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This page lists reviews of mathematics packages as published in our quarterly newsletter (unless otherwise stated), with pointers to those which have been published electronically on the CTI Mathematics Web pages. For a chronological list of reviews see the Maths&Stats newsletter index. Reviews of statistics packages are available on the CTI Statistics Web Site. Note that Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the files in PDF. This is freely available from the Adobe Web Site or from the Adobe mirror at HENSA together with full instructions on how to download it.

Tutorial Packages (Mathwise, Calmat...)
Broderbund Calculus Broderbund Calculus (May 94)  John Haight
Calculus Connections Calculus Connections (May 97) Martin Greenhow
Calculus Connections Calculus Connections - Multimedia (HTML/ PDF) (Nov 96)  Christopher Parker
Calmat Managing Mathematics with CALMAT (Aug 98)  Dexter J Booth
Calmat Using Core Calmat (Nov 97)  Dr J Tabor
Calmat Using CALMAT in 'Levelling-Up' Teaching (Feb 93)  Dr J H Tabor
DIAGNOSYS Review of DIAGNOSYS (Aug 99) Richard Cornish
Differential Systems (previously Differential Equations and Phase Planes) Differential Systems - an update (Feb 97) Doug Quinney
Differential Systems (previously Differential Equations and Phase Planes) Differential Equations and Phase Portraits (HTML/ PDF) (May 92) Doug Quinney
Exploring Small Groups Exploring Small Groups (Feb 97) Terry S Griggs
Interactive Differential Equations Review of Interactive Differential Equations (Aug 98) Martin Greenhow
Interactive PastPapers Review of Interactive PastPapers and the Numbers Disk (May 98) David Bowers
MacMath Review of MacMath (Feb 93)  Dr Doug Quinney
MacTutor MacTutor, A Review (Feb 92) Prof J V Greenham
Mathematics CD-ROM CD-ROM Review - Mathematics Volume 2 (May 94)  Edmund F Robertson
Mathwise Mathwise v2.1 (Pre-Calculus Cluster) (Aug 98) David Begg
Mathwise Multiple Integrals Module (Be Mathwise! Issue 2, Spring 98)  Martin Greenhow
Mathwise Fourier Series Module (Be Mathwise! Issue 2, Spring 98) Neil Challis
Mathwise Mathwise Astronomy Module (Aug 96)  David Harper
Mathwise Mathwise: a learning environment (Nov 93) Mike Beilby
Mechanics in Action Review of Mechanics in Action (Aug 98) Simon Goodchild
Multimedia Maths Functions Multimedia Maths Functions (Feb 97) Douglas Quinney
The Numbers Disk Review of Interactive PastPapers and the Numbers Disk (May 98) David Bowers / Tony Croft / Chetna Patel
Transmath Review of Transmath 3.0 (May 99) N G Beaty / N R Walker

Computer Mathematics Systems (Maple, Mathcad...)
Axiom Axiom: More Intelligent Numerical Analysis (Aug 94)  Michael C Dewar
Axiom Axiom, a problem-solving environment (Nov 93) Valerie Stanley
Cinderella The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella (Nov 99) Wilson Stothers
Derive Derive for Windows (May 97) Dr W Robin
Derive 3.0 (Nov 95) Diana Mackie
Derive on a Palmtop (Feb 94)  Mark Hinter/John Monaghan
Using DERIVE to teach Laplace transforms (Aug 92)  John Mooney
DERIVE version 2.01 Review (Feb 91) Mike Beilby
Reaction on meeting REDUCE and DERIVE (HTML / PDF) (Feb 90)  P H Borcherds/G P McCauley
Introducing students to DERIVE (Aug 90) Dr Neil Pitcher
Using DERIVE to enhance maths teaching (HTML / PDF) (Nov 90) D Mackie
LiveMath Maker 
(previously known as 
MathPlus, Theorist)
MathView (Nov 97)  Des Hill / Grant Keady
Mathplus (HTML / PDF) (LMS Bulletin no 238, May 1996)  Derek Holt
Theorist (Feb 94)  Joe Greenman
Macsyma Macsyma 2.3 (Aug 98)  Dr Paul Stewart
Teaching with Macsyma 2.2 for Windows (Aug 97) Dave Pountney
Macsyma 2.2 : New Features (May 97)  David Hodgkinson
Macsyma 2.0 (Nov 95) David Hodgkinson
Review of MACSYMA for Windows (Aug 94) R Chalabi / D Hodgkinson
(previously Cayley)
MAGMA - Computational Algebra (Feb 94)  J Cannon
What's CAYLEY? (May 92) Gary J Sherman
Maple Experiments in Mathematics using Maple (Nov 98)  Phil Ramsden
Maple V Release 5 (Aug 98)  Nigel Backhouse
Maple Vr5 (Gazette of the Australian Mathematical Society Grant Keady
Maple V Release 4 (Feb 97) Peter Whitworth
Maple Vr4 Student edition for Mac (Nov 96) Grant Keady
Maple V2 Student Version for Windows (May 94) Dr Bill Anderson
Teaching with Maple (May 92)  Edmund F Robertson
The Maple Computer Algebra System (Nov 90) David Harper
Mathcad Review of Mathcad 8 (Aug 99)  Duncan N Robertson
Evaluation of Mathcad 7.0 Professional (Aug 98)  Dr Duncan Robertson
Conjugate Gradients via Mathcad Plus 6.0 (May 98) Morgan Pickering
Mathcad 6.0 (HTML / PDF) (Nov 96) Rob Beale
Using Mathcad to understand aliasing (Nov 95) Dr A Croft
Chaotic Iteration with Mathcad (Aug 93)  John Hayward
Review of Mathcad 3.0 (HTML / PDF) (May 92) R P Hawkshaw
Mathematica Review of Mathematica 4 (Aug 99)  Nigel Backhouse
Review of Mathematica ® 3.0 &The MATHEMATICA ® Book, Third Edition (Feb 97) Dr Daniel R Moore
Differential Equations with Mathematica (Nov 95) Allan Hayes
Numerical Analysis with Mathematica (May 95)  Allan Hayes
The Joy of the "Joy of Mathematica" (May 95) Prof Jonathan V Greenman
Mathematica with first year undergraduates (Nov 94)  Enid R Pinch
Calculus and Mathematica (Aug 93)  Jon Greenman
Mathematica in the US (May 90) Allan Hayes
Matlab Review of Getting Started with Matlab (May 99)  Christian C Beardah
Matlab 5.2 and Student Edition (May 98) Alan Zinober
Review of Matlab 5.1 (Feb 98) Andrew R C Crane / C Martin Crane
Practical Maths Using MATLAB (Aug 95) Christian C Beardah
Recent Developments with MATLAB (May 95)  C Martin Crane
Matlab 4.0 Graphics (Feb 94) C Martin Crane
Review of MATLAB 4.0 for Windows (Nov 93) Dr Christian C Beardah
MATLAB for teaching Numerical Methods (Aug 93)  Dr Christian C Beardah
Linear Algebra with PC-Matlab (Feb 93) Neville J Ford
Experiences with MATLAB (Aug 92)  George Lindfield
MATLAB in teaching Applied Maths (HTML / PDF) (Aug 91)  Dr Venkat V S S Sastry
Using MATLAB to teach mathematics (May 91) Dr Mike Beilby
MATLAB: A Tool for Teaching and Research (HTML / PDF) (Feb 90) Nicholas J. Higham
Milo Milo: an intelligent but simple computer algebra system (May 91) Dr D Quinney
O-Matrix Review of O-Matrix (Nov 99) Venkat V S S Sastry
Reduce REDUCE and its use in teaching (HTML / PDF)(Aug 91)  M A H MacCallum
Use of an Archimedes with REDUCE (Aug 90)  Gordon Makinson
Review of REDUCE (May 90)  Dr Francis J Wright
Reaction on meeting REDUCE and DERIVE (HTML / PDF) (Feb 90)  P H Borcherds / G P McCauley
TKSolver TKSolver 2.0 - a new version of a well-established equation solver (Nov 93) Prof G Field
XPLORE Review of X(PLORE) version 4.0 (May 95) Doug Quinney

Other Reviews (Assessment Packages, Simulation Packages...)
Mathematical Text Processors    
Equasor Equasor (May 93) Diana Mackie
EXP Review of EXP (HTML / PDF) (Aug 91)  Dr Terence Jackson
Formulator Formulator: a WYSIWYG TeX typesetting program
for mathematical formulae (May 91)
Dr Doug Quinney
Latex Introducing Novices to LaTeX (HTML / PDF)(May 92) T C A McMullan / R N Wilson / I Cantley
MathType Review of MathType 4 (Aug 99)  Douglas Quinney
MathType Review of MathType (HTML / PDF) (Feb 91)  Mike Beilby
Scientific Notebook Review of Scientific Notebook (Aug 99) Phil Ramsden
Assessment Packages    
Mathletics Mathletics - a review (Nov 99) Joseph Kyle
Question Mark Designer Some experiences using Question Mark Designer (Nov 98)  D A Lawson
Question Mark Designer (May 97)  Margaret Correll / Pamela Shaw
Question Mark (May 96)  Martin Greenhow / Michael McCabe
Designer Software for Maths Assessment? (Feb 95) Michael McCabe
Question Mark Perception Review of Perception (Aug 99) Paul Strickland
Simulation and Visualisation Packages    
Geometer's Sketchpad The Geometer's Sketchpad v3.0 (Feb 96)  Tony Crilly
Geometer's Sketchpad The Geometer's SketchPad for Windows (May 95) Tony Crilly
Sciencesoft Calculator Review of Sciencesoft Calculator (Feb 98) Simon Busbridge / Adrian Oldknow
Graphing Calculators Review of Introduction to the TI-89 (May 99)  Tony Crilly
The TI-89: Portable Affordable Personal Technology (Nov 98)  Harry Gretton / Neil Challis
Learning Mathematics through the TI-92 (Nov 98)  Dr Les Short
TI-92, hand-held revolution in maths learning (May 95) Prof Bert K Waits / Prof Franklin Demana
Graphing Calculators in the Classroom (Feb 93) Prof Bert K Waits / Prof Franklin Demana
More on the Graphical Calculator (Nov 91)  Steve Weal
The Graphics Calculator (May 90) Mike Beilby
Kaleidagraph Review of Kaleidagraph (May 91) Dr Derek Robinson
Logo Non-Euclidean Geometry with LOGO (HTML / PDF) (Aug 91)  Helen Sims-Coomber / Ralph Martin
MacFourier MacFourier (Aug 93)  Dr Robert D Harding
Modellus Review of Modellus (Aug 99)  Douglas Quinney
Modellus 1.0 (Feb 99) Venkat V S S Sastry
Authoring Packages    
Genesis Review of Genesis (HTML / PDF) (Nov 91)  B J Philp
Hypershell Review of Hypershell (HTML / PDF) (Nov 91) Alan Zinober
Stella Stella and Mathematical Modelling (Aug 94)  Jon Greenman
Supercard SuperCard (Nov 95)  Jon Greenman
Other Packages    
Albert  Albert (May 96)  Martin Greenhow
bk teachware series Support in Learning (Nov 98) David Bowers
f(z)  f(z), F&O, Models (Nov 93) Les Short
Gina Review of Gina (Nov 90) Dr S Amini
GOFER An educational role for GOFER? (HTML / PDF)(May 93)  G C Wraith
Formula/One Review of Formula/One (HTML / PDF) (Aug 91) Dr P J Caudrey
From Calculus to Chaos From Calculus to Chaos (Nov 98) Dr Thomas Ward
Interactive Math Dictionary Interactive Math Dictionary (Aug 97) Douglas Quinney
Kluwer's Encyclopaedia of Mathematics Kluwer's Encyclopaedia of Mathematics on CD-ROM (Nov 98) Dr Dan Moore
Mathematician's CD, The The Mathematician's CD (Nov 98) Nigel Martin
ODE ODE version 2.5 Review (HTML / PDF) (Feb 91)  E P Hausler
ODE Architect (Feb 99) Martin Greenhow
PDEase2D Review of PDEase2D (May 99) Peter Edwards
SToMP SToMP: Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers (Aug 99) Dick Bacon
StudyWorks! StudyWorks! for Mathematics (Feb 99) Neil Challis / Harry Gretton / Linda Bloom
Quantenna Quantenna Multimedia Management 
Education Courseware (Feb 96) 
Clare Martin
Understand Business Mathematics Review of Understand Business Mathematics (Aug 99) Vince Kwasnica
Wavelet Wavelet Packet Laboratory v1.0 (Feb 96)  Nigel Backhouse
General and Comparative Reviews
Comparative review of Calculus on CD (Nov 97) Martin Greenhow
Diagnostic Testing at Nottingham (Aug 94) Steve Brydges / Stephen Hibberd
A First Step in Calculus Reform (Aug 93) Bert K Waits / Franklin Demana
A Guide to Computer Algebra Systems (HTML / PDF) (May 92)  Doug Quinney
IT in Calculus Teaching (Nov 93) Behiye Ubuz
Turn your Mac into a BBC Micro (HTML / PDF) (Feb 91)  Adrian Bowman

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