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Who am I?
My name is Steve Harvey and I am a sculptor of Paleontological subjects.
In these pages, you will find many exciting and interesting sculptures of
Mesozoic creatures that I have created from drawings found
in scientific and popular literature.
The works are scientifically accurate reconstructions based on
Paleontologist's memoirs and papers.
Several of these sculptures can be seen in museums around the world!

Site News!:
Special pricing announcement on the Progress Page.
Want a Styracosaurus albertensis skull?
Better hurry... There is just one left!
Drop me a line if you would like to be informed when the Deinonychus is completed.
New: Tools! High quality modelling tools with turned handles.

Click on the Progress Button to see how far the Deinonychus has come.

Updated 27 March 2000

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Order Info
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What the PaleoPress has to say about my work.
Also, where you can see my work in Museums
and the various awards my work as received.

Pretty self-explainatory. Drop me a line!
Due to Internet instability, if you don't
receive a reply within 48 hours, try again.
I would be very interested in knowing what
sort of subjects you would like to see.
Interested in a commission?
Just want to chat about paleontology?
Just want to chat?

This is my contribution to the educational side
of the WWW. Here, you will find several articles
I have written for Prehistoric Times
concerning the basics of model making.

Commission Work
I have done a few special commissions.
Have a peek at some of the special things
I have done for my customers.

I custom design tools for the hobbist!

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