any snow, pretty much all off the trail but we did have patches of ice to deal with along with a day of off and on rain. It made for some slick conditions at some of the rock climbs. In fact we had a rollover at one of the climbs now called Evan's Tip. You may remember this rig on its side from the Doublemint run from a year ago. As Yogi Berra said, "Its deja vu all over again". It's a double ledge climb that is kind of tough for the shorter wheel base rigs, those in the 94 inch or less range. As Evan tried to get up the second ledge he lost traction on the icy rocks and slide sideways.

Greasy Fork Trail This didn't stop our willful trail leader though, so he attempted it once again. Well on about the third try, just one more try...., he slid to his left and his CJ got turned too much to the downhill side of the rock face and gavity took over. He laid it gently on its side without too much damage, just a few small dents on the drivers side and a dent in the hood somehow. After that the only rigs to make it up the double rock face were a few of the longer wheel base rigs in the group, all being Toyotas, 2 pickups and an FJ-60 wagon. There was another line to this obstacle along with a go around that a few of the stock vehicles had to take. Right after this section of trail there is a sharp left turn followed by an uphill climb.

Greasy Fork Trail This particular section had a lot of ice on it that made for some problems for a few of the rigs that were running open differentials. We had a few rigs that had to be either winched of tugged through this section. The 'Best' scene was watching a YJ tug a Suburban up through the icey terrain. I know what's on the Suburban owners wish list, can you say 12,000lb winch, sure you can.

Greasy Fork Trail After a few more rocky sections that lumped up your rig, we preceded through a muddy section of trail, which I'll call The Cleaners, because that's where you'll have to go if you go through this section too fast. You'll be cleaning out the engine compartment for quite awhile. It had some deep ruts that throw you off camber as you head through it. This was followed by a watery bath tub in which you drop in, churn through, and then climb out of. Greasy Fork Trail

Right after this was a downhill area with another watery hole that had all sorts of stuff in it, ice, logs tree limbs. It seemed as if this hole would grab your truck and not let go if you weren't careful. This lead to a short uphill climb to the top of the mountain. It probably is a nice overlook on a clear day, we'll just have to come back again and pray for nicer weather.

Greasy Fork Trail After a short lunch break, ducking the raindrops, we headed on to the last part of the trail that has a nice off camber rock that you can test your rig on. The further you go high on the rock the more it throws you off camber. On your drivers side is another rock that if you tip over you'll fall staight onto it. We all went through this area and turned back around and went out the same way we came in. So now we had a few cool drop offs and the same rocky climbs became cool decents. It made for an interesting day of wheeling.

Well until next months adventures this is Wilbur for Mr.Ed saying happy trails to you....
And BTW, try to keep the shinny side up, that is if you have a shinny side.

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