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In The News...

Here you can glance through the Indy-4 news posted on this website. WebTV users click here.

Feb 24, 00 ¬ Bryan "Movie Guy" Harley was kind enough to send Indy-X the George Lucas/Harrison Ford dialog from a recent episode of Access Hollywood. Here it is:

Pat O'Brien: What about Indy 4?
Ford: Ask him (points to George Lucas), just you light a fire under his ass and we'll get it done. (laughs)
Pat O'Brien: How anxious are you to do it?
Ford: I'm that anxious. I'll... I'll get the match for you (smiles).
(Pat O'Brien movies over to George Lucas to talk to him)
Pat O'Brien: Any word on Indy 4? He told me to light a fire under your ... uh he didn't say butt, but uh...
George Lucas: Uh, I think we're all busy (laughs)
Pat O'Brien: Where is that project right now?
George Lucas: Uh, we got a script on it. And its really a matter of getting everybody together to the same... same place and the same time to do it.

Feb 18, 00 ¬ Yahoo! updated with more news regarding Harrison Ford's Indy-4 comments.

If the Indy script is the only things holding up the film, however, Ford can stop worrying. In November 1998 during a Phantom Menace press conference, Lucas told reporters that a new Indy script is ready to shoot, whenever Ford and Spielberg are.

They better freaking hurry up, though, if they want the AARP-eligible Ford to have some semblance of youth as the swashbuckling lead character.

The aging star who played the adventurous archeologist in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade will be celebrating 58 big ones in July.

Feb 16, 00 ¬ Coming Attractions has quoted what Harrison Ford recently said at the filming of 'Live At The Actors Studio' in Manhattan, New York on February 15th. It deals with Indiana Jones IV:

Question: 'Will there be another Indiana Jones film?'
Harrison Ford: 'Oh Yehhh...(audience claps)......(laughs). Now wait,
I'm not makin' any announcement here tonight. I want it to happen. There is no script yet that everybody is REALLY happy with. George is a bit pre-occupied with that "other" movie (audience laughs), but Steven and I are very ambitious to do it. But we all realize it has to be great.'

Feb 8, 00 ¬ Sci-fi.com posted some news regarding the status of Indy-4.

George Lucas has completed a script for a fourth Indiana Jones movie, but neither potential star Harrison Ford nor director Steven Spielberg has seen it yet. Without Ford's or Spielberg's approval, a fourth movie is unlikely, according to USA Today columnist Jeannie Williams.

"If there was a script they all loved, they would kill themselves to clear their schedules," Ford's agent, Patricia McQueeney, told Williams. "They love it so much, but they can't seem to get their heads together on a script they are all enthusiastic about." Ford just completed the supernatural thriller What Lies Beneath.

Jan 15, 00 ¬ A spy named "Indy Cindy" has released top secret information about next Indiana Jones film, exclusively to Indy-X! Read it below:

Highlight to read: There are so many story lines floating around. Contrary to popular belief, a script has not been finalized, but some treatments have. One of the more curious ones sticks with the Christian themes of two of the movies where Indiana is searching for a piece of the original cross that Christ was crucified on.

We here at Indy-X shall keep you up to date with this startling information!

Nov 9, 99 ¬ An article on Variety, regarding Harrison Ford and the character Jack Ryan, touches upon the subject of another Indiana Jones film.

The other alternative, Indiana Jones, is at least two years off. George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Ford agreed to do another pic years ago providing all agree on concept and script. While Lucas has a script he likes, the other two aren’t sold; besides, Lucas and Spielberg are booked solid with directing jobs.

Nov 7, 99 ¬ A new source reports in with some major spoiler that might occur in Indy-4.

Highlight to read: Apparently, from what my source tells me, early last year the big guys (Lucas and Spielberg) were in a teleconference and were discussing Indy IV. They were talking about the previous films and the point was brought up that Indy wouldn't be alive today because of his age. The thought struck them as depressing, because it's hard to imagine Indiana Jones as being an old guy. Then my source proceeded to tell me that Indy would be killed in the next film trying to save the world because it will be the last Indy film ever. They want him to go out with a bang. I'll be talking with [his source] next week and he promised me some more information. 

Oct 29, 99 ¬ A source chimes in with something he heard about Indy-4.

Highlight to read: From what one of my sources tells me, Spielberg said Indy-4 would have another biblical theme to it. He then went on to say that the "powers that be" thought a story about the Garden of Eden would be a good plot. So far, a script is in the process of being finished up, but a long treatment does exist. It is about Indy and his quest for the Cherubim's Flaming Sword that protects the garden. That's all he knew, but if I find out more, I'll let you know.

Oct 21, 99 ¬ Cinescape posted a short news article asking the question, "Is Indy-4 Deadlocked?" Thanks to Dazza for the tip.

So, how’s the script? It’s impossible to say, obviously, having not read it, but a comment by Spielberg may shed some light on what his opinion is of it at this point, perhaps even echoing the two others. Spielberg says, "We're being a little more prejudicial. We don't want the fourth Indiana Jones movie to leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth."

Having said that, the trade reports that the last and only thing that is actually holding this production back is an agreement by Ford and Spielberg on a script. Since all three are likely to work this out, Indy 4 could happen sooner than we think… or will it?

Oct 21, 99 ¬ The Hollywood Reporter posted some news regarding the script for Indy-4. Thanks to FliPP for the heads up.

The only thing holding up a fourth Indiana Jones movie is an agreement by Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg on a script, according to George Lucas. "We have a script; it's all finished," Lucas said during an interview recorded this year on a rereleased version of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," part of a new Paramount Home Video promotion of the movie and TV franchise to be introduced next week on VHS. Ford said he is on board for a fourth installment, and Spielberg talked about it as if it's a go. It's just a matter of making sure the script is right. "We're being a little more prejudicial," Spielberg said. "We don't want the fourth Indiana Jones movie to leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth." 


If you have news regarding Indy-4, including possible plot summaries, visit the contact section for submission details.

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