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Are your colleagues a blur to you?  Our aboutface® software is the easiest way to add an employee phone book, facebook, and skills directory to your intranet. Click the picture to try a demonstration, or read on.

You know aboutface is for you, if you have ever...

...walked down the hall at your office and greeted a coworker as "hey, there" or "hi, buddy" because you had no idea what their name was. ...found yourself at your desk, needing help on a project, and felt stuck because you didn't know which of your coworkers to call for help.

If this sounds familiar, then our aboutface employee directory system is the solution for your organization: with names, pictures, skills listings, and even floor plans, it will help everyone in your organization get to know their colleagues -- and their skills and expertise -- better, so that they can all work together more efficiently. Choose from our outsourced (ASP) version or run the software on your own network.

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"AboutFace allows us to get to know one another better and to find the right attorney when one of our clients needs additional help -- so we maximize the services we provide our clients."
- Mark Newall, Director of Human Resources at the law firm Brown, Rudnick, Freed & Gesmer, Boston, MA.

Implementing tools that encourage employees to become more familiar with one another...will invariably lead to a more productive workforce."
Bob Nelson, co-author of Managing for Dummies and 1001 Ways to Energize Employees


"AboutFace is a clever product. The interface is at least as easy to use as your printed phone directory."
- HR Magazine

Are communications within your company sometimes like a comedy routine?  Then read Who's on First? to find out how aboutface can help!  (PDF format)

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