Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz is President of Not A Bug Productions. He is extremely experienced with UNIX and a Web Designer and Programmer. He does freelance web design, and web site programming. His company's current project is get.info, but he has also done the Chicago Force Website and many others. Soon, this will be a showcase of his web design talents. More to come....

Binary Translator - Convert text to ASCII binary and from binary back to normal text. Not very useful but it is fun to see what all the 0s and 1s are for.

Chicago Force: Line Up For Star Wars - The website of the Chicago Force, a group lining up for the new Star Wars movie in downtown Chicago. I am webmaster for the site. A must for any dedicated Star Wars fan, not to mention a really cool experience all around.

Electronic Phoenix Project - This is a site I created for the EPP or Electronic Phoenix Project. A group dedicated to reviving old and abandoned programs through a group of volunteer programmers. Check it out.

FBI Faker - In perpetual beta, this JavaScript-based site allows someone to modify the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted and place whatever information they wish in the website. Fool your friends, scare your enemies. Imagine what someone you know would say when they see there picture on the FBI website!

Redmond Justice - A now-defunct website, you can view the remnants of a website I created to cover the up and down world of the case against Microsoft. Although it is out of date, you can still look and see what was. Also, there is a section entitled "From the Microsoft Files" with all of the illegal things Microsoft has done throughout their history.