Current Research: overview
* CANDLE [ejournals and access management]
* CANDLE / Athens [access to elecronic resources]
* Heron [UK database of copyright cleared material]
* Dyslexia project [CD-ROM for students]
* NewsAgent [pushing news to librarians]
* Pride [interoperability]
* Easel [learning environments]
* JCALT study [network security]

overview [no frames]
* LibraryTechnology [news]
* Vine [IT in libraries]
* LIBS [briefings on the big issues]
* Outlooks [opinions on trends and futures]
* Reports [studies]
* Introductory packs
* eLib supporting studies

Completed Research:
* ECMS [electronic copyright management systems]
* Phoenix [On demand publishing]
* Caselibrary [Z39.50]
* Business use of the Internet


News Headlines
23-Aug-00Web-based Periodicals Management Welcomed by European Libraries (RoweCom)
kLibrary, a RoweCom web service for the desktop management of journal subscriptions
23-Aug-00Endeavor goes global with unicode capabilities (Endeavor Information Systems Inc)
Endeavor Teams with Interpro to Globalize Voyager
23-Aug-00Texas State Library implements Z39.50 Bath Profile (Texas State library and archives commission)
Blue Angel Technologies and Sirsi Corp. Enable Unprecedented Interoperability
23-Aug-00New projects funded by JISC (JISC)
The JISC Announces Successful Proposals to Enhance the DNER (Distributed National Electronic Resource) for Learning and Teaching under JISC Circular 5/99

LITC news headlines and features are taken from LTWorld the Web version of Library Technology.
LTWorld contains features and news, including news from the last 10 days and news search.

01-Aug-00Format wars? (Clive Barnden)
how can you make the most of the thousands of e-book titles available?
01-Aug-00E-book readers and MP3 players in public libraries (Janet Swan)
01-Aug-00The People's Network full steam ahead (Chris Batt)
the most comprehensive programme of public ICT provision so far supported by the Government

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