The Internet Directory of Camera Collectors (IDCC), is a group of people with similiar interests, namely COLLECTING & USING Antique and Classic Cameras. Email to be added to this list

  1. IDCC Founder -- Dan Colucci ~ ~ Boston, MA area ~ I am a collector of pre-1900 Wood & Brass Cameras ( Anthony, Scovill, Blair, et al ), brass lenses, early shutters, and photography books and magazines. I want to buy WOOD CAMERAS.. See my Web Page
  2. List Serve and WebPage Master -- Walker Mangum ~ ~ Houston, TX area ~ I collect anything Kodak
  3. Directory Contact -- Karl Matz ~ ~ Mankato, MN ~ Collect all Ihagee/Exakta and 30's 40's and 50's era folding 35mm cameras (Retina, Vito, Ikonta 35 etc.).
  4. Merchandising Contact -- Doug Wilcox ~ ~ Martinsville, Virginia USA ~ If it has a Lens and a shutter I'm interested. (Doug can provide you with wearable and useable "stuff" with the IDCC logo.) Web Page ~
  5. Tech and Repair Page Master -- Mike White ~ ~ Indianapolis, IN ~ I collect folding bellows cameras, 35mm cameras and anything else, for the right price. Web page -

  1. Harris Aaronson ~ OR ~ Western Massachusetts ~ Collector of Sub-minis, art deco and colored cameras, special event and worlds fair, Stereo and Viewmaster, as well as several others
  2. Bill Adams ~ ~ Seattle, WA area ~ Colored/Art Deco Kodaks
  3. Omar Alvarez ~ ~ Miami, Florida User and collector of various medium format cameras. My interests are primarily in East German and Ukrainian cameras and lenses, specifically the Pentacon Six including Kiev 60 and the present day Exakta 66 which all use Zeiss Jena and Arsenal P-6 mount lenses. Also Yashicamat, various 120 rollfilm box cameras and TLRs, as well as m42 screwmount Exa 35mm cameras. My webpage:
  4. Paul-Lauritz Amundsen ~ ~ Lisbon, Portugal ~ I collect Olympus cameras, and all types of unusual cameras
  5. Rick Athearn ~ ~ Boulder, CO ~ I collect late 1950s vintage SLRs, Rollieflex TLRs, Kodak Retinas, and other useable older equipment
  6. Mottel Baleston ~ ~ New Jersey ~ I collect Kodak 35mm American Cameras 1938-1969 (Kodak 35-RF, Signets, Pony's, etc. in Ex+ cond, preferably in original box). Also collecting Kodak literature 1935-1970
  7. Moshe Bar-El ~ ~ Israel. I collect non-35mm. pre 1950 cameras like View, early press, Kodaks, plate cameras etc... anything I find intresting in design, camera's evolution or just cute.
  8. Greg Bedore~ Petersburg, Fl. ~I specialize in Zeiss Ikon Cameras and accessories. Author of: "Something Zeiss to say..." a serial column in CameraShopper Magazine. Member of the Zeiss Historical Society. "TimeMachines..." A traveling Zeiss Ikon camera collection exhibit. Contributor to Zeiss Ikon pricing section in McKeown's Price guide. Always interested in Zeiss products and history.
  9. Kevin M. Bell ~ ~ Denver, Colorado. I collect Zeiss as my primary interest, but also resell almost anything collectible. I have recently established a website ~ ~ and would like input from members on improvements.
  10. Gary Blockley ~ ~ Dallas,Texas ~ Collecting "OLD" pre-war exposure meters, Rolleis, Nikon Rangefinder and Graflex before 1955. Any exposure meter collectors wishing to exchange information?
  11. Yuri Boguslavsky ~ ~ I collect Russian and Soviet cameras
  12. Bob Bolton ~ ~ Adelaide, South Australia ~ Graflex Norita 66, Norita 66, Rittrek, Warner cameras and acc
  13. Robert Bouknight ~ ~ Any attractive mechanical camera of quality construction that works and takes great photos!
  14. John Brink ~ ~ Colorado Springs ~ Topcon RE, Super D's and RE lenses and Wooden view cameras
  15. Clive Bubley ~ ~ London, England ~ Collector ofVoigtlanders (with a soft spot for Vitos); rangefinder roll film folders; wide angle cameras: and anything else that catches my fancy!
  16. Bill Burns ~ ~ Long Island NY ~ Looking for stereo cameras and viewers.
  17. Andre Calciu ~ am collector and user of medium and large format cameras. My collection cameras includes from the late 1900s to "modern" cameras dating as late as the 1950s. Rolleiflex, Zeiss, Voigtlander. I have 4x5 and 8x10 items and am always looking for all sorts of old wood and studio cameras.
  18. Rich Campbell ~ ~ New York. Collector and user of Exaktas and Zeiss rollfilm cameras. Also dabble in large format with vintage lenses and in pinhole photography.
  19. Dan Carey ~ ~ Chandler, AZ. Primarily collecting Nikonos, Canon FD and Graflex, although my interest is expanding all the time. Active shooter and darkroom hack, I enjoy underwater photography, landscapes and photojournalism, using my enlarger for additional creativity and to correct my numerous mistakes.
  20. Michael A. Carter ~ Pittsburgh PA ~ I collect movie camera animation equipment. My desire is to set up a movie film lab using any old processing equipment I can get. Always on the lookout for these materials. My web page is devoted to mostly Regular 8mm Film Making but has links to the mainstream of CINE. I also maintain a web page for the Pennsylvania Photographical Historical Society.
  21. Noel Charchuk ~ ~ Calgary, Alberta, Canada ~ Voigtlander cameras, from the 1930's to 1950's, as well as Leica cameras and lenses from those same eras. A member of the Voigtlander Verein, and the Foothills Camera club, most photography is nature scenics, and closeups, all using vintage equipment.
  22. Donna Clawson ~ ~ I collect Kodaks, mainly turn of the century bellow-type but I'll take anything that I fancy.
  23. Wayne Cogan ~ ~ Hartford, CT area. Early wood and brass; unique accessories and chemical bottles.
  24. Bob Cohen ~ ~ San Francisco ~ Camera Collecting Interests Anything
  25. Paul Cotnoir ~ ~ Putnam, CT ~ Eclectic collector of usable photographica from the classic period (1930's - 1970's) with affinity for mechanically interesting 35mm SLRs and RFs, screw mount lenses and cameras
  26. Gary Cullen ~ ~ Vancouver Canada ~ I collect stereo (of all kinds), pre and early cinema, Ihagee/Exakta, early holograms and early lasers. (hows that for a mix!)
  27. Dr. Alfonso A. de Castro ~ ~ Zaragoza, Spain ~ Camera Collecting Interests: Leica and View cameras ~
  28. Mark & Sharon Delman ~ ~ Chicago ~ Rollei, Retina, Minox, Graphic View, Zeiss, Mini/sub-miniatures
  29. Steve Deus ~ ~ Estes Park, CO ~ Collection: I collect all things Kodak,and a few odds and ends
  30. Motoari Ebara ~ Tokyo Japan. I collect and use early Kodak Retina (ex 117,118,119....), and would like to read or talk about them. I also like to patrol antique camera shops in Tokyo for my physical exercise.
  31. ~ The Netherlands ~ Collecting: Early Kodak cameras (up to 1918 or so) and its accessories, photographs, advertisements, catalogues, etc.
  32. Manuel Estebanez ~ ~ Novelda,Alicante,SPAIN ~ I am a collector of cheap black bakelite cameras in 120 or 127 roll film, and old photographic books and magazines (XIXs to 1930)
  33. Romano Fasciani ~ ~ Hamburg, Germany ~ Interested in Alpa products and anything worth the while.
  34. Mark R. Feeney ~ ~ Shreveport, La ~ I collect and use wooden field cameras and would appreciate hearing from those with similar interests
  35. Rick Feldman ~ ~ Sacramento, CA ~ Collecting Kodaks, all types, all years
  36. Maurizio Frizziero ~ ~ Genova, ITALY ~ I collect Exakta, Exakta lenses and accessories (Dan's Comment -- & maintain a GREAT web site )~ Web Page **
  37. Harry K. Frye ~ ~ Beaver, PA ~ Interests: Anything related to the history of photography, wood and brass, one shot color cameras, mini cameras, early books and publications, etc. I also do the news letter for the Pennsylvania Photographic Historical Society
  38. Ron Furukawa ~ ~ SF Bay Area/Sacramento Area in Northern California ~ I collect, repair and restore Japanese, German and some U.S. cameras (no junk ) manufactured before 1969 that use currently available film ~ (e.g. 120 roll film, but not 616)
  39. Allen Godin ~ ~ Morrisville, Vermont ~ Collector of Kodak cameras and all things related. I also collect Folders, and TLRs of any manufacture. As for my modern gear I have Olympus SLRs and a Kiev 88. Site
  40. Norbert A. Gruetzner ~ ~ Bonn, Germany ~ Collecting Graflex and similar view cameras, Leica, Nikon
  41. Yalcin Gultunca ~ ~ Ankara, Turkey ~ I am collecting Cameras mainly manufactured before 1950. German mades are my favorites. I do have several Zeiss Ikons , Voigtlanders and Rolleis but unfortunately could not have a Leica Range Finder M series yet , but looking forward to having one.
  42. Darren Gunderson ~ ( I live in Junction City, Kansas. My main areas of interest are Stereo and Large format. All of my camera's are used.
  43. Pete Hall ~ ~ Cleveland,OH ~ Interested in Kodak store displays/advertising, wooden cameras, and photos/panoramics of Steel Mills and industry. Looking for Skyview Aerial and other cameras/devices made in Cleveland
  44. Wolfgang Hambach ~ ~ Mainz, Germany ~ I am a collector of old cameras . My Photographica Homepage is: ~ I am also a Member of Club Daguerre
  45. M. Hanemann ~ ~ I am a member of the Pudget Sound and the Cascade Photographic collectors groups. I collect half frame cameras, Kodak lensed and Graflex items
  46. Ed Herny ~ ~ Oakland, CA ~ Student of the history of photography, emphasis in 19th Century California images. Seeking lantern slide accessories: slotted wooden storage boxes, blank glass and masks. Also interested in "postcard" (3A) cameras and accessories.
  47. Thaddeus Holownia ~ Mount Allison University, Sackville N.B., Canada ~ ~ Interests in cameras include Leicas, Banquet Cameras, View Cameras and Cirkut Cameras
  48. Ken ~Chicagoland area~ Since 1981 I've specialize in the restoration of Deardorff view cameras. I collect Deardorff cameras and memoribilia. I always need 12 x 20 film holders for my 12 x 20 Deardorff, Got any ? I also collect Graflex SLR cameras and ANY weird or neat camera that I can put film in. I have a Deardorff Info site at: If you need questions answered directly Email me or drop them there. Thanks
  49. Wolfgang Huller ~ ~ I'm a collector of Minolta cameras, lenses and accessories up to the mid 60th. I own about 250 different Minolta cameras
  50. John Huggins ~ ~ Dallas, Ft Worth area. German photo equipment of this century; Zeiss Ikon, Voigtlander, Retina, and many other brands but not Leica, Rolleiflex, or Exakta
  51. Bob Jackson ~ ~ Greater Dallas/Ft. Worth ~ Kodak and Ansco from '42 to '70 plus "oddballs"
  52. David L Jentz ~ ~ Historical Society for Retina Cameras51312 Mayflower Road, South Bend, Indiana 46628 ~ Camera interests: Kodak Retina and Retinette Cameras and their accessories, literature, etc. I will answer questions about Kodak Retina and Retinette cameras
  53. Mike Jett~ Albuquerque, NM, I collect Kodak, especially Retina and Retinette cameras, accessories, and literature. I am also interested in Zeiss-Ikon (Contaflex SLR's)
  54. Marti Jones ~ ~ New Hampshire ~ Colored cameras, submini's and hit types; toy, novelty, advertising/premium and unusual disposables
  55. John Keesing ~ ~ Melbourne, Australia. Member of The Australian Photographic Collectors Society and the Zeiss Historica Society. Co-editor of the APCS society magazine "Back Focus". Contax rangefinder collector for the last eight years, especially lenses and the variations that were made over the thirty years of production. I have written a book on these lenses, and have a reference data base. I am very willing to help any IDCC member to identify any of these lenses.
  56. Mike Kersenbrock ~ ~ Portland, Oregon ~ I collect and use 3D stereo cameras, books, viewers, and accessories. Most anything 3D photography related
  57. Peter Kitchingman ~ ~ Perth West Australia ~ I collect Canon R/F, accessories and literature. Would like to contact fellow collectors of the Canon marque
  58. Thomas Krueger ~ ~ Milwaukee Wisconsin USA ~ Kodak Retina, specifically Reflex III, and rangefinder IIIS, plus accessories
  59. Bob Kulinski ~ ~ Appalachian Mountains, Virginia ~ Icollect 19th century cameras, especially stereo and multiple lens cameras. Buy, sell, trades always welcome
  60. Steve Lai ~ ~ Hong Kong ~ Collect all kinds of antique camera. Now interested in miniatures, underwater cameras and also 60's rollie lens
  61. Paul Lehman ~ ~ Collect cameras which pre-date WWI, any manufacturer, particularly folding, view, field, studio and stereo
  62. John London ~ Camra ~ Owensboro, KY ~ Rollei TLR collector, recently into Leica, & enjoy refinishing wooden view camera
  63. Ralph London ~ ~ Portland, Oregon ~ Collecting Interests: Cameras to about 1910, especially wood and brass ones, literature and books, wife Bobbi collects Stanhopes
  64. T.F.Lonstrup ~ ~ South Carolina ~ I Collect: Leica screwmount cameras and accessories
  65. Vince Lupo ~ ~ Annapolis, Maryland ~ I have become very interested in old 120 folders, particularly Certo Super Sport Dollys. I would be interested in acquiring Dollys (Dollies?) in dead or alive condition, or other cameras made by Certo
  66. Stephen Lyons ~ ~ Pismo Beach, CA ~ Collecting interests: primarily 35mm, particularly obsolescent single lens reflex systems such as Praktina, Mamiya/Sekor Auto XTL, Konica et cetera; also Soviet and American cameras of all types
  67. Larry Manson ~ ~ Dayton Ohio area ~ I'm collecting an eclectic mix of cameras, etc. from different era's. Mostly still, but an ocassional movie camera comes to rest with me
  68. Roberto Marciante ~ ~ Roma, Italy ~ I'm interested in Zeiss Ikon 35mm (Contax, Contaflex and Contarex) and 120 rollfilm Super Ikonta and Rolleiflex
  69. Ivor Matanle ~ I ~ Sussex, England ~ Principal interest; generating nice pictures from nice old cameras. ( Dan's note -- Ivor is the author of, "Collecting and Using Classic Cameras" a top rated camera collecting/using book !!! , as well as a new book, "Collecting and Using Classic SLR's")
  70. Bob Mathews ~ ~ Houston, TX ~ I accumulate Voightlanders, and other cameras c.1935-65 like ones I used as a kid and growing up. I take pictures with them
  71. Marty May ~ <>, Collector, dealer, trader,-- Ecclectic collection From Alpa to Zeiss, No home page but will have one soon,- Always have ad on e-Bay with something to sell,-contact anytime about anything.
  72. James R.Mayhew,ADVC ~ 4X5 and larger Negatives of Interesting Subjects- Preferably Glass Negatives, Lantern Slides, Tintypes,etc. Cameras: Retinas, Olympus XA, Voigtlander 110 EE, Pentax SLR 110, ADi Wet110, the better Minoltas & Kodaks in 110, and others.
  73. Mike McCaw ~ ~ Australia ~ Anything primitive in its inherent design or manufacture. Any other odd or unusual items - also I do have a section for "Ugly Ducklings" and unusual Box cameras. I also collect Chinese cameras and I am looking for other collectors who also collect Chinese to contact me so that we might start a collectors group
  74. Cam McCubbin ~ ~ White Rock, British Columbia, Canada ~ broad range of interests for more than 30 years
  75. Mark McDowell ~ ~ Lansing, MI ~ Collector of Kodak and other early American Cameras and photographic items
  76. Rob McElroy ~ ~ Buffalo, NY. Contemporary daguerreotypist, commercial photographer, dealer in equipment and vintage images. Collector and researcher of all things relating to the history of photography. Especially interested in early photographic books, ephemera, and equipment from the daguerreotype era and anything relating to photographers from Buffalo and Western New York. Co-authored a book on the Photo Pictorialists of Buffalo and also on the photographic history of Niagara Falls.
  77. Dave Mertes ~ Baltimore, MD I collect Graflex and other Press Cameras, Rollieflex TLR's and Pentax Screw Mount equipment. I do restorations in my home workshop that has both wood and metal working machines.
  78. Colin Miller ~ ~ Philadelphia PA area ~ I collect Leica and early Hasselblad
  79. Greg Milneck ~ ~ Baton Rouge, Louisiana ~ Early hand-crank 35mm and 28mm movie cameras. Kodak colored model cameras- Petite, Step Pattern, Vanity, Ensemble, Coquette, Bantam Special, Beau Brownie. Kodak and Movie Camera Web pages at
  80. Alvin Mirabal ~ ~ Puerto Rico, West Indies ~ My main interests are collecting (and using) Russian cameras , Subminiatures (Rollei's, Mamiya's and Minoltas) and Underwater cameras
  81. Michael Moffatt ~ ~ Christchurch, New Zealand ~ Early plate cameras and equipment. Soft spot in heart for Zeiss and Voigtlander also. Early NZ photographs and photographic items especially desired
  82. Jim Morris ~ ~ Tuscaloosa, AL ~ Eclectic collector, as spinoff of antiques business and of black/white photography & darkroom hobby. Enjoy most collectibles
  83. Daniel Morse ~ ~ London, UK ~ I collect all types ofpre-war cameras and cine-cameras, but specialise in Zeiss, Kodak, Ensign and Pathe
  84. Brewster "CineMan" Moseley ~ ~ Sells regular 8mm cine equipment (will email my list). Lots of Bolex. Buys regular 8mm cine equipment (excluding projectors) in "like new" condition only
  85. John Mustarde ~ ~ Arlington, Texas, USA ~ Pentax K-mount equipment and accessories
  86. Rob Niederman ~ ~ Minneapolis, MN area ~ Iam a collector of pre-1900 wood & brass cameras. Particularly interested in wet plate, stereo, multiple lens wood cameras, and period stands
  87. Mark Osterman and France Scully Osterman ( Scully & Osterman ) ~ ~ Newtown, PA ~ Artists who use wet-plate era equipment and 19th century formulas to make ambrotypes, ferrotypes, and collodion negatives. We also publish the Collodion Journal; email for details.
  88. Mark Overton ~ ~ southern California ~ I collect all kinds of cameras that are mechanically non-trival and made in the 1900's, repair them as needed, and shoot with them.
  89. Steven Paulsen ~ ~ south, central Pennsylvania ~ I collect German and Japanese 35's to 4X5's
  90. Xavier Planellas ~ ~ Barcelona, Spain ~ Collector of Rolleiflex, Zeiss Ikon, Linhof, Leica and Wood view cameras
  91. Pat F. Picciano ~ ~ Cleveland, Ohio area ~ I collect and use Konica SLR cameras, flashes and accessories
  92. Terry Price ~ ~ Camden, Maine ~ I collect old classic cameras. Mostly German, some Japanese. More as users than collectables. I have Nikons, Rolleis, Leicas(screwmount), Zeiss (35 & 120) mainly
  93. Michael Pritchard ~ ~ Christie's South Kensington, 85 Old Brompton Road London SW7 3LD ~ Dan's comments -> Michael is the Co-Author of "Spy Cameras," a leading photographic historian, Christie's main camera man, as well as a kind and helpful gentleman
  94. Brian Purcell ~ ~ North Augusta, South Carolina ~ Interests include: antique view cameras, wooden tripods, stereopticons
  95. Andreas Raimund ~ ~ Frankfurt/Germany ~ I collect Asahiflex, Asahi Pentax (screw mount) and early Asahi Pentax (k mount) cameras, lenses and other equipment
  96. Mike Reistma ~ I collect cameras in general, but have a special liking for cameras with unusual or innovative design, so I've always been interested in Exakta. I work as a circuit designer here in Santa Clara CA and live in Burlingame CA.
  97. Adrian Richmond ~ ~ Norfolk, England I research and collect Houghton-Butcher/Ensign. I have contributed articles to 'Photographica World', 'Photohistorich Tijdschrift' and Japan's 'Camera Review' magazines. I also collect oddballs and literature relating to photo history - trade catalogues, magazines etc. Web Page:
  98. Bill Riley ~ ~ Avid collector of early photographica, Kodak, anything that might have historical interest. I maintain a WEB Page at to share my collection with others
  99. Larry Roberts ~ ~ Seattle, Washington ~ Interests: M series Leicas, especially double stroke, and lenses
  100. Rod Rosenberg ~ ~ I'm a 17 year old camera collector. I collect kodak and anything else I can get my hands on.
  101. Dale & Janice Rossi ~ ~ Limerick PA ~ My hobby is the history of photography, Biography of daguerreian and stereo photographers, and collecting stereo cameras and images. Particular interest in Buffalo, NY and Southeastern PA. I buy and sell cameras, images and misc. photo-collectibles
  102. Michael Roth ~ ~ Wellington New Zealand ~ I collect and Love Box cameras all types also like to take photos with them
  103. Clayton Rye ~ ~ Hanlontown, IA ( between Des Moines and Minneapolis) ~ Kodak Retinas (folding and Reflex), Zeiss-Ikon (35mm and 120), Minolta Autocord, accessories for any of these cameras ~ Great Retina & Autocord Web page at
  104. Valentin Sama ~ ~ Madrid, Spain ~ Collecting: Exakta and Leica SM. Technical Editor for FV Magazine, writes articles about collecting and general interest photography
  105. Jack P. Schroeder ~ JPSCAMERAS@AOL.COM ~ Lacrosse,Wisc. ~ Collecting cameras since 7-28-88, I have 1535 different cameras. Interests: Lacrosse made cameras or anything different
  106. Fred Sherfy ~ ~ Central Pennsylvania area ~ Collector of anything that interests me: pre-1900 cameras & images, stereoviews, early Asahi Optical Company (Pentax) equipment, whatever else seems fun. Currently operating a WEB page at:
  107. Vitor Silva ~ ~ Lisbon, Portugal collecting: Amateur cine cameras, projectors, editors and all items concerning filmaking in 8mm, 9.5 mm,16mm and technical books on the subject.
  108. Marc James Small ~ ~ Western Virginia ~ Leica, Rollei, Voigtlander, Zeiss, and Soviet/Post-Soviet Gear. ( Marc runs the Rollei mailing list )
  109. Chris Sherlock ~ ~ Dunedin, New Zealand ~ Special interests; Retinas and other folding 35mm cameras also anything else unusual, always looking for more and I don't mind dead ones either as I trained as technician with Kodak about a thousand years ago
  110. David Silver ~ ~ San Francisco, California ~ I am an avid student of the history of photography. I collect pre-35mm photographica with a definite preference for wood, brass and leather cameras of the 19th century. President of the International Photographic Historical Organization, Telephone: (415) 681-4356 ( The research and appraisal services of the International Photographic Historical Organization can be accessed here)
  111. Arthur Silverman ~ ~ Hummelstown, PA ~ Collects cameras that are uniquely engineered and limited in production; such as the Bell & Howell Foton, The Kalart Press Camera of Tomorrow.
  112. Larry & Linda Smith ~ We are both artists and photographers. Our collection of "stuff" has gravitated mainly toward old Eastman Kodak things; especially old wood bellows type cameras.
  113. Keith Stetson ~ ~ Bridgeport, CT ~ Post-War Zeiss Ikon / Voigtlander, Rollei, TLR's, Retina, and other fully functional German products
  114. Ray Spall ~ ~ Phoenix, AZ area ~ I collect Argus cameras and equipment made in the USA
  115. Douglas St. Denny ~ ~ "Spy Cameras" at and an interview done with me at
  116. Lew Steinfeld ~ ~ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Collection of early wood cameras, stereo, sub-minis, and early pre-Leica, 35 mm cameras, as well as many other types including what appears to be an original Ben Akiba cane.
  117. Mike Stoesz ~ Mike and also ~ My collecting interests are Olympus cameras, especially Olympus 35 and Pen, the Olympus 120 folding cameras and twin lens reflexes. I also collect Voigtlander
  118. Mike H. Symons ~ E-Mail: Victoria, B.C. Canada ~ Collector of Nikon Rangefinder, early Nikon "F", and WWII NIKKO/NIKON military and "MIOJ" equipment.
  119. Jim Thomas ~ ~ Rockville, Maryland ~ Collecting stereo cameras and images, TLRs (Rolleiflex, Yashica-Mat), and German folding cameras 1930's-1950's that use 120 film. Also collect toy cameras that use 120 film (Diana, etc.) and Nikon N-AI lenses. I only collect usable cameras, and enjoy taking pictures with all of the above.Web Page Collectible Cameras / Antique Phonographic Pages
  120. Perry Alan Tourtellotte ~ ~ Sweet Briar, Va ~ Collector and user of Soviet/Post Soviet-Russian Cameras and photography related items
  121. Quang Tu ~ ~ Oklahoma City area ~ Own: Nikon N8008, Nikon FM, 50mmf1.8 ser E lens, 100mmf2.8 ser E, 75-150mm ser E lens. Yashicamat LM, Pentacon camera Interests: amateur photography, portraits, people.. Would like to learn more about medium format cameras (Hasselblad, Rolleiflex, Mamiya C3)
  122. Benini Valentino ~ or ~Bologna, Italy ~ I'm a collector of old movie cameras and projectors every trade-mark. Web site
  123. Jerry Vincent ~ ~ Minnesota ~ I enjoy collecting US made 35mm cameras, the Argus in particular. I belong to the Minnesota Antique Camera Collectors club ~ web page:
  124. Bob Wallis ~ ~ Western Washington state ~ Novelty/color/odd/distinctive/quality/old/sx-70/almost anything
  125. Larry "Izzy" Wallnau ~ ~ Rochester, NY area ~ I collect Zeiss-Ikon cameras, Russian/Soviet cameras, and Nikon F and non-AI lenses. web page: ~ ~
  126. Bill Walsh ~ ~ Baltimore/Washington area ~ Stereo/3-D collector of 50's vintage stereo cameras, viewers, accessories, View-Master cameras, reels and accessories, books and amateur 3-D slides
  127. Tim Walter ~ UK ~ I publish the Grays of Westminster Gazette each month which includes a piece on historic Nikon equipment. Published monthly at the following site; And Nikon page
  128. Dick Weld ~ or ~ Grand Rapids, MI ~ I collect German rollfilm cameras from the 1950's
  129. Sam Westfall ~ ~ Topeka, KS ~ I collect Magic Lanterns, Premium & Novelty Cameras
  130. Mandell Winter ~ Denver. I am drawn to most any camera. 450 cameras: the Brownie Star series, boxes, folders, TLRs and Argus cameras.
  131. Dick Wood ~ ~ Alaska ~ I am traditionally a 19th century image collector (mostly early Alaska), but have been a stereo photographer, and intend to collect, and use, dry plate stereo cameras; collect wet plate stereo cameras
  132. Frank Wylie ~ ~ Columbus, Ohio ~ Hand-cranked movie cameras and projectors, 35mm, 28mm, 17.5mm, 16mm, etc. (not spring-wound). Silent-era equipment ~ Superior, Powers, Motiograph, Universal, Willart, Mitchell, Bell & Howell, Victor, etc. ~ Avid, but of modest means, collector ~ Questions? Write! PLEASE! ~ Web page:
  133. Kai Yamada ~ ~ San Francisco, CA ~ I collect working cameras. Dianas and her relatives, like Arrow, Reliance, etc... Brownies of all sorts, folding brownies, box brownies and similarly made cameras using 120 film
  134. Milan Zahorcak ~ ~ Tualatin (near Portland), Oregon ~ Ancient shutters, lenses and lens flanges. Early wooden cameras, especially American, Anthony, Blair, Scovill, etc., in any condition including wrecks. Enjoys research and technical questions. Free advice
  135. Erik Zanke ~ ~ most people know me as "tigin" from my homepage and Classic Camera website at I live in Bavaria, Germany and collect mainly Voigtländer, Diax and many of the german cameras of the fifties which do not have a big name or were not made in big numbers.
  136. Michael Zerman ~ ~ Adelaide, Australia ~ I use andcollect Minox 35 cameras, also have a Nikkormat FT3 and a couple of Nikkor lenses. Seeking a Minox 35 MB for the collection, as well as meeting other Minox 35 collector/users
  137. Peter van Zuijlekom ~ ~ Gouda ~ The Netherlands Collector (and user) of all types of old camera's especially stereo, ViewMaster, lenticulars, stereo cards, viewers etc.

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