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Fredric Paul

50 Web contradictions

Do you ever feel like the Web is its own worst enemy? That every advance or innovation has an equally powerful downside to cancel out the benefits?

Sometimes, in fact, you can't even tell the good side from the bad. It's all just one big mass of conflicting information, products, technologies, agendas, and personalities. Some things even have more than one opposite. And some things actually seem to be their own opposite.

Maybe I was just tired and cranky, but when I started thinking about it, the Web's contradictions, opposites, and mitigating factors just came pouring out. Of course, if we don't recognize the absurdities surrounding us, how can we deal with them? And BUILDER.COM is dedicated to helping make sense of this wacky Web.

on the one hand   on the other hand
content technology
cookies privacy
cool new features that work on 10% of browsers
 cable modems bandwidth envy
 CGI paranoid ISPs
chat rooms pedophiles
consultants consultants
DHTML the <LAYER> tag
DHTML additional development time
DHTML no more page metaphor
 digital cameras grainy pictures
 discussion forums blowhards
 e-commerce credit card fraud
email emoticons
everything is on the Web you can't find it
frames bookmarks
free downloads viruses
great Web design poor screen resolution
 HTML editors spaghetti code
 interface design page design 
 Internet Explorer Netscape Navigator
Internet freedom intranet control
 Java Scott McNealy 
 the Java Virtual Machine loading it
links lawsuits 

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Click Here for Hardware & Software for linux!
Click Here for Hardware & Software for linux!
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