Fundraising for OAR

Keeping a small, no-kill feral rescue like O'Bryonville Animal Rescue going is no mean feat. Donations are always gladly accepted, and through fundraising efforts our volunteers assist the income to keep the cats and kittens fed, vaccinated and happy. It's a never-ending cycle, and we appreciate anything we get!

Volunteers have come together to produce these items for sale to benefit OAR. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please e-mail the webmaster, Alryssa Kelly, at
Prices do not include shipping, if applicable.


The OAR calendar Produced for the year 2000, the O'Bryonville Animal Rescue calendar features a full-page colour photograph and a suitable cat quote for each month, including pictures of local feral colony members.

Cats featured include O'Bryonville mascot George and Olivia - former Iams kitten - as pictured on the cover.

SOLD OUT! - Look for the 2001 calendar, coming soon!


White or tie-dyed (in yellow, red, blue or multicoloured) T-Shirts feature a puppy and kitten logo and 'O'Bryonville Animal Rescue' in black. On the back, 'Please remember to spay and neuter!'

Sizes are: S, M, L, XL, XXL.
Price: $10 plus applicable shipping.

Coffee Mugs

Wily and the mugs The coffee mugs, as pictured here (if you can ignore Wily with his head in the catnip!), are dishwasher and microwave safe. The text running around the top and bottom of the cups is:

O'Bryonville Animal Rescue (513) 871 - PAWS
Mt Airy Animal Rescue (513) 681 - 6194

Mugs are priced at $5 each plus applicable shipping.

Stuffed Kitty Toys

The tree covered with kitties These stuffed kitties are made by husband-and-wife volunteers
Tom Kelly and Alryssa Kelly. Each kitty is filled with polyfibre stuffing, has a ribbon round its neck and is painted with fabric paint. Each bears a name (optional) of one of the rescue's current residents.

Each kitty also has its own loop, so you can hang it on your wall, your Christmas tree, or wherever you want! Kitties can be made to order, with your choice of name. These items were a big hit at the December Open House, and at the recent sidewalk sale, bringing in almost $70 for the rescue.

For the Doctor Who-oriented among you, you may want to order a Doctor Kitty (picture to come) - choose any of the eight Doctors you would like. E-mail for details. A Colin Baker Doctor kitty recently went for a bid of $15 at an art show - many thanks to author Kate Orman for splashing out on it!

These adorable little stuffed animals make wonderful gifts. To order, please e-mail Alryssa or Tom Kelly at Kitties generally sell for $2.50 each plus 55 cents shipping (in the US).

A Charity Doctor Who Fanzine!

Coming soon... A Time Lord may walk in eternity, but a cat will always walk by himself. 'The Cat Who Walked Through Time' is a Doctor Who fanzine with a distinctly feline theme! This project is being handled by Thomas and Alryssa Kelly. Please bookmark this page to keep up with further developments on the fanzine's publication date, projected to be late September. The fanzine is expected to be somewhere in the region of 220 pages long, and priced at around $15.

The fanzine lineup is as follows:

Professional Authors
Kate Orman, Lance Parkin, Diane Duane, Paul Cornell, Arnold T. Blumberg, Simon Bucher-Jones, Stephen Cole, Peter Anghelides and a foreword by Mary Tamm (Romana Mk I)

Fan Authors & Artists
Sandy Adams, Peter Adamson, James Ambeuhl, Alden Bates, Tom Beck, Jeremy Bement, Stuart Bentley, Nick Campbell, Jim Catapano, Adrean Clark, John Clifford, Ana Cotton, Gordon Dempster, Jonathan Dennis, Carolyn Edwards, Jamas Enright, Jason Fraser, Sietel Singh Gill, Sarah Hadley, Leigh Hunt, Naomi Jacobs, Kirstin Jones, Alryssa Kelly, Thomas Kelly, Steve Lake, Andrew Lawston, Heidi Linda, Shaun Lyon, Annie Marshall, Matt Marshall, Greg McElhatton, Jay McIntyre, Alex Naylor, Mark Phippen, Erik Pollitt, Denise Rajauski, Tim Rush, Mary Ellen Sandahl, Brenda Shaw, Stewart Sheargold, Trina L. Short, Dale Smith, Mark Smith, Jeff Suess, Kathy Sullivan, Christopher Taylor, Jennifer G. Tifft, Susannah Tiller, John H. Toon, Jason Towers, Ashley Wilson.

We have decided to produce a second volume of The Cat Who Walked Through Time. Please, don't send us any submissions yet! We will begin accepting submissions next year. Please check back for the new deadline.

There is also a mailing list to keep interested parties up-to-date on the fanzine's progress. Please send a blank email to to join.

If you would like to help publicise the fanzine, please use the banner below on your webpage with the following code:
<p> <center> <a href=""> 
<img src="cwwtt.jpg" border="0" alt="Click here for more info!"> </a>
</center> </p>

banner designed by Jason Fraser

All proceeds will benefit the cat rescue *directly.* With your help, we are aiming to raise $2,000 to assist the rescue with its sterling work - and for a rescue like this one, it will be a real shot in the arm.

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