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How much do you love the Queen Mother?

Are you a royalist or a republican? Join Guardian Unlimited's own Queen Mother birthday pageant and find out.

Question 1 11x1 spacer When will the Queen Mother celebrate her 100th birthday?
    All of the above
    June 11
    August 4
    July 19
Question 2 11x1 spacer How will you be marking the Queen Mother's 100th birthday?
    Doing your best to ignore the whole thing
    Taking part in a "moon against the monarchy" demonstration
    Raising a glass of gin in your local Rotary Club
    Covering yourself in union flags and hanging around for hours outside Clarence House, grinning inanely and cheering like a loyal peasant
Question 3 11x1 spacer What has the Queen Mother contributed to Britain?
    Nothing. She has kept the people servile and perpetuated the class system that is the canker of society
    She visited the east end of London during the Blitz
    No one has done more for Great Britain. Although I can't think of anything off the top of my head
    She has kept the gin industry going
Question 4 11x1 spacer The Reverend Anthony Hall Harrison Harbottle, Chaplain to the Queen Mother, described his patron as a living and literal example of the "beatific vision". Should the reverend be:
    Taken with a pinch of salt
    Lined up against the wall with the rest of the ruling class
    Advised to seek counselling
    Made archbishop of Canterbury
Question 5 11x1 spacer What is the Queen Mother's official title?
    World's Oldest Parasite
    Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon
    The Nation's Favourite Grandmother
    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
Question 6 11x1 spacer What do you think is the secret of the Queen Mother's long life?
    She has never done a decent day's work, and has lived in luxury at the taxpayer's expense while we struggle to pay for schools and hospitals
    She is saintly and close to God
    Her stiff upper lip
    Private healthcare and domestic staff
Question 7 11x1 spacer The Queen Mother is Commandant-in-Chief of the Army, Navy and RAF Women's Services, Colonel-in-Chief of many UK overseas regiments, and Commandant-in-Chief of the Royal Air Force central flying school. Is this:
    A glorious reminder of empire and tradition. After all, what are our armed forces for if not to defend the royal family?
    Yet another embarrassing anachronism which shows Britain is stuck in the 19th century
    A signal that we could be invaded at any minute
    A heart-warming sign that the Queen Mother is fulfilling her symbolic role
Question 8 11x1 spacer Coutts bank allowed the Queen Mother a �4m overdraft. What should the bank's shareholders do now?
    Write it off as money well spent
    Send her a polite letter asking how she plans to repay the debt
    Launch an internal inquiry and sack the managers responsible
    Take her to court to recover the debt, hoping she will be imprisoned
Question 9 11x1 spacer According to the late Woodrow Wyatt, the Queen Mother admires Margaret Thatcher, the former leader of apartheid South Africa PW Botha and Bomber Harris. Does this show:
    The royal family in their true blue political colours
    She is an unreconstructed imperialist
    She is a product of her generation. We shouldn't be too harsh on her
    She is worryingly liberal
Question 10 11x1 spacer What would you say to the Queen Mother if you had the chance to meet her?
    Happy birthday, Ma'am
    Just wait for the revolution, imperialist pig
    Nothing - I'd be too dumbstruck in the presence of such graciousness
    And what do you do?




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