William Seward Burroughs, born February 5, 1914, died August 2, 1997, at age 83. He suffered a heart attack and died about 24 hours later, in his hometown of Lawrence, Kansas. We're offering a Web Memorial.

The William S. Burroughs Files

This project isn't comprehensive or very up to date but has served as a collaborative unofficial source of electronic Burroughs info since 1991. Buroughs' work and especially his experiments with tape and literary cutups have had a profound effect on me, directly and indiretcly via the work of Daevid Allen, Brian Eno, David Bowie and others.

We're offering a memorial zone with a comments/guestbook area for you to share your thoughts, memories and anecdotes about WSB. This Burroughs site started as a list of Buroughs related recordings on Usenet in 1991 and it grew into the first site on the web dedicated to Burroughs and his work. I've long since given up hope for keeping this project up to date. But I'll spend a few days trying to offer a better multimedia retrospective here since the passing of Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg this year are significant events to me.

Our new comments/guestbook section is for folks to add comments, thoughts, memories, anecdotes and such about William S. Burroughs and how he or his work have impacted your life. I encourage you to be part of the few who INTERACT with the Web by participating.

We've also got a new page featuring an authorized reprint of some 1970's interviews that ran in Creem Magazine, courtesy of Jeffrey Morgan.

"Language is a virus..."


"We must find out what words are and how they function.
They become images when written down,
but images of words repeated in the mind
and not of the image of the thing itself."
- W.S. Burroughs

THE BURROUGHS FILE: An electronic reference guide to works of William Seward Burroughs, his literary works, recordings, film, video appearances, samples, and other publications.

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