Matrox 3D-Driver from Thomas Götz (Alpha-Speed-Test)


The 3d-driver operate currently on the two Matrox-Cards Millenium I and Mystique. It describe what performance increasing can be possible with the glx-extension for XFree86. The driver is only a design-check and not as stable as the glx-extension without hardware support. I have currently not the time to write code. The driver is for the fast 16bpp only. If the memory isn't enough the driver use the original code from the glx-extension. The driver use some hardwired directories. A small bug cause probs with 8mb cards. To Compile the driver please get the glx-extension-0.7 the Xfree-3.2 Sourcecode and Mesa-2.2. Sorry the driver source is no distribution and you must adapt the Imakefiles.

links of the topic

  1. The XFree86 Homepage
  2. The glx-Site
  3. Mesa - Homepage
  4. Loadable Module for Matrox-3D HW-Support
  5. Sources for the Module
To start insert in the /etc/XF86Config following text.
Section "Files"
  ModulePath=< Path to > 

and in

Section "Module"
  Load ""

If you have the time i would give information to programm a better version of the driver. The driver isn't as fast as i expected. Therefore we should think about a new concept.

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