Books on the WW2 jeep

There are a number of books specifically about the WW2 jeep, here are some that I have collected (and quite a few that I don't have!). Where possible, I've estimated a WW2 jeep-content percentage rating for these books, that is, the number of WW2 jeep and related topics pages divided by the number of pages in the book. This value is indicated inside square brackets. The comments on books and magazines marked with a (*) have been kindly and enthusiastically supplied by a very keen jeeper, Dennis Buijs of the Netherlands (, I've included his reviews verbatim. Bill Kish ( reviews a privately published jeep book, marked (#). Hotchkiss M 201 owner Andre Montmartin ( provided the reviews marked (%). David Hatch provided the Arch Brown book photo. Lars-Uwe Rudek ( has provided some missing pictures, and also reviews marked with (=) on some european jeep books. Tibor Farkas ( describes the Verlinden book, marked (&). Maurizio Beretta ( comments on a few books including the italian ministry's jeep manual. Jean-Louis Martin ( wrote good comments, descriptions and pictures for some missing titles and the new Ware book.
Thanks Dennis, Bill, Andre, Tibor, Maurizio, Lars and Jean-Louis for the reviews!
NOTE: I have no connection to any of the following authors, publishers or whatever. Pictures and comments from auction sites are used with permission from their owners.

All-American Wonder

Author: Ray Cowdery
Published: 1986, 1993 by USM, Inc.
USM, Inc.
PO Box 2600
Rapid City, SD
57709-2600 USA
fax (605) 341-5488
Format: Quarto, softcover, 142 and 133 pages
Volume One: ISBN 0-910667-10-1 Volume Two: ISBN 0-910667-20-9

This is a two-volume set, Vol 1 is pages 1 to 142 and Vol 2 is pages 153 to 286. Let me start by saying that if you are restoring an MB or GPW, you *must* have this (well you don't have to, but that's how I feel about it). It really is the most in-depth reference you could find. If you want to know what wires and cables go through what holes in the firewall, or the date on which the spare-tire carrier was changed from three bolts to two bolts, then look no further.

<cover pic> Volume 1 (which was revised in 1993) covers the history from requirements and prototypes by Bantam; the etymology of 'jeep' including a document from Ford on how they 'improved' upon Willys submission. It lists each contract given to Ford and Willys; parts and accessories that were included when shipping; manuals, docs; MB / GPW differences; wiring diagrams and lots of other extremely useful information including drawings and photos. A few drawings of Ford-marked parts are also there (but by no means comprehensive). The 1993 revised edition has some corrections and different photos and is available as a softcover rather than previously hardcover-only one. [100%]

cover pic Noted jeep enthusiast and jeep book author Yasuo Ohtsuka has translated AAW Volume 1 into japanese; the volume is entitled 'THE ART OF THE JEEP 1941-1945'. It is much more extensive than the english version, and contains over 100 colour photographs of jeeps, parts and close-up details, the same or more in extra black and white pictures, and some of Ray's Willys/Ford difference drawings that are not in the english version. Unfortunately this book is long out of print. 183 pages, 21 x 30cm, printed in Japan in 1986. [100%]

<cover pic> Volume 2 continues with post-war distribution of jeeps in Europe; production classification (VEP very early production to PWP post war production); serial number-to-delivery date list for MB and GPW; jeep paintings; a teardown report on swapping Willys and Ford components; colours; jeep models; jerrycan history; hood numbers; commonly missing parts; uncrating instructions. [100%]

USM, Inc have some more WW2 jeep related publications (including excellent reprints) listed here, as well as some other military volumes. They now have an email contact, too! (see above)

Selling the All-American Wonder

<cover pic> Author: Frederic L. Coldwell
Published: 1996 by USM, Inc.
Format: Quarto(?) 27 x 35cm, softcover, 102 pages
ISBN 0-910667-25-X

A brand-new picture book of the advertising that Willys-Overland produced during WW2 and immediately after. It is a large book (bigger than AAW) because each page has a reproduction of those ads with artwork done by James Sessions and others, and text by W-O pretty much claiming they invented the jeep. Has a synopsis on each ad and biographies of the artists. There is also two interesting chapters on Trademark registrations, and the text (5 pages!) of the Federal Trade Commission Decision court battle on complaints against Willys-Overland. And yet another explanation of where the name "jeep" originated! Truly an interesting book - I didn't know that the Go-Devil engine had graphic logos until I saw this. The Sessions prints are also available from the same publisher. The author is a CJ-2 Agrijeep owner and occasionally posts to the ClassicJeep mailinglist! [85%]


<cover pic> Author: Yasuo Ohtsuka; english captions by A.J. Makalintal
Published: 1983 by Hobby Japan Co Ltd.
Format: A4, softcover, 224 pages
ISBN (none)

Probably the best photo book on the jeep with lots of pictures that haven't seemed to have appeared anywhere else. The author recently informed me that only 9000 copies were printed by Hobby Japan and all sold out within 3 years, with no plans to reprint it. However it may be possible that should enough interest be shown, it may reappear in a more expanded 'overseas edition' someday! Jeep enthusiasts can only hope.
The sections and chapters (photo pages) are: jeeps in Italy (6pp); loading jeeps into LST's (3pp) and aircraft (9pp); jeeps in Japan (10pp); russian jeeps (5pp); weapons carriers and MG mountings (14pp); radio jeeps (10pp); ambulance jeeps (22pp); jeeps and trailers (4pp); AAF jeeps (10pp); Follow Me jeeps (7pp); jeep enclosures (14pp); fording and floatation devices (16pp); wire cutter fittings (10pp); damaged and bogged jeeps (4pp); modifications (6pp); armored jeeps (2pp); railroad jeeps (4pp); stretched jeeps (3pp); MT-TUG, Willys MLW and MB-L (5pp); manuals (2pp); GPA (12pp); mechanical features (7pp). There are many other miscellaneous pictures too. It's in japanese but it's a photo book with detailed english captions. If you see it, buy it!! [99%]

JEEPS over the Pacific

<cover pic> Author:Yasuo Ohtsuka
Published: 1994 by Hobby Japan
Format: Quarto, softcover, 184 pages
ISBN 4-89425-039-X C0076 P4800E

The follow-on book by the author of JEEP JEEP JEEP. It focusses just on photos of jeeps used in the Pacific theatre. Chapters are: Jeeps in Australia; jungle usage in New Guinea; jeeps and jeepneys in the Philippines; Pacific Island combat; the Kurogane 4x4 japanese light vehicle; Burma, China, Okinawa; Occupation of Japan; Korean War service. Highly recommended. The book is in japanese but english photo captions are also given. [94%]

JEEPS DOWNUNDER Military Vehicle Journal No. 9

<cover pic> Author: Yasuo Ohtsuka
Published: 1997?
Format: A4, softcover, 74 pages
ISBN (none)

This volume of MVJ is a supplemental issue of 'JEEPS over the Pacific' (above) and features many black & white pictures of jeeps used by the Australians in the Pacific theatre. It has english captions for many of the main photographs. It also covers the japanese Kurogane, type 98 tractor, tankettes and a section on Australian military museums. A few pages are devoted to MB/GPW models such as the Verlinden kit. This issue is now unfortunately out of print. [61%]

MB/GPW JEEPS IN EUROPE Military Vehicle Journal No. 12

<cover pic> Author: Yasuo Ohtsuka
Published: 1998?
Format: A4, softcover, 90 pages
ISBN (none)

A good black & white photographic coverage of jeeps in Italy (10pp), Deep Water Fording kit (7pp), rifle buckets (3pp), jeeps in France (10pp), machine gun mounts (12pp), airborne & MP jeeps, SAS jeeps (4pp), russian lend-lease jeeps including pictures of GPAs in russian rivers (9pp), german-captured jeeps (6pp) plus many more miscellaneous photos I can't categorise. There are no english captions to the pictures. It is in some ways a poor man's 'JEEP JEEP JEEP' book, for want of a better description. Contact Morihisa Ochi ( for details. [98%]


<cover pic> Author: Lizzie & Pat Ware
Published: 1997 by Warehouse Publications, Croydon, England
Format: 21cm square, softcover, 144 pages
ISBN 0-9525563-6-7

What AAW is to jeep restoration, this book is to jeep colour schemes and accessories. A brand-new book, it simply is a huge number of high-quality colour photographs (many close-up) of restored jeeps in the hands of European enthusiasts. As it states in the foreword: 'they are all the same, and yet all different'. It also states with refreshing honesty that the authors make no comment on the authenticity of each vehicle... and there's a lot of them in here. All jeeps shown are practically spotless show-ponies. Where's the mud??!! :) A nice book to have, especially when you're looking for ideas for your dream colour scheme and markings. All photos except for one are of WW2 jeeps. [99%]

JEEP WILLYS MB/FORD GPW in War & Peace Show - Beltring

<cover pic> Author: Masato Ozaki
Published: 16-Aug-1998 by Wheel Nuts, Japan
Format: A4, softcover, 30 pages
ISBN (none)

A similar to the above but more difficult to find photo journal of MBs and GPWs at the annual Beltring show in the UK. All pictures are in colour and most jeeps are heavily bedecked in accessories such as camouflage nets, weapons, boxes, jerrycans etc. (and are all squeaky-clean). I found it interesting in the high proportion of two-bolt tire carriers evident on these jeeps. The captions are in japanese, interestingly however they are all printed on a seperate sheet of paper. Contact Morihisa Ochi ( for details. [99%]

The Military Jeep. Model MB-GPW (#)

<cover pic> Author: Lawrence Nabholtz
Published: privately
Format: A4, landscape, spiral bound, 62 pages
ISBN none, but it has Library of Congress card catalog #96-92132

Bill writes: This is a self-published book with spiral binding, but it's well printed and contains a number of photographs (18) covering each year of the MB and GPW's production. The book is aimed at the restorer or historian who is interested in details and differences as jeep production specifications changed throughout the war. It contains a number of tables including: MB and GPW serial & registration numbers, critical materials, Serial numbers of ACM bodies, Instrument panel details, etc. It's a much shorter list than in AAW, organized by Month and Year, showing the ending serial (and registration) number for each month. Good for a quick reference, but not exhaustive like others that are being developed. Bill purchased his copy direct from Lawrence. The copyright page says that it is a printing of 1000 copies.
Available from Lawrence Nabholtz, POB 1B, Linden TX, 75563. Price is USD $29.95 + $5.00 postage.
My note: I recently acquired this book and it is excellent in terms of identifying MBs and GPWs from each year of production. The Critical Materials section and Unusual and Overlooked Parts sections, Publications sections and other notes are very good, all with the theme of production or introduction date sequences. [100%]

The Jeep

<cover pic> Author: Jean-Gabriel Jeudy, Marc Tararine
Published: 1981 by Haynes Publishing Group, Newbury Park California USA
Format: A4, landscape, hardcover, 272 pages
ISBN 0 85429 584 4

A comprehensive and mostly photo book; some of the chapters are: ancestors of the jeep; history; armament; special jeep models; jeep ambulances; SAS jeeps; the GPA; French Hotckiss jeep rebuilds; jeep imitations. It is a nice coffee table book and has some photos I haven't seen elsewhere, with colour photos depicting UN and French M201's. Also a must have, but not as much as AAW. [83%]

JEEP goes to war

<cover pic> Author: William Fowler
Published: 1993 by Bison Books Ltd, London
Format: Quarto, hardcover, 112 pages
ISBN 1-85842-453-0

Coffee table book with quite a high proportion of colour photographs. Some of the chapters are: Origins; the jeep at war; variations; postwar; the new pretenders; index. Has some colour photos of the post-war russian GAZ 67 B which looks like a bad copy of an MB / GPW. It has pictures I haven't seen anywhere else, such as MacArthur in Korea. In the frontispiece it has what it claims as 'a nicely restored jeep' in WW2 British Airborne markings.. look closely at the photo and you can see the bits welded on, rust bubbles etc, as well as tire pressure markings above the wheels (this was not done until after the war). This book is also issued with a white jacket cover. [73%]

Hail to the jeep

<original cover pic> <cover pic> Author: A. Wade Wells
Published: 1946 by Harper & Brothers, reprinted by EMS Publications, Hong Kong
Format: 22 x 24 cm hardcover original; 23 x 21 cm softcover reprint, 120 pages
ISBN (none)

One of the original books (left picture) on the jeep as a topic in itself, and of historical value. It is written very much a morale-boosting style. The front half of the book is text and covers the jeep in action; ancestors; the standardised jeep; where *they* thought the name 'jeep' came from; rearming a War Horse for Peace. The photo section quality is not as good as other books but I suppose this can be forgiven, being written immediately after the war. Pictures include jeeps in snow, desert; famous people in jeeps; and most interestingly some pictures inside the Willys-Overland factory of jeeps being assembled. Probably the only place you'll find individual pictures of the people who contributed to building the legend including Probst, Herrington, Howie, Gen. Barzynski, Capt. Clement S. Jeep (Jeep family historian and Authority on the jeep). [92%]

Essential Military Jeep

<cover pic> Author: Graham Scott
Published: 1996 by Bay View Books Ltd., Devon, UK
Format: A4, softcover, 80 pages
ISBN 1-870979-76-1

A very new jeep book, and it's all on the WW2 jeep. A good deal of the photos are colour, and of restored jeeps. Covers the pre-war era; Bantam's design and Quad & GP contenders; jeep in detail; jeep variations; jeeps today; post-war existence. The text is easy to read, and some of the B/W photos are not in any other books I've seen. A few things to make the purist wince though, such as a close-up picture of a restored jeep dashboard that has unfortunately mostly repro instruments! However, some useful shots for restorers of an MB chassis and motor. Tibor Farkas notes that the photo on page 55 of this book, of three MP's in a jeep, seems to be fitted with what looks like an electric windscreen wiper. Were these used during WW2? [91%]

Jeep: Warhorse, Workhorse & Boulevard Cruiser

<cover pic> Author: David Fetherston
Published: 1995 by Osprey, Reed International Books, London
Format: A4, softcover, 128 pages
ISBN 1 85532 521 7

A newish jeep book to hit the shelves. It's a photo book and only the first 40 pages are about WW2 jeeps. Nonetheless, the author must have scoured archives around the world for some 'new' photos. A number of them are from the Australian War Memorial photo collection. It has a few good photos on the post-war Willys Jeepster civilian car, and lots of CJ's. [30%]

JEEP Mechanical mule to people's plaything

<cover pic> Author: Henry Rasmussen
Published: 1987 by Motorbooks International Osceola, WI USA
Format: 24 x 24cm, hardcover, 128 pages
ISBN 0-87938-241-4

A photo book with all modern colour photos of restored WW2 jeeps taking up most but not all of the first 33 pages. Has some very nice pics of an unrestored Bantam, and a jeep fitted with the A-frame Tandem Hitch. It has a huge section on jeeps that have been modified with mud tires, rollbars etc. [27%]

Indestructible Jeep

<cover pic> Author: D Denfeld, M Fry
Published: 1973 by Ballantine Books Inc., New York USA
Format: A5, softcover, 160 pages
ISBN (none)

A small but information-filled book. It has a good history section and lots of black and white photographs. Chapters include: variations, 'The most useful motor vehicle we've ever had', and a section on where they thought the name jeep came from. It covers post-war MC's and M38's but then goes back to the WW2 jeep. The final picture in the book is my favourite, even if poor quality- it is a jeep with windscreen down, parked in front of some Spitfires (not a wartime photograph; it was from the film 'Battle of Britain'). [78%]


<cover pic> <cover pic> Author: Michael Clayton
Published: 1982 by David & Charles (Publishers) Ltd., Great Britain
Published: 1993 by Motorbuch, Stuttgart, Germany
Format: A5, hardcover, 125 pages
ISBN 0-7153-8066-4    German version 361301050X

The author drove jeeps whilst in the Reconnaissance Corps during the war. It's a nice book with all b/w pictures; the first half covering requirements, history, etymology of the name, and service in various theatres. A following section has a complete photo list of post-war Jeeps up till the publishing date. A well-restored signals jeep provides the subject for close-ups. The last section is on WW2 jeep restoration and has many valid points. Interestingly, the Appendix has a really great list of esoteric details such as the exhaust valve stem diameter (0.3725"), to carburetor jet diameters (in # drill sizes), to a complete list of the 26 earthing points! [71%]

The Jeep

<cover pic> <cover pic> Author: NV & B.H. Vanderveen
Published: 1970 by Olyslager Organisation (compilation); second printing 1975
Format: 250mm x 190mm, landscape, hardcover, 64 pages
ISBN 0 7232 1264 3

A nice coffee table book with all b/w pictures, it has the first 15 pages covering the Bantam prototype, Willys Quad, Ford GP, up to the Willys MA. Sections of a few pages each then cover the MB, GPW, technical data (with the standard phantom jeep drawing you see everywhere else), GPA, jeep ambulances, airborne jeeps, jeep variants, jeeps in action, jeep production, modifications (eg. 4 wheel steering), civilianised MB's and GPW's, jeepneys, collector's items and jeep developments (up to the M151). In 1975 a reprint with revisions, with a green cover title and spine was issued (right picture), however the print quality is not as good as the original red title/spine printing (left picture). The only revision I could determine was an addition of a Jeep corporation trademark sentence. [97%]

JEEP Collection No.1 1942-1954

<cover pic> Author: Compilation of various articles by R.M. Clarke
Published: 198? by Brooklands Books, Surrey, UK
Format: A4, softcover, 70 pages
ISBN 0 907 073 549

A collection of magazine articles on the jeep from Autocar, Motor, Automotive Digest and others. Nothing much in-depth, but interesting anyway. Some of the articles are: Peeps under Test, Sweethearts of the AEF, Airborne Jeeps, In a jeep on the Western Front. [80%]

Military Jeeps 1941-1945

<cover pic> <cover pic> Author: Compilation of various articles by T. Richards
Published: 198? by Brooklands Books, Surrey, UK
Format: A4, softcover, 104 pages
ISBN 0 946489 61 0

In the same vein as the above book; this has articles such as: American Austin-Bantam, Blitz Buggy from Butler, Seep Story, Willy the Jeep Goes Home, Servicing the Jeep. This has recently been rereleased as 'The WW2 Military Jeep Portfolio' (right picture). [94%]

Off Road Jeeps, Civilian & Military 1944-1971

Author: compilation by R.M. Clarke
Published: Brooklands Books, Surrey, UK
Format: A4, softcover, 100pages
ISBN: 0 946489 83 1
Maurizio writes: There are no articles duplicated from WW2 Jeep Military Portfolio 1941-1945. For further information, see

JEEP (=)

<cover pic> Author: John Havers
Published: 1987 by ISO Publications, London
Format : 21 x 15cm, softcover, 26 pages
ISBN 0-946-784-20-5

This book has 91 black and white photographs of the jeep in all E.T.O.s. Possibly be out of print, it is a very interesting little booklet with many photos which I had not seen elsewhere, but some of these have meanwhile appeared in "JEEP JEEP JEEP" and "JEEPS over the Pacific" (see above). It is similar to ISO's JEEP PICTORIAL (see below) also by J. Havers, however it features different photographs.

Jeep Pictorial

<cover pic> Author: John Havers
Published: 1988 by ISO Publications, 137 Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7HR
Format: 20 x 23cm, softcover, 38 pages
ISBN 0 946784 70 1

A compact little photo book with each page having two exactly half page black and white photos. It would be a good reference for model builders especially those putting a jeep on a diorama. Things you can see are: signals training jeep, ambulance jeeps, german POW's riding on jeeps, RAF/RCAF/NZ/US jeeps and their drivers, chinese and indian jeeps, jeep towing a magnetic sweeper trailer over a runway to remove metal fragments. Minimal descriptions but large photos make up for it. [95%]

JEEP Willys MB, Ford GPW

<cover pic> Author: Przemyslaw Skulski
Published: 1999 by Ace Publications 53-350 Wroclaw 15, ul. Powstancow Sl.50 PO Box 33 Poland
Format: A4, softcover, 30 pages
ISBN 83-86153-94-6

This book has just been published. It has mostly black and white photographs with an 8 page colour centre section of Polish MBs and GPWs. Both original and restored jeeps are featured, including a "walkaround" sequence. I am happy to see that the jeeps photographed are not 'show ponies' but actually have bolts missing here and there and with a nice layer of mud actually look as though they're used! It also covers ambulance jeeps, rocket launcher jeeps, standard configurations and a few pages covering available jeep model kits and photoetch add-ons. The text is in Polish with a summary in english, and is a pretty good effort. It is available from [100%]

JEEP in detail - Willys MA & MB in the first 50 years of service

<cover pic> Author: Frantisek Koran and Jan Mostek
Published: 1999 by Wings & Wheels Publications, PO Box 35, 170 06, Prague 7, Czech Republic
Format: 24 x 23cm, softcover, 84 pages
ISBN 80-902677-0-X

Aimed toward modellers, this is a brand-new photo book with many colour pictures of restored jeeps in Czechoslovakia. It has some unseen b/w wartime Czech jeep pictures (2pp), 50th anniversary of Czech liberation (2pp), wartime liberation pictures (2pp), miscellaneous liberation pictures (4pp), Patton's private jeep (1pp). However its most interesting theme is a complete 'walkaround' sequence of both a Willys MA (24 pp, 97 photographs) and an MB (40 pp, 140 photographs); wireless installations (2pp) plus a number of other pages featuring MB and GPW restoration projects. An informative book. IPMS Norway did a review. The cover mentions this is Volume 1; the recently released Volume 2 covers the M38A1. [100%]


<cover pic> Author: Herbert C. Lanks
Published: 1944 by D. Appleton-Century Company, Inc., New York USA
Format: 17 x 23cm, hardcover, 200 pages
ISBN none

A true adventure during wartime along the Army-built Alaska-Canada Highway, or 'Alcan'. The authors drove 12,000 miles in a Willys MB named Willys through mountains, forests, streams and so forth, capturing the story of the massive effort undertaken in building the road. The jeep towed an MB-T trailer containing their camping gear, as most of the jeep's space was taken up with photographic equipment. The author, an adventurer and war correspondent, carried 6 cameras and took 6000 black and white photographs, 2000 Kodachromes and 12000 feet of cine film on the trip. 81 of the b/w pictures appear in the book, including one of 'Barney' Roos of Willys-Overland giving them some tips on the jeep and its capabilities before they set off.

Africa in a Jeep

<cover pic> Author: Joe Ceurvorst, translated by Mervyn Savill
Published: 1956 by Staples Press Limited, London
Format: 15 x 22cm, hardcover, 206 pages
ISBN none

The authors drove an MB/GPW named Mosquito that had taken part in the Liberation of Paris on a 22000 mile journey from Brussels to Algiers, through the Sahara, Nigeria, the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, the Sudan, Egypt, Libya and back to the starting point. The trip began on May 1st 1949 and finished February 5th 1950. Amazingly, the author had no mechanical knowledge to do more than a tire-change, having complete confidence in his jeep and only learning to drive a year before setting off. An MBT trailer was taken but was such a liability in crossing the Sahara that they abandoned it. They then repacked both people, their dog and all posessions into the jeep alone for most of the trip. There are 35 b/w photographs. It is a translation of the original, L'Afrique en Jeep.

Half-Safe: Across the Atlantic by Jeep

<cover pic> Author: Ben Carlin
Published: 1955 by Andre Deutsch Limited
Format: 14 x 22cm, hardcover, 279 pages
ISBN (none)

A fantastic story about the Australian Ben Carlin who outfitted a Ford GPA amphibious jeep named Half-Safe in the early 1950's and then proceeded to drive it around the world. His journey started in New York, USA then crossed the Atlantic where he did things like valve-grinds etc. in mid-ocean! After reaching the Azores and Africa he drove to Gibraltar, Bordeaux, London, where the GPA was completely rebuilt, then on to Sweden. Truly amazing. You can order this and the sequel directly from the School. Here is some more information on Half-Safe.

The other half of Half-Safe: Around the World by Amphibious Jeep

<cover pic> Author: Ben Carlin
Published: 1989 by Guildford Grammar School Foundation Inc., Western Australia
Format: 15 x 22cm, hardcover, 279 pages
ISBN 0 9598731 1 2

A sequel to the above, this book was published after his death in 1989 by the school he attended. 'Half-Safe' is kept in a museum at the school. The voyage continued from Europe through Asia, Australia, Japan, across the Pacific to Canada and back to Montreal. It includes some revised portions of the original book but also covers the second part of the journey and has lots of photos that weren't in the first book. An article and a good colour photograph of 'Half-Safe' was published in Wheels & Tracks magazine (#53). There are some nice photos on the School's web site as well.


<cover pic> <cover pic> Author: Helen and Frank Schreider
Published: Secker & Warburg, London, 1957 (first edition)
Published: Doubleday & Company Inc., Garden City, NY, 1957 (US edition)
Format: 15 x 22cm, hardcover, 287 pages
ISBN (none)

The authors' first adventure in a rebuilt GPA saved from the scrapyard. They paid $225 for it, but it was not until three years later that they drove it from the town of Circle, Alaska to the world's most southermost town of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego. The trip took eighteen months, often going where there were no roads. They hacked their way through the jungles in Mexico, braved huge surf and island- hopped the Caribbean, and crawled to almost 16,000 feet in the Andes. This first GPA was christened La Tortuga. There are 32 pages of b/w photographs, and pencil drawings by Helen Schreider. The first edition (left picture) has rearranged photos and drawings and is simply titled 'La Tortuga'.

THE DRUMS OF TONKIN An Adventure in Indonesia

<cover pic> Author: Helen and Frank Schreider
Published: Coward-McCann Inc., Madison Ave, NY, 1963
Format: 15 x 22cm, hardcover, 319 pages
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 63-15533

The authors spent 13 months traversing the entire Indonesian archipelago in Tortuga II, another Ford GPA amphibious jeep. The adventure was backed by the National Geographic magazine, and an excerpted article from this book appeared in 1962 (see below). There are 32 pages of photographs, 16 in colour.

From the Hair of Siva: Tortuga II Explores the Ganges

Author: Helen and Frank Schreider
Published: National Geographic magazine, Vol. 118 No. 4, October 1960
Format: magazine article, 59 pages

In Tortuga II (spanish for 'turtle') the authors explored Calcutta, the Ganges, Benares and the Himalayas during a 5-month trip. Interesting reading. They also took their German shepherd along for the ride! The GPA was bought from a WW2 surplus depot and outfitted with a sink, alcohol stove, bunks, storage space and a seat for their dog.

East From Bali by Seagoing Jeep

Author: Helen and Frank Schreider
Published: National Geographic magazine, Vol. 122 No. 2, August 1962
Format: magazine article, 44 pages

The authors drove their outfitted GPA Tortuga II through the Lesser Sundas, a 3000 mile chain of islands that make up Indonesia. Very similar experiences to the Carlins. In the late 1950's they drove from Alaska, USA to Tierra del Fuego, South America, also in an amphibious jeep (see above).


<cover pic> Author: Lieutenant-Colonel Vladimir Peniakoff, DSO MC
Published: 1950 by Pan Books Ltd, London
Format: 11 x 18cm, paperback, 437 pages
ISBN (none)

An exciting true adventure of a small mobile unit operating in North Africa and Italy, sometimes hundreds of miles behind enemy lines. Formed by Peniakoff (nicknamed 'Popski' by his men) he used trucks then moved to using jeeps like the SAS. They roamed the countryside freeing prisoners, destroying installations and material and causing alarm. Popski goes into detail about the tasks he put his jeeps through - river crossings, snapped steering and other mechanical problems, and also having to give the order to scuttle a landing craft full of his jeeps at an aborted nighttime incursion. There are b/w photographs of their jeeps equipped with guns, on patrol, and unloading from a glider. A great book! Visit the Popski's Private Army webpage.


<cover pic> Author: Roy Farran
Published: 1948 by Collins; 1998 by Cassell Military Classics, London
Format: 13 x 20cm, paperback, 340 pages
ISBN 0-304-35084-2

Enthralling true adventures of the Special Air Service in the Middle East, Crete, North Africa and Sicily, Italy, France and Greece during WW2. Although it covers the SAS in general (eg. the first mention of jeeps is on p.156 and thereafter in increasing coverage till the end of the book), it makes many interesting references to SAS jeeps and their usage of them. Two chapters are entitled 'Jeep operation in Italy, 1943 (Parts 1 & 2)'. They had some contact with PPA (see above) and the LRDG. There is some exciting jeep action and interesting descriptions of jeeps being parachuted into the forest drop zones.


<cover pic> Author: Herbert R. Rifkind
Published: 1988 by ISO-GALAGO Publishing Ltd.
Format: 22 x 23cm, hardcover, 112 pages
ISBN 0 946784 95 7

This book has the full title of "The Jeep - Its Development and Procurement under the Quartermaster Corps, 1940-1942". It certainly covers jeep development, procurement and goverment contract details to a fine degree. Chapters are: Origin and Development of the Jeep; Procurement of the Jeep - The fight for Contracts; Two Adaptations of the Jeep: Four-Wheel Steer and Amphibious; The Jeep in the Postwar World; Appendix; Comments. It has 28 b/w photographs. Much of it seems to be from the original 1943 documents from the Office of the Quartmaster General. [94%]

Four Jills in a Jeep

<cover pic> Author: Carole Landis, illustrated by Lily Cushing
Published: 1944 by The World Publishing Company, 2231 West 110th St. Cleveland Ohio USA
Format: 15 x 21cm, hardcover, 180 pages
ISBN none

A morale-boosting lighthearted story about the tours through Bermuda, Portugal, Algiers, Casablanca and England by four female USO entertainers during the war. There's literally no jeep content except for the title and a photograph of the girl troupe sitting in an early/mid series MB. The s/n of this jeep has been partially obscured by the censor. This book was a tie-in with the movie of the same name. [0.5%]

Willy Jeep

<cover pic> Author: Bob Clemens, illustrated by Patricia Windrow
Published: 1943 by Willys-Overland Motors, Inc.
Format: 16 x 24cm, softcover, 19 pages
ISBN none

This illustrated booklet was given as a promotional thank you to children for their bond efforts in WWII. Animated jeep characters have adventures in various theaters of the war, and get to tell their stories to a group of excited jeeps whilst travelling in the cargo hold of a freighter. The Foreword by the President of Willys-Overland mentions that nearly 50000 jeeps were purchased by schoolchildren buying war bonds, and wishes it were possible "for every boy and girl in America to visit our plant and see how the Jeep is built". [100%]

"Watch Me" said the Jeep

<cover pic> Author: Helen Ferris, illustrated by Tibor Gergely
Published: 1944 by Garden City Publishing Co., Inc., New York, USA
Format: 26 x 21cm, landscape, hardcover, 27 pages
ISBN none

A delightful children's book about the adventures of a Private Gilhooley and his talking jeep. He and his jeep come to the aid of a Major, a Colonel and a General when their own cars break down. The jeep pushes them out of mud, and tows them through the air. The frontispiece has the following dedication: "To all the jeeps and jeep drivers everywhere". Interestingly, the 'J' in jeep is capitalised throughout this 1944 book. A simple story to make even big kids smile! [100%]

Jerry the jeep

<cover pic> Author: Edith Thacher Hurd, illustrated by Theodore Friday
Published: 1945 by Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., New York, NY. USA
Format: 27 x 23cm, landscape, hardcover, 34 pages
ISBN none

A story about a jeep that never liked to play in the mud like the other jeeps. Jerry is sent to various places and because he is reluctant to go anywhere he is finally shipped and unloaded on a tropical island. Jerry becomes the charge of a Colonel who flies a P-38 and one night has to drive through mud to get the Colonel to his plane to fight the enemy. Jerry is given a medal for his efforts.


<cover pic> Author: Peggy Griffin Ayers
Published: 1942 by Griffin-Patterson Publishing Co., Glendale Calif. USA
Format: 23 x 16cm, landscape, softcover, 63 pages
ISBN none

This young child's introduction to the jeep is quite rare, only 1000 copies were printed. The book follows the story of a jeep and how he proves himself capable of many tasks. At the end of the book is The Jeep Song with music and words, and a few pages where the child could copy the pictures of a jeep, soldier, sergeant, anti-tank gun, truck and barracks. The owner of my copy attempted all drawings and even drew some B-17's on the end papers for good measure!

Augustus drives a jeep

<cover pic> Author: Le Grand Henderson
Published: 1944 by the Bobbs-Merrill Company, Cornwall Press Inc., N.Y. USA
Format: 18 x 26cm, hardcover, 125 pages
ISBN none

Entertaining children's story about a boy who is determined to return a jeep that contains a mysterious black box. He knows the box contains a military secret so with the help of his friends endeavors to drive it 40 miles to safety to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. Eventually they end up driving interstate, with adventures along the way. Illustrations are by the author.


<cover pic> Author: Peter Guttmacher
Published: 1994 by Crestwod House, Macmillan Publishing Company, New York USA
Format: 16 x 22cm, hardcover, 48 pages
ISBN 0-89686-830-3

A children's book that has covers the development of the jeep, its use in war, the etymology of jeep, postwar usage. Words that appear in boldface are compiled in the glossary. The chapters are: Creatures in the Wild; The Jeep is Born; Calling All Cars; Custom Jeeping; Jeeps on the Job; What's in a Name?; The Jeep Craze Finally Takes Off; Wild Wilderness Beasts; Glossary; Further Reading. [38%]


<cover pic> Author: Fairfax Downey, illustrated by Paul Brown
Published: 1944 by Dodd, Mead & Company, New York USA
Format: 14 x 21cm, hardcover, 150 pages
ISBN none

A novel about a Pfc. Johnny Johansen and the close attachment he has to his jeep. He originally names it Dorothea after his sweetheart, but after being dumped he changes its name to Jezebel. They are sent to North Africa where after wrapping in a tarpaulin she becomes the first jeep to float ashore. They have many adventures together fighting the Vichy French and Germans until the day Jezebel drives over a landmine and is blown to smithereens. Johnny is repatriated and after seeing the remains of his beloved jeep in the hold of the ship he is travelling home on, he meets his new love, a nurse named Jessie Belle. There are 35 line illustrations, mostly of the jeep. It's a very readable jeep story! [100%]

Jenny and the wonderful Jeep

cover pic Author: Sally Scott, illustrated by Beth Krush
Published: 1963 by Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., New York, USA
Format: 17 x 21cm, hardcover, 48 pages, b/w pencil sketches
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 63-9093

The first day of her Spring holiday, young Jenny is disappointed that she's been left out of her brother Billy's trip. However, she soon perks up when she learns her Uncle Pete is coming over, and he's just got an old jeep. They didn't need a road but climbed up hills, bumped over rocks and splashed through a brook... maybe it was going to be a good day after all for her. Quite accurate WW2 jeep sketches and a story that would I think be ideal in getting young kids excited about old jeeps! [100%]

JEEP - The Unstoppable Legend (%)

<cover pic> Author: Arch Brown & the Auto editors of Consumers Guide
Published: 1994 by Publications International Ltd.
Format: 26 x 25cm, hardcover, 240 pages
ISBN 0-7853-0870-9

Chapters: 1. The All-American wonder 2.The Forerunners: 1906-1939 3. The push for standardization: 1940-1941 4. The JEEP goes to war: 1942-1944 5. Post-war plans for Willys: 1945-1952 6. KAISER and the JEEP: 1953-1955 7. Forward control to the forefront: 1956-1962, etc. Appendix: Specifications & Production. [19%]

The American Jeep in War & Peace (%)

<cover pic> Author: Kurt Willinger and Gene Gurney
Published: 1983 by Crown Publishers Inc., New York
Format: softcover & hardcover, 27.5 x 21.5cm, 144 pages
ISBN 0-517-54734-1

This book has 350 black & white illustrations and a foreword by US Army General William C. Westmoreland. The first 61 pages cover WW2 jeeps, jeep cartoons (4 pages), Korean War. Some photos I haven't seen elsewhere. [36%]


cover pic Author: Steve Statham
Published: 1999 by MBI Publishing Company, Osceola, WI, USA
Format: 21 x 27cm, 128 pages, softcover
ISBN 0-7603-0636-2

This book covers the development of the jeep from the Bantam, MA up to modern 1998 models. Some nice photos of restored MB's and GPWs including the MB that was owned by Steve McQueen. The relevant chapter has 23 pictures, 11 of these restored vehicles. Chapters are: Introduction: Global Appeal; Drafted for duty: Jeep's spectacular wartime performance; Recreation boom: The postwar years; Work duty: The trucks; Two generations: The Jeepsters; The spotlight shines brighter: The 1960s, 1970s, and a touch of the 1980s; Modern times: The latest and greatest jeeps; Appendices; Index. [16%]

JEEP Illustrated BUYER's GUIDE

cover pic Author: Jim Allen
Published: 1999 by MBI Publishing Company, Osceola, WI, USA
Format: 19 x 24cm, 224 pages, softcover
ISBN 0-7603-0299-5

Covers jeeps from the Bantam, MB/GPW, AgriJeep to the modern TJ series, with a special emphasis on collectability issues such as investment potential and parts availability. Good jeep history section, and some different photos for a change. The relevant chapters (40 pages / 3 Chapters) are: Preface (collectibles, terminology); Introduction (birth of the jeep, jeepology, pilot models); Prototypes (owning & restoring, MA, BRC-40, GP); WWII jeeps (slat grille MB, stamped grille MB, GPW, Ford vs Willys, rebuilt wartime jeeps, GPA, prototypes, jeep-in-a-crate); Early Civilian Jeeps (CJ-2 AgriJeep, CJ-2A). The remaining 10 chapters cover Jeep vehicles to the present day. [18%]

JEEP From Bantam to Wrangler

cover pic Author: Bill Munro
Published: 2000 by Crowood Press Ltd, Ramsbury, Marlborough, Wiltshire UK
Format: 20 x 25cm, 192 pages, hardcover
ISBN 1 86126 319 8

A great new book that covers some different aspects of the jeep, such as the flying jeeps, jeeps with IR night vision, Ford's patents for the GP headlights and folding windscreen, evolution of the jeep transfer case and other interesting details. The relevant chapters (2, or 43 pages throughout the book) cover history, terminology, timeline, AgriJeep, with some colour pictures of restored vehicles. The remaining 7 1/2 chapters cover post-war Jeep vehicles. Some different jeep pictures are evident and it has a british slant to jeep aspects and usage. [22%]

Classic Jeeps

cover pic Author: John Carroll, photographs by Garry Stuart
Published: 2000 by Salamander Books Ltd. London, UK
Format: 27 x 29cm, 144 pages, hardcover
ISBN 1 84065 078 8

A colourful large-format book that features some beautifully restored vehicles such as Tony Sudds' BRC-40 and GP, and a selection of MB's and GPW's in various guises (probably taken at Beltring?). Some pictures are two-page spreads and are very nice. The chapters are: Introduction; War Babies; World War II; The Postwar Years; The Vietnam War; Changing Times; Wranglers and Cherokees; Glossary; Bibliography; Index. Mentions AgriJeeps but could not find a reference to WO's Jeepsters or Mules, but covers famous jeep adventurers. Interestingly, some of this book's text reads somewhat similar to that of this web page :)

The Jeep - Old soldiers never die

<cover pic> Author: Doug Stewart
Published: Smithsonian Institution magazine, Volume 23 Number 8, November 1992
Format: magazine article, 10 pages
ISSN Smithsonian 0037-7333

A very good 'potted history' of the development of the jeep, the celebrities and brass who used it, recollections of Ernie Pyle, Bill Mauldin. It has an especially interesting number of anecdotes of jeeps going where mules wouldn't and the uses the jeep could be put to, such as being hauled up a narrow stairwell on its side to power an italian olive press on the second floor! Bill Mauldin's famous cartoon of a distressed soldier putting his crippled jeep out of its misery is on the cover of this issue. [96%]

Only in a Jeep (*)

<cover pic> Author: Jean Gabriel Jeudy
Published: Massin Editeur
Format: 24 x 31.5cm, 192 pages
ISBN 2-7072-0182-0

This book tells the story of 50 years of the Jeep and includes 548 photos of which are 138 in color. It covers the history of jeep since its birth until now.

Jeep - Toute L'Histoire (=)

<cover pic> Author: Jean Gabriel Jeudy
Published: Editions E.P.A., Paris 1984
Format: 19 x 13cm, 36 pages
ISBN 2-85120-225-1

No. 35 of the series L'histoire des grandes marques automobiles, the book seems to be like a pocket edition of the Jeep book by Jeudy and Tararine (see above). It covers the history from the prototypes until the civilian models of 1984. 10 pages are dedicated to the MB/GPW and GPA. [28%]

La Jeep (*)

cover pic Author: Jaques Borge and Nicolas Viasnoff
Published: 1974 by Editions Balland
Format: 13.5 x 21cm, 160 pages
ISBN 2-7158-0013-4

The book has 150 photos and is filled with stories on jeeps, including jeep adventures, humour, the human side of the jeep. This book is no longer available. Lars adds: This may be the book "La Jeep en 300 histoires" by Borge-Viasnoff, (Balland), The title "The Jeep in 300 stories" suggests however to be interesting reading.
Jean-Louis confirms Lars' comment. He adds that he bought this book in 1974 when he was 12, and credits it with starting his jeep passion!

M201 The Hotchkiss M201 and the story of the french jeep

cover pic Author: Pat Ware
Published: 2000 by Warehouse Publications, Croydon, England
Format: 21 x 26cm, 92 pages
ISBN ????

DATAFILE 5: M201 tells the story of the M201, JH101, JH102, HWL, Delahaye VLR-D, Peugeot RL series. Chapter 1 covers the military and civilian jeep in France; Chapter 2 the development of the M201 as an MB/GPW replacement with photos showing the difference between the M201 and the MB/GPW. Chapter 3 covers technical specifications including drawings. Chapter 4 is useful information for M201 owners. 160 photographs, 4 colour pages of 18 pictures of restored M201's. I don't have this book yet, the above is from the catalogue.

Jeep, etude technique et practique (*)

Published: French Ministry of Defense, Libraire de l'armee
Format: 21 x 27cm, 50 pages
ISBN ????
Very hard to get book concerning military Willys and Ford jeeps. Treats the subjects of technical data, parts and advice.

Jeep Express, Java-Holland (*)

Author: Jan Glissenaar
Published: 1951 by Scheltens en Giltay in Amsterdam
Format: 18 x 25 cm, hardcover, contains two maps + bw photos, 240 pages
ISBN: none
Written by one of the travellers, the journey started on the 3rd of May 1950 and ended with their arrival in the Netherlands on the 2nd of December 1950. The 3 men drove 25000 km in their jeep, crossing 3 continents and 18 countries. The route took them through India, Pakistan, Persia, Israel, Egypt, Sicily, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium and finally The Netherlands. They bought the jeep for 1200 Dutch guilders at the time and they also had a Bantam trailer to carry their camping gear in. The book has some black and white photos taken during the trip (one shows the jeep stuck in desert sand) and contains two maps showing the route they followed.


Author: Stig Edquist
Published: Frank Stenvalls Förlag
Format: ?
ISBN ????
Lars writes: This book is in Swedish. No further details, but I remember having seen it in a book shop in London. I did not buy it, so it may not be so interesting as others. For further details one could send an email to the Swedish Military Vehicle club, at and email This may be the book "Jeepen en Sverige" possibly?

JEEP 1940-45 - Bilder Daten Dokumente (=)

<cover pic> Author: Emile Becker
Published: 1984
Format: 14 x 21cm, 172 pages
ISBN: private print, thus no ISBN No.

This book features mainly photographs and sketches, only limited text in French and German, and is out of print. It would be best described as a forerunner of Becker's new book (see below) which appeared in 1994, which is basically an edited, reviewed and expanded version of this 1984 book. It does however include some private photographs of jeeps in the ETO, also captured jeeps by Germans, not shown anywhere else and unfortunately omitted in the 1994 edition. It also has diagrams of the parts in the T-1 Air Compressor, 1945 Converto trailer, Capstan winch attachment diagrams and a number of other items missing in the later version.

JEEP: Bantam-Willys-Ford: 1940-1945

<cover pic> Author: Emile Becker and Guy Dentzer
Published: 1994, printed by G. Willems, Dudelange
Format: 15 x 21cm, 468 pages, A5, softcover
ISBN: none (hard to believe for a new book, but true)

I only recently acquired this book. Let me say, it is very, very good. The text is in French but is easy to figure out. It is directed at the same audience (restorers) as AAW and many sections go into even more detail than it (and some in less detail unfortunately). For example, 8 pages on nomenclature & shipping plates ; 2 pages on jeep shovels; 8 pages on the capstan winch; 4 pages on jerrycans; 6 pages on fire extinguishers and delousers; 30 pages(!) on radio installations in jeeps, and these are just some of the many items covered. It has a detailed 50-page section on F-markings ; railway usage (with technical drawings!), trailers, Tandem Hitch. Exotic jeep additions described: Cross-Country Kit, Winterization Field Kit, Cable Reel Unit, Primer Kit, Blanket Kit, De-Icing Kit and others. It has more than 1,500 illustrations with original technical extracts in English. It includes archive photos and pictures of preserved examples. A truly brilliant complement to AAW Vols 1 & 2, and just as essential. Available from Chris Evans Books and other MV publishers. [100%]

Vehicles militaires de collection (%)

Author: Emile Becker
Published: 1986
Format: 15 x 21cm, 274 pages, softcover
ISBN ????
Text in german, with technical extracts in french. There is generally 1 page per vehicle with some having supplemental pages with b/w illustrations. It has a large coverage of WW2 vehicles, with jeep content: Bantam 40 BRC 1pp; Willys MA 2pp; MB slat grille 3pp; MB standard 4pp; Ford Pygmy 1pp; Ford GP 2pp; Ford GPW standard 2pp; Ford GPA 2pp.

'Quarter Ton' the story of the quarter ton, 4x4, utility in British military service, 1941-1958

cover pic Author: Pat Ware
Published: 199? by Warehouse Publications, 5 Rathbone Square, Tanfield Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 1 BT, England
ISBN 0-9525563-2-4
Format: 210x260mm, 224 pages

Jean-Louis writes: This book tells the story of the WW2 jeep, the Land Rover series 1 (surely the most flattering jeep imitation of all!) and the Austin Champ, all of which served with the british Army in the fifties. The text describes the development and production of each type of vehicle, describing the variants which were produced, and the uses to which they were put in service. There is a full list of contracts, together with details of the numbers of vehicles produced. Each section also includes a full technical description, as well as giving a list of technical manuals and suggested further reading. Illustrated with 310 period black and-white photographs and 48 full-colour pictures of vehicles in the hands of private collectors. About 75 pages are devoted to the jeep. Their website is [33%]

La Jeep de mon Pere

Author: Jean Patrick Andre'
Published: 1998 E-T-A-I 20, rue de la Saussiere 92100 Boulogne, France
Format: landscape, 24,5 X 22 cm, hardcover, 120 pages
ISBN 2 7268 8368 0

Maurizio writes: This book is in French, about the jeep history, with a strong eye wiew on french matter. You can contact the publisher on 01 46992424 or fax: 01 48255692

WARMACHINES Plus Volume 1 #736 (&)

cover pic cover pic Author: Willy Peeters
Published: 1992 by VERLINDEN PUBLICATIONS NV, Ondernemersstraat 4, KMO-Zone Mallekot, B-2500 LIER/BELGIUM
Format: 22 x 24cm, 36 pages, softcover
ISBN none

Paraphrased cover notes: The cover shows a Belgian-restored Dodge WC-52. The title page (right picture) shows two 1/4-Ton light utility trucks, better known as 'Jeeps', sitting side by side on Schaffen airfield, home of the Belgian Paratroopers Regiment. Red/white license plates are mandatory for all vintage crafts while crossing Belgian roads. The placard on the radiator grille is a souvenir from a previous D-Day Memorial Day. Tibor's opinion is that the jeep section of this book is not very significant (6 jeep pages, 1 trailer page); it shows one beautifully restored jeep with a .50 cal MG however the other two jeeps have been restored wrongly. [19%]

JEEP 1942-86 (=)

<cover pic> Author: Walter Zeichner
Published: 1987 by Schrader-Motor-Chronik, Munich
Format: 20 x 21cm, 95 pages
ISBN 3-922-617-29-8

This book mainly concentrates on the civilian models with only one picture of a wartime MB, resting in a backyard of a collector. However, it is apart from a translation of the Clayton and Ackerson books and the well illustrated but scarcely the text contained in the Becker books, the only Jeep book in German. It is worthwhile noting because of the appendix which includes a list of toy models, but unfortunately does not specify the exact type (MB, CJ etc.)

Standard Catalog of U.S. Military Vehicles 1940-1965

<cover pic> Author: Thomas Berndt
Published: 1993, revised 1995 by Krause Publications 700 E.State St, Iola, WI, USA
Format: 22 x 28cm, 272 pages, hardcover
ISBN 0-87341-223-0

A good general overview of about 250 wheeled, tracked and amphibious MVs focusing mainly on WW2 vintage. It has a large number of all black & white photographs, a history and technical overview per vehicle, and a rough price guide in USD for a vehicle in various states of condition. The book starts with the BRC (2pp), GP (1.5pp), MA (.5pp), MB (2.5pp), GPW (3.5pp). [4%]

JEEP - FORD GPW - S/N 242581

<cover pic> Author: Sachio M. Yajima
Published: 1997(?) by 4x4 Magazine, 17-14 Uehara 1 chome, Shibuya, Tokyo, 151 Japan
Format: 28 x 30cm, 132 pages, serialled, in wooden box
ISBN ????

I haven't seen it but can only paraphrase the comment in Wheels & Tracks #61. The owner, Kiyoshi Shiraishi, took 10 years to restore a late-production December 1944 GPW. It apparently has 'the maximum number of F-script parts'. Produced on the 20th anniversary of 4x4 Magazine in Japan, it features numerous photographs, the narrative is in Japanese with an English translation. It says it's not cheap! Enquiries fax: +81 3 3485 9695.
Lars writes: Unfortunately this book does not show the vehicle before restoration; however the Japanese version of All-American Wonder features photos of the GPW S/N 242581 prior to its 10-year restoration. It still had the original data plates on it -the true Jeep identity- and I feel they should not have been replaced with reproduction ones on the restored vehicle, even if they might not have fitted the appearance of the "better as new" restored vehicle.

THE JEEP 1/4-ton 4x4 Command Reconnaissance Truck (poster)

<poster pic> Artist: Peter Hutton
Published: 1972 by Blitz Publications Limited
Format: 58cm w x 43cm h
ISBN: none

This is a fairly common jeep poster from back in the early 1970's. It has been reprinted many times. It features a profile of a jeep, with the text at the top side giving some jeep history, and columns of Technical Data at the bottom. The poster appears to be part of a series, as it is labelled "Technical Instruction Sheet J-1". It looks great hanging on the wall!. This picture is also reproduced on t-shirts.
Lars writes: other Tech. sheets in this series feature A Dodge Command Car WC, a Half-Track (M16?) and a German 08-Pistol. They might be still available from the MVT Club Shop (contact as I believe one MVT member holds the copyright.

Plaistow Pictorial Fact Sheet Number 17 JEEP (poster)

<poster pic> Artist: compiled by Bart Vanderveen of Wheels & Tracks magazine
Published: ? by Plaistow Publications 3 New Plaistow Rd London E153JA England
Format: ????
ISBN: none

A large poster with 29 pictures of jeep models laid out in chronological order, from the Bantam to the CJ8. The standard 'phantom MB' picture takes up most of the lower left part of the poster, and technical details in the upper right.


<poster pic> Artist: Yasuo Ohtsuka, produced by Roy Van Wicklin
Published: 1985 by 4WD BY VAN, Calabasas, California, USA
Format: 81cm w x 59cm h
ISBN: none

A rather rare poster with cartoon vehicle illustrations by the author of JEEP JEEP JEEP. It shows a trail of jeeps: prototype Bantam, pre-production Bantam, Ford Pygmy, Willys Quad, Bantam BRC 40, Ford GP, Willys MA, Slat-grille MB, Ford GPA, MB/GPW, M38, M606, M38A1, M170, Mighty Mite, M151A1 Mutt, M151A2 Mutt, Hummer. A caption in the lower left reads: "THE JEEP... A CONCISE HISTORY Being a pictorial history of the world's greatest fighting vehicle". A caricatured 'Follow Me' jeep is in the top left.

Kaiser jeep Identification wall poster

Published: G&S; Publications, P. O. Box 246, Wellborn, TX 77881 USA
Format: 61cm w x 91cm h
It shows a picture and brief description of each jeep made. There are 27 different models on this poster including the military jeep models. Reprints available from

Technical Manuals for the Willys MB and Ford GPW

TM-10-1186 Master Parts List for Willys Trucks and Trailers

<cover pic> Author: Willys-Overland Motors, Toledo, Ohio, USA
Published: June 1942, changed July 1, 1943
Format: A4, softcover, 195 pages
ISBN 0-910667-11-X (reprint from USM, Inc)

If you have tried to get hold of the rare Standard Nomenclature List (SNL) for the MB/GPW, then rejoice... the next best thing is the Master Parts List, which has been reprinted by USM. (Note: the publisher also has SNL G-658 Ford Master Parts List, but this 730 page tome covers allcars and trucks Ford made for the US Army). This book is one huge list of every single part that went into the jeep, including every nut, bolt, washer and fuel line clip! Quoting the Preface: This Master Parts List has been compiled in accordance with specifications and we have endeavored to provide a concise tabulation of every serviceable part in such a manner that model, part number, name, illustration, quantity per car or price may be readily located". The book is in 3 main groups: 1. Alphabetical Index alphabetical list, when the name of the part is known; Government Group Number follows the description. 2. Government Group Section Each Govt Group No represents a certain section eg. 01 Engine Group, 06 Electrical Group etc. and further division into sub-groups eg. 0101 Cylinder Block. 3. Numerical Index Includes all part #'s in the Group Section in numerical order followed by an abbreviated description, Govt Sub-Group Number and list price (for the 1940's unfortunately!) This manual has many more exploded diagrams and half-tone assembly photos than TM-803, TM-1803.

TM-10-1512 PARTS LIST for Willys Truck Model MB 1/4 ton 4x4

<cover pic> Author: Willys-Overland Motors, Toledo, Ohio, USA
Published: Change No. 2; April 1, 1943
Format: A4, softcover, 126 pages

This manual is similar to the SNL, however it does not list nearly as many Ford part# equivalents and has half the pages. Most subassemblies are shown and all Willys parts listed. The sections (Government Groupings) are identical to the SNL (see below), from 01-Engine through to 023-General Use, Standardised Parts.

TM-10-1512 PARTS PRICE LIST for Willys Truck Model MB 1/4 ton 4x4

<cover pic> Author: Willys-Overland Motors Inc., Toledo, Ohio, USA
Published: Change No. 1; April 15, 1942
Format: 18 x 23cm, card cover with brass rivets, 39 pages

This price list has the same TM number as the Parts List (above) but is a different manual. It has no diagrams, just a columnar format with the Willys part no., Ford part no., Gov't Group, Description, list price and minimum and maximum discount price. The bottom of each page states "Prices subject to change without notice" and "Items Marked (x) are interchangeable on Models MA and MB". How I wish these prices were current!

TM-10-1513 Maintenance Manual for Willys Truck 1/4-ton 4x4

<cover pic> Author: Willys-Overland Motors, Toledo, Ohio, USA
Published: March 1942, changed May 15, 1942
Format: A4, softcover, 154 pages
ISBN 0-910667-16-0 (reprint from USM, Inc)

The actual Willys technical manual. Covers unloading from crates and freight cars, driver's instructions, nomenclature plates, lubrication chart and periodic inspection index, engine teardown and rebuild, engine specifications, valve timing, clutch, fuel system, cooling system, electrical system, transmission disassembly/assembly, transfer case, diffs, steering, brakes, suspension, and a Troubles and Remedies section. A section on the body tells you how the chassis can be straightened; or the axe and shovel attached properly. It has a comprehensive and complete 8-page list including 2 pages of photos of the tools that were needed. USM, Inc. has for interest's sake attached the russian-language edition of the maintenance manual which is 18 pages in itself. This bit covers just enough to keep the jeep running, I should think!

TM-10-1349 Maintenance Manual for Ford Truck 1/4-ton 4x4

<cover pic> Author: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan, USA
Published: September 1942, changed June 15, 1943
Format: A4, softcover, 143 pages (reprint)

The Ford version of the Willys maintenance manual.


<cover pic> Author: War Department, United States of America War Office, USA
Published: 22 February 1944
Format: 15 x 22cm, softcover, 244 pages

This small-format maintenance manual superseded TM-10-1349 and TM-10-1513 in early 1944. It covers Operating instructions, maintenance, lubrication, engine removal and installation, ignition, fuel and exhaust, cooling, starting, generating, lighting, clutch, transmission, transfer case, axles, brakes, steering, body, frame, radio suppression, shipping.
Lars writes: A friend of mine has an original TM9-803 in German, dated February 1944 - I guess it was intended for German POWs working on US Army vehicles as they were driving them occasionally for their captors even in captivity.

TM 9-1803A Engine and Engine Accessories For 1/4 Ton 4x4 Truck (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW)

<cover pic> Author: War Department, United States of America War Office, USA
Published: 24 February 1944
Format: 15 x 23cm, softcover, 80 pages

This manual covers engine description and data, engine removal, disassembly into sub-assemblies, cleaning, inspection, repair, assembly of sub-assemblies, assembly of engine, installation, fits and tolerances; clutch assembly; references and index. This manual supersedes the Quartermasters 10-series manuals (above).

TM 9-1803B Power Train, Body, and Frame for 1/4 Ton 4x4 Truck (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW)

<cover pic> Author: War Department, United States of America War Office, USA
Published: 8 April 1944
Format: 15 x 22cm, softcover, 148 pages

This manual is divided into the following sections: Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION; Chapter 2 POWER TRAIN: power train description, transmission, transfer case, propeller (drive) shafts and universal joints, front axle, rear axle, fits and tolerances; Chapter 3 BODY AND FRAME: springs and shock absorbers, steering gear and drag link, body, frame, fits and tolerances; Chapter 4 SPECIAL TOOLS; REFERENCES; INDEX.

ORD 9 SNL G-503 (Standard Nomenclature List No. G-503) List of All Parts (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW)

<cover pic> Author: Headquarters, Army Service Forces, Washington 25, D.C.
Published: 15 February 1945
Format: 20 x 27cm, softcover, 284 pages

The complete list of every single part of a WW2 jeep (I could not find the grease-gun bracket though!). It has exploded diagrams of every subassembly (many more than TM-10-1512, TM 9-803 or TM 10-1349 for example). Both Ford and Willys part#s are given. The manual covers the following standardised government groupings: 01-Engine; 02-Clutch; 03-Fuel; 04-Exhaust; 05-Cooling; 06-Electrical; 07-Transmission; 08-Transfer case; 09-Propeller shaft and universal joint; 10-Front axle; 11-Rear axle; 12-Brake; 13-Wheels, hubs and drums; 14-Steering; 15-Frame and brackets; 16-Spring and shock absorber; 17-Hoods, fenders, apron; 18-Body; 20-Winch; 21-Bumpers and guard; 22-Miscellaneous body, chassis and accessory; 23-General use standardised parts; 26-Radio.

TM-10-1348 PARTS LIST 1/4 TON 4x4 Model GPW Contract# 398 to 11424

<cover pic> Author: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan, USA
Published: April 10, 1942
Format: 22 x 28cm, softcover, 108 pages

List of parts and prices for the GPW. The groupings are 0100 Engine; 0200 Clutch; 0300 Fuel System; 0400 Exhaust; 0500 Cooling; 0600 Electrical; 0700 Transmission; 0800 Transfer case; 0900 Propeller shaft; 1000 Front axle; 1100 Rear axle; 1200 Brakes; 1300 Wheels; 1400 Steering; 1500 Frame; 1600 Springs; 1700 Hoods, fenders; 1800 Body; 2100 Bumpers; 2200 Misc. body; 2300 General use; 2500 Bearings. This typed manual has diagrams not present in the SNL such as s/n of body trim, chassis fixtures and others.

TM-10-1281 BANTAM Parts list and Maintenance manual

<cover pic> Author: American Bantam Car Company, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA
Published: September 20, 1942
Format: A4, softcover

Manual for the Bantam trailer, Model T3 1/4 ton, 2 wheel. Contract number W-2425-QM-672.


<cover pic> Author: Utility Trailer Works, Inc., Montgomery, Alabama USA
Published: ????
Format: ??, softcover

WW2 U.S. Army Jeep Trailer Technical Instruction which was used in conjunction with Techical Manual 10-1281 and Standard Nomenclature List SNL G-529. Includes photo view of jeep trailer, crate contents list, crate removal, trailer reassembly and check out, and the trailer electrical diagram.

FORM 3679-1 Instructions for Unpacking & Assembly of a Boxed Vehicle

<cover pic> Author: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan, USA
Published: ??
Format: A4, softcover, 8 pages

Ford's instructions for uncrating the GPW and assembling the semi knocked-down vehicle.

TM-1100 Ford GP jeep Parts List

<cover pic> Author: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan, USA
Published: March 1941
Format: A4, softcover, 66 pages
ISBN 0-910667-17-9 (reprint from USM, Inc)

The complete part listing for Ford's GP prototype jeep with 35 exploded views of components.

The Military JEEP Complete* (*All 3 technical manuals in Full)

<cover pic> <cover pic> <cover pic> <cover pic> Compiler: Dan R. Post
Published: 1971 by Post-Era Motor Books, Arcadia CA 91006 USA
Format: A5, hardcover, 511 pages

This is a compilation of the three technical manuals issued by the US War Department:
TM9-803 1/4 ton 4 x 4 truck (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW)
TM9-1803A Engine and Engine Accessories for 1/4 ton 4 x 4 truck (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW)
TM9-1803B Power Train, Body, and Frame for 1/4 ton 4x4 truck (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW)
Short of getting hold of the original manuals (see above) this book has all the information you need to fix a WW2 jeep. Post has added a comprehensive index that spans all the volumes (which still have their own indexes). A variation of this book is also available in softcover (second picture) and is titled "The WW2 Military Jeep Manual", published by Brooklands Books. Other volumes (still available?) from Post are ones for the Bantam BRC, Ford GP and Willys MA (see below). Yet another version of the technical manual was published by Ames Publishing in 1963 (third picture). An abridged version by Clymer Publications was issued in 1971, reprinted 1981 (right picture) and there are probably others.
Note: TM 9-803 is available in its entirety online at NARA; search for "TM 9-803".
Note 2: TM 9-803 is now available on CDROM (see below).


<cover pic> Author: Willys-Overland, reprint by Post-Era motor Books
Published: 1941, 1971 reprint
Format: 6" x 9", 128 pages
This is the reprinted manual from Post-Era books for the MA. It is a 1971 reprint of the original manual. It has around 300 pictures and illustrations in it.

Technical Manual 1/4 ton truck (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW)

<cover pic> Author: Department of the Army
Published: Changes No 1 17 May 1950, updates revision of 22 February 1944
Format: A5, paper + card cover, 51 pages
Document: TM 9-803 *C1

A small booklet which is an update for the TM. It covers modifications such as the rotary light switch, lubrication order, internal band handbrake, railcar shipping, preventing enemy usage.

Istruzione sull'impiego e la manutenzione dell'autovetturetta Ford e Willys GPW "Jeep" 1/4 Ton. 4x4

Author: none
Published: 1948 Ministero della Difesa Stato maggiore dell'Esercito Ispettorato Generale della Motorizzazione
Format: 20,5 X 14,5cm, softcover, 72 pages
ISBN: none (but it has the internal n. 4764)

Maurizio writes: This is a useful booklet edited by the Italian defence ministry in 1948, at the end of the war: as you know, many US vehicles were left in Italy as "Marshall Aid". This booklet reviews, in italian language, maintenance and use tips for both GPW and Willys. There are 4 parts: general characteristics, systems, vehicle driving, maintenance.

Austrian Army TM manuals (=)

The Austrian Army received many US Surplus vehicles in the 1950s. They issued their own manuals in German which were based on the US TMs, but also included much additional information and Austrian alterations. They are available as xerox copies from MS-Overland Store, Hünenburg 12a, 48165 Münster, Germany, Fax +49 2501-25232 or email These 3 booklets are titled:

Hotchkiss M 201 Parts Lists MAT-3541 / CAT 4584

These are also available from MS-Overland (see above).

Judging Standard and Restoration Guide 1/4-Ton 4x4 Ford GPW 1942-1945 (=)

<cover pic> Author: Bill Kish and Lloyd White
Published: 1998, revised March 1999 by MVPA PO Box 520378, Independence, MO 6405 USA
Format: A4, softcover, 44 pages; revised version 46 pages
ISBN none

This 44 (later 46) page booklet was written by experts on the subject and contains much information and many facts on the GPW from various sources (eg. articles from the MVPA publication ARMY MOTORS, AAW Volumes1 & 2 and the Nabholtz book). One might argue with the opinion to evaluate restored GPWs with reproduction F-marked parts higher than maybe an original vehicle missing the odd part, but it is the most complete and well edited authority on what is correct for a GPW. If you want to get it right, this guide is essential. It is available for 15 USD from the MVPA at or email

WWII Willys-Overland MB Manufacturing Print Sets (engineering blueprints)

PHOTO: blueprint PHOTO: blueprint PHOTO: blueprint Format: 3 separate 1/4 scale prints, each are 22 x 38 inches (56 x 97cm)
Author: Willys-Overland, completely redrawn by USM, Inc.

In All-American Wonder, you get to see part of the blueprint of the side profile of an MB. I wondered what had happened to the full set and here they are. The blueprints are extremely detailed redrawings of the original 1/4 scale prints on good paper, from the July 1945 production. The sheets detail part numbers for many components including hood bows and wooden parts; also precise measurements are given for things such as clutch and brake pedal travel (5.718 inches in case you need to know). The three sheets are: 1. Side view chassis print with phantom body. 2. Top view chassis print with phantom body. 3. Front and rear view chassis print with phantom body. The drawings are sent in a protective tube. I would definately recommend any jeep enthusiast to get these - they are fantastic!
USM, Inc. also have some things that WW2 jeep owners love to go with items such as jeep posters, models and other memorabilia - commemorative jeep stamps! The stamps are in sheets with 36 to a sheet, and it goes into a picture frame very nicely. There is a small blurb on jeep history at the top and bottom of the stamp grid. Also, colour reprints of James Sessions jeep pictures are in an 8 print set, ISBN 0-910667-08-X and are 10 x 12.5" (25 x 32cm)

Instruction Book, Driving and Maintenance, for Trucks 1/4 Ton (U.S.A.)

<cover pic> Author: Australian Military Forces, Aust. Survey Corps
Published: July 1944, changed June 15, 1943
Format: A5, paper + card cover, 40 pages
Document: L.H.Q./MISC/6477

This little manual was prepared for the Australian Forces using the jeep, and has the following contents: Scope and Purpose, General Description, General Specification, Driver's Routine Maintenance, General Operating Instructions, Appendices. It has a lubrication schedule, types of trailers in use with the Truck 1/4 ton and some blank pages at the end for notes.

Magazines, Periodicals, Videos and Software that cover WW2 jeeps

Military Vehicles Magazine

Articles, ads and information about military jeeps, tanks, trucks, scout cars, DUKWs, Humvees, Ferrets, motorcycles and other related interesting things. For enthusiasts, collectors, off-roaders, construction companies or anyone interested in buying or using MV's. They now have a new editor who has had the foresight to set up a web page at:
Military Vehicles
12-W1 Indian Head Road
Morristown, NJ 07960

Wheels & Tracks - The international review of military vehicles

Battle of Britain Prints International Ltd
Church House, Church Street
London E15 3JA England
ph. 0181-534 8833 Fax: 0181-555 7567


MVPA, the Military Vehicle Preservation Association, publishes ARMY MOTORS (a quarterly journal of technical and historical information) and SUPPLY LINE (a bimonthly magazine with hobby and real-world news and many classified and display ads for parts and vehicles). There is also a 450-page MVPA Directory with alphabetic and geographic listings of members and complete vehicle listings by make, model, and year.
Contact: Jerry Cleveland, SUPPLY LINE editor at

Military Vehicle Digest

The Military Vehicle Digest hopes to bring you the latest in Military Vehicle News.

Auto Collection No. 23(*)

cover pic Edited by Auto Collection
Société de Presse Automobile et de Loisirs
48-50 Bd Sénard
92210 Saint-Cloud

Dennis Buijs writes:
Recently I bought a French car magazine called "Auto Collection" which is edited by La Societe de Presse Automobile et Loisirs in France. Unfortunately I do not know the full address of the publisher. Issue number 23, July-August 1994, is devoted to the WW2 jeep. All 35 pages of this magazine are filled with any kind of information on, and photographs (in black and white as well as color) of the one and only jeep. The photos are of high quality and some are rare.
One photo shows Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna sitting in a toy jeep at the age of four. Other photos concern the railway jeep, the SAS jeep, the GPA amphibious jeep, a Long Wheel Base jeep designed to carry 10 US Coastguard troopers, jeeps in Lebanon, a jeep with an aircraft canopy as top, jeeps crossing a wild river and jeeps in civil duty. Chapters of the magazine are devoted to: history of the jeep, books and toys related to jeeps, jeeps in art, jeep rallies, jeeps in civil use, technical data of the jeep, jeep propaganda/promotion leaflets, jeep variations and imitations, production numbers and a story on the driving behaviour of the jeep. The magazine also includes a good cut-away drawing of the jeep. Some characteristic parts are highlighted by detailed photos and an explanation on their function and use.
The magazine also tells the story of jeep champagne. In 1944 the french wineproducer Armand Gourtorbe living in Damery-en-Champagne returned from the war as a disabled. He could hardly walk and as a result had difficulty with his work. The french government permitted him to buy a jeep, so this could transport him around his vineyard, so he could continue his work. Jeeps were still restricted to government use at that time. Grateful to the jeep, Armand called his champagne "Jeeper" from that time. What a tribute!
Jean-Louis adds: This book is still available in France, the price is 35 Francs.

WW2 jeep Calendar for 1997

Entitled '"From Bougainville to Borneo" 1997 Calendar', it is a pictorial tribute to the jeep and Australian Military Forces in the South West Pacific during WW2. I haven't seen a similar 1998 WW2 jeep calendar yet, but you could ask at this address if there is one.

Model Graphix magazine #8 August 1998

This issue of the japanese model magazine has a few pages entitled "MV Backyard" which features photographs of the Smithsonian National Museum Models 1/8 scale Willys MB produced in limited numbers a few years ago. Two other jeep models are shown for comparison, the 1:20 Tamiya slatt-grille MB and a built-up Mitsuwa 1:20 jeep. The Smithsonian model has detail such as the grease gun under the bonnet. The magazine also has an advertisment for a new Windoze/Macintosh CD-ROM entitled 'Military 4x4 Graffiti' that apparently has some jeep information as well as other military vehicle data. Produced with the assistance of 'JEEP JEEP JEEP' author Yasuo Ohtsuka (or possibly written by him?), it costs ¥9800. More information, if you can read japanese, at

Model Graphix magazine #166 September 1998

This issue has a two-page spread of a diorama titled 'MV Garage'. The diorama is a workshop with an Italeri 1/24 jeep being worked on. The body is off the chassis. A very nice touch is the posters on the walls, they are scaled down replicas of the jeep blueprints and some common jeep posters. A very good model.

WARTIME Official Magazine of the Australian War Memorial No. 5 Summer 1999

This issue of the excellently-researched journal of the AWM has a four page article on the Australian jeep trains of British North Borneo. It mentions how in 1945 Australian 9th Division engineers used captured japanese truck rims as prototype railway wheels. It features a map of the Weston - Jesselton jeep railway system which stretched over 250km and carried 600 passengers a day.

World War II Encyclopedia The European Theatre CD-ROM

This CD-ROM from ATTICA Cybernetics Ltd has amongst other things a 56-second AVI video on the jeep being used in various theatres. The relevant AVI file is named Arvi003a.avi and is 7.7Mb, black & white, 240x180 pixels, 714 frames at 12.5 frames/second.

Wartoys animations

Military/Sci-fi animation. Includes a rotating WW2 jeep gif! (very cute).

WWII Military Vehicle Screen Savers

Jeeps, amphibious and armored vehicles screen savers/wallpapers at

TM 9-803 Parts Manual for the MB/GPW on CDROM

This manual is dated Feb, 1945 and contains 283 pages of illustrations, with part numbers and descriptions. There are hypertext links so that you can click on an index item and jump right to the page you desire. There are many assembly illustrations that can aid you in disassembly and repair. The CDROM is in Adobe PDF format (reader included) so each page can be enlarged or printed. Contact for details.

WW2 jeep Videos (=)

Lars writes: These are VHS system but may only run on the European PAL TV system. They are titled: The videos show hands-on maintenance on a jeep, the first all about the gearboxes, the second all about the motor, like oil change, maintenance of fuel filter etc. The commentary is in French, but the film, so I have been told, is quite good. They are priced in Germany at DEM 80,00 each, thus quite expensive.

English videos are available from Vintage Video, USA They offer them in PAL, SECAM and NTSC. They have, among other WWII and Military Vehicle titles, two very interesting Jeep titles:

Another video is entitled : Visual History of Cars - Jeep and is available from

Fontes de Referência: (Manuais, Livros e Outras Publicações)

This is a very comprehensive WW2 jeep book page that covers books, manuals, videos, software and more! Also some teriffic jeep restoration links and pictures. It is in Portuguese (easily translated through Babelfish ) and is at: I recommend it highly!

WillysTech Willys/Jeep Books

Great page with a number of newly-available Jeep books:

After the war, some trans-continental trips were actually carried out in non-WW2 jeeps; nevertheless they are fascinating accounts:
Non-WW2 jeep Adventure books

US Army jeeps Bibliography of MHI Sources:

Army Manuals Listed in the Bibliography of Scientific and Technical Reports 1946-1949
An incredible list of manuals covering vehicles, ordnance, communications equipment, firing tables, training programs and more. Well worth looking at!

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