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The Monsanto Files

An Open Letter to Robert Shapiro, CEO, Monsanto.. pg251
The Editors

Seeds of Disaster - pg252
HRH The Prince of Wales

Monsanto: A Checkered History pg254
Brian Tokar

PCBs: Can the World’s Sea Mammals Survive Them? Joseph. Cummins
Agent Orange: The Poisoning ofVietnam. Hugh Warwick
Bovine Growth Hormones. Paul Kingsnorth
Roundup: The World’s Biggest-Selling Herbicide. Joseph Mendelson

The Terminator Technology.
Ricarda.A.Steinbrecher and Pat Roy Mooney

The giant Monsanto corporation tells us in its recent advertisements that genetic engineering is all about feeding the world, about protecting the environment. But this is the company that brought us Agent Orange, PcBs and Bovine Growth Hormone; the same company that produces Roundup, the world’s biggest-selling herbicide, and the highly questionable ‘Terminator Technology’. ThIs section takes a close look at their record, and asks the simple question: can we allow corporations like Monsanto to gamble with the very future of life on Earth?

Revolving Doors: Monsanto and the Regulators pg280
Jennifer Ferrara

Cosy Relations: Monsanto and the UK Environment Agency
Getting The Government On Your Side
Call to Sack UK Biotech Advisers
Corruption of ‘Organic’ in the US

Over the years, key govemment figures at the Food and Ding Administration (FDA) and other regulatory bodies, have either come from, or gone on to hold senior positions at Monsanto. That in part might explain why Monsanto gets clearance for its often dangerous products.

Monsanto’s Failing PR Strategy pg287
Kenny Bruno

The PR Professionals. LucindaLabes
Monsanto Propaganda and an African Response to it.

24 African delegates respond to Monsanto statement on world hunger
Monsanto’s PR strategy is to depict itself as a philanthropic organisation interested in protecting the natural environment and feeding the world’s hungry. The reality, however, could not be more different.

Why Biotechnology and High-Tech Agriculture
Cannot Feed the World
Andrew Kimbrell

The justification of Monsanto’s flagship products depends upon the maintenance of a number of false assumptions. Primary among them is the myth that high-input agriculture, and genetic engineering in particular, can alone satisfy the needs of a hungry world. This article explains why neither, by the widest stretch of the imagination, can do so.

 How Monsanto ‘Listens’ to Other Opinions pg299
Peter Montague

 Hiding Damaging Information from the Public pg301 Steven Gorelick

SLAPPing Resistance. Andrew Rowell
Monsanto Visits The Guardian. Bill O’Neill
"Monsanto Took Me To Court — and Lost". Werner Reisberger
A Message from India. Vandana Shiva
"Monsanto, You Have Shamed Us". Freda Morris

In advertisements in the national press, Monsanto promised to supply readers with the addresses of vocal green critics of the food industry. It was rare for a company to give free publicity to its opponents, Monsanto boasted, ‘but we believe that food is so important, everyone should know all they want to about it’. Bus the claim that this was an open, transparent company raised hollow laughs around the world.

The Frankenstein Corporation: Monsanto s
Merger with American Home Products
Andrew Kimbrell

Boycott: Brands and Products to Avoid pg309
Jim Thomas

Who Are the Real Terrorists? pg312
Zac. Goldsmith

Return of the Seed Savers pg318
Mae-Wan Ho

Campaigns and News Centre pages

Reviews pg319
The Spirit of Regeneration edited by Frederique Apffel-Marglin with PRATEC — Gard.Binney

Why Things Bite Back by Edward Tenner — Edward.Goldsmith

Letter Forum pg323

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