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Pioneering the Future of Automated Telecom Management

Fast-moving. Innovative. Dedicated to helping you get the highest possible value from your telecommunications resources.

That's Cymbia. We're an application service provider with a straightforward mission: to become the provider of Internet-based, automated telecom management services. And we are off to a good start. Founded in 1999 and based in Austin, Texas, we have created revolutionary technology that lets businesses streamline and effectively manage their increasingly complex telecom environments. Plus, our remarkable products and services vastly reduce operational expenses in today's cost-conscious organizations.

Telecom Analyzer: The Flagship Cymbia Product
Telecom Analyzer is just the beginning-the first in a comprehensive suite of web-based products and services aimed at helping businesses automate telecom management. Telecom Analyzer, like other Cymbia solutions currently in the pipeline, solves some of today's most vexing problems-problems that make telecom resources and expenses notoriously difficult to analyze and manage:

  • An ever-growing array of vendors and rate plans.
  • New technology options-wireless, DSL, VoIP, ASP, the list goes on.
  • Growing numbers of telecommuters.
  • No single vendor that provides a complete solution.
  • Incompatible vendor billing formats.
  • The prohibitive cost of manually reviewing billing information and usage.
Sound familiar? See how the Telecom Analyzer helps address these problems.


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