Affirmative Action for Immigrants?

A site dedicated to the strange-but-true proposition that although Affirmative Action
was originally designed to right the wrongs of slavery, it is now being enjoyed by
recent immigrants to the USa group never intended to benefit.

Affirm Your Interest in exploring Affirmative Action for Immigrants by selecting from the following:

Introductory Article on Affirmative Action for Immigrants which ran in National Review magazine

The Executive Summary of a 112-page publication, "Affirmative Action for Immigrants," which documents that immigrants really have gotten into AA programs (plus ordering information)

FAQs about Affirmative Action for Immigrants

Remarks Dr. Frank Morris gave on C-Span about how African-Americans lose when immigrants receive Affirmative Action

The Solution--our plan for dismantling the disastrous policy of giving Affirmative Action to immigrants, a group the government never intended to benefit

Here are some WEB sites which explain and support affirmative action in general:

  1. Speech where President Clinton says we should "Mend, Not End" Affirmative Action
  2. This Company Sells Software It Claims Will Help Your Company Avoid Government Scrutiny on AA
  3. The most eloquent essay I have ever read defending the continue need for Affirmative Action

Here are WEB sites of groups opposed to all affirmative action:

  1. California Civil Rights Initiative, a referendum to make all Affirmative Action illegal in that state
  2. Town Hall Forum criticizing affirmative action in uncounted ways

This research on Affirmative Action for Immigrants is sponsored by:

The Social Contract journal and press

Also check out:

FAIR, The Federation for American Immigration Reform

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