Bill's Professional Experience


Synopsis of Experience:

International expert in networks (all aspects), security and strategic as well as tactical technology design and implementation. A respected and well known speaker and consultant, with very strong communications skills, to many of the Fortune 1000 as well as governments around the world on technology, networking, security, applications and the deployment and strategic planning and methods of using technologies to solve modern business issues. Creator of many network and security standards as well as designer and implementer of some of the largest networking and computing environments in the world. Well respected author of 25 books and over 3,000 articles. Designer and architect of the worlds first multiprotocol firewall facility and the first firewall for the Windows-NT operating system, first expert system-based network intrusion detection system and first multiprotocol dial-up security system. Well known computer and network security technical expert with hundreds of hacker trackdowns and conviction credits. Popular and humorous speaker who has delivered keynote and technology strategic addresses at InterOP, COMDEX, Mactivity, Windows-NT World, CompSEC, IEC, TCA, DECUS, Share and many other major events. Designer of technical strategic directions for many of the largest companies in the world. Heavily quoted technologist in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, CIO Magazine, Barrons and other major publications on networking and security futures. Also featured on television and radio programs on CNN, CNBC, ABC, NBC, BBC and other network programs in the areas of security, networking and technology futures.



*  BA - Computer Science (Thomas Edison State College)

*  MS - Computer Science (Greenwich University)

*  Ph.D. - Computer Science (Greenwich University)

Work History:

1990-Present Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSSI)

Founder, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Consultant

*  Architect and designer of FireWall/Plus, CyberwallPLUS, Access/Plus and the world’s first commercial Intrusion Detection Software (multiple award winning products for technical excellence); creator of multilevel firewall technologies and creator of the first multiprotocol firewall and dial-up security technologies

*  Network designer, technology strategist and consultant to Fortune 1000 (very large network designs)

*  Standards writer for ANSI, ISO and IEEE, IETF and other orgs.

*  Author of many papers and standards on networking and security technologies

1982-1990 Independent Consultant

Network and Security Consultant (International)

*  Designed and implemented over 4000 networks with many thousands of computers on them

*  Designed one of the world's largest networks (1.5m nodes, 58K routers) for realtime air-to-ground and ground-to-ground network access world-wide

*  Heavy work with law enforcement in hacker trackdowns and arrests.

1981-1982 Standard Oil of Ohio/British Petroleum

Division Analyst

*  Implemented networking for 192 worldwide facilities and process networks

*  Designed and implemented mid-range and supercomputers for seismic exploration efforts

*  Implemented large network security and technology strategies.

1979-1981 Digital Equipment Corporation

Principal Consultant

*  Designed and implemented new networking protocols

*  Designed and implemented new customer networks and systems

*  Developed components of large operating systems (VMS, RSX, IAS)

1978-1979 IBM Corporation

Architectural Consultant (external)

*  Designed and implemented new networking protocols

*  Designed and implemented new router and interconnect devices

*  Designed and implemented commercial cryptosystems

1974-1979 U.S. Naval Security Group Command

Cryptographic Specialist

*  Worked with governmental authorities in cryptanalysis and languages

*  Designed and wrote complex software for supercomputer systems

*  Designed and implemented international network systems

1970-1974 Texas Instruments

Consultant (external)

*  Designed and implemented large mainframe systems for internal use

*  Wrote FORTRAN programs for board layouts and mapping

*  Designed and implemented security systems for mainframe facilities


*  Certified Information System Security Professional

*  Certified Network Designer (Architectural Endorsement)

*  Certified Systems Analyst


*  Technical Excellence Award - Digital Equipment Computer Users Society (DECUS)

*  Network Master - DECUS Network SIG

*  Who's Who in the World

*  Who's Who in America

*  Who's Who in Science and Engineering

*  Who's Who in Finance and Industry

*  Who's Who in the Computer Industry

Product Designs and Implementations:

*  FireWall/Plus for NT and DOS

*  CyberwallPLUS for NT

*  SAP/R3 Performance Modeler

*  ATM Transaction Monitor/Statistical Reporter

*  Secure/Plus (Active measures intrusion detection)

*  Network Security Monitor (Intrusion Detection System)

*  Network Mapping Utility

*  Network Event Manager

*  Network Statistical Reporter

*  Network Professor (w/Technically Elite Concepts)

*  Network Performance Modeler

*  EZFIND Relational Database

*  ORACLE System Save Utility

*  Process Control Protocol Manager

*  SCADAMaster Real-time Process Manager

*  WireRoute F-16 Wire Harness Testing System

*  Structural Integrity Sonic Testing System (F-16)

*  Multicrypt - Multiple Algorithm File Encryption System

*  TCP/IP for the Motorola 68000

*  TCP/IP for RSX-11M

Special Qualifications:

*  Capable of teaching over 400 different network and security courses and topics

*  Technology strategist to some of the largest companies in the world; world-class technical expert in networking and security

*  Extensive personnel and business management experience

*  Special training in traffic analysis and cryptographic methods and facilities

*  Previously cleared TS with an SBI

*  Accredited Standards Writer (Worked on ANSI (X3), IEEE (802 series) and OSI standards)

*  Advisor to U.S. Presidential Commission on National Network Facilities

*  Advisor to U.S. Senate on System and Network Security

*  Advisor to Architect of the Capitol of the United States on networks and security affecting the Capitol, Senate and House technology facilities

Books Written:

*  Soviet Naval Air Force Order of Battle (1977)

*  Polycryptic Encipherment Systems for Tactical Communications (1978)

*  VMS Device Drivers for V2.0 of VMS (1980)

*  Network Programming for Microprocessors (1981)

*  OSI Technological Trends (1983)

*  Network Protocol Analysis (1985)

*  Designing and Implementing Ethernet Networks (1st, 2nd, 3rd editions) (1988-1996)

*  Network Concepts and Architectures (1st, 2nd editions) (1990)

*  Advanced Ethernet Configurations and Management (1990)

*  Issues and Problems in Computer Networking (1991)

*  DECnet Phase V Usage, Programming, and Management (1991)

*  Ethernet/802.3 Management and Performance (1992)

*  Practical Network Security (1992)

*  Advantage Networks - An Introduction (1993)

*  Computer Consulting is a Very Funny Business (1993)

*  Advanced Ethernet/802.3 Management and Performance (1996)

*  Asynchronous Transfer Mode Performance (1997)

*  Computer Consulting is a Very Funny Business II (1997)

*  Windows-NT Security (1998)

*  Unsolved Computer Mysteries (1998)

*  Networking Explained (1999)

*  Windows-NT Network Security (coming in 1999)

Professional Memberships:

*  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) # 3253770 (Member grade)

*  American National Standards Institute (ANSI) #95103

*  Digital Equipment Computer Users Society (DECUS) #142152

*  National Society of Professional Engineers

*  Association for Computing Machinery #4273520

*  Apple Programmers & Developers Association (APDA)

*  Computer Security Institute (CSI) #5883

*  International Computer Security Association (ICSA)

*  Computer Security Institute (CSI)