Ian's Heron / Tropical bird
This model is relatively simple and follows in the style of Ligia Montoya who remains an inspiration.
Heron diagram 1
1. Start with a square of paper and fold two rabbits ears as marked
(a fish base)
2. Mountain fold the model in half and rotate to position (3) 3. The Result. Squash fold triangular flap. (repeat behind)

4. Sink the corners shown and fold flap to left (repeat behind)

Heron diagram 2
5. Result. Sink the head where shown 6. Result. Sink tail where shown. Open head area to left. Valley fold sides to center as marked in diagram on right and valley fold closed again
7. Reverse fold tail where marked. Crimp head 8. Valley fold only slightly the legs. Valley fold "wings" to approx 90 degrees to model
diagram completing Heron/Tropical bird

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