Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

October 9, 1999 (5 Ik, 15 Tzotz, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come today to deliver a most interesting message. Your planet and the reality that it contains are currently changing. The same is true of you. You are in the midst of a grand series of alterations. These numerous transformations are ones that are causing your degree of awareness to increase. As you change, you become much more aware that the Universe itself is alive. It is a living entity filled with purpose and in need of knowledge and wisdom. It is this process of educating itself that continues to drive its vast potential ever onward and outward. The expression of this unlimited potential is manifested in the myriad of realities that permeate all of physicality. You represent one of these endless permutations. However, you have been given special dispensations, or orderings, that have set you apart. You are one of those realities divinely chosen to experience some very unique conditions. It is this unusual amount of potential that has caused so much attention to be put upon you by Heaven. It is this situation that has created the conditions for our divine intervention.

      Eons ago, the Elohim allowed certain conditions to be manifested in your local galaxy. These requirements permitted the divine conditions needed for darkness to appear and to create its own particular brand of chaos. This led quickly to the rise of a certain physical creator Being, called Anchara, who has wreaked much dissonance upon this galaxy. However, this procedure was fully covered by the sacred decrees of the divine plan. It was meant to last only for a specific period of time. The ultimate goal was to melt its permitted degrees of darkness into the energy of the Light and to be transformed by these actions. From it, a new and stronger Light would be forged. This new Light of Lights is to act as the sacred precipitator of an energy that transforms all of physical Creation into its final set of forms. These forms would eventually reunite with Spirit and thereby bring this sixth Creation to its conclusion. From it, the next set of Creation would then be birthed. This next set of Creation would have its own divine plan and would then represent another divine set of Thought issued by the Creator.

      We in Heaven are fully aware of the fate of your reality. We are also aware completely of the magnificence that all of you personify. There are many intricate procedures that are being performed daily upon you. Most of you are not able to discern this fact. Yet, it is quite true. These changes are remaking this reality. However, they are also doing something else. They are helping to reveal the divine blueprint. This is the great paradox in which you are involved. You believe that you are fully capable of co-creating your reality, as you so desire. On the other hand, there is a plan that, despite your desires, is unfolding as it wishes. The truth is that both are correct. There are various levels of your reality that have created room for both to occur. You see, dear Ones, your desires are part of the plan. Your limited state of awareness has masked this possibility from you. In the more complete realms of reality, this fact is a given, and the paradox with which you now live has been duly resolved. This paradox has created many difficulties among you, about how you define 'Free Will'.

      Dear Ones, 'Free Will' is not what you may believe it now to be. In your present state of awareness, you and your ancestors have birthed many negative thought-forms that mask your ability to manifest what you truly deserve. Bear in mind that every sentient Being is meant to live in a natural state of abundance. Any other set of conditions is simply self-imposed. This disparity has come to most of you from the matrix that has long controlled all who live in your particular reality. Only when you understood this fact and how to control the matrix could you prosper. From time to time, we have sent great masters to you to teach you these facts and to show you how to manifest your abundance. Their messages have been either twisted or redone by those who control your reality's matrix. Now, we have intervened with a grand difference. We in Heaven have come to you directly from A-E-O-N and are using our many sacred abilities to alter this present matrix and to move you into a complete set of awareness.

      This raising of your awareness is a necessary precondition to the transformation of your reality. This process has led many new individuals to come forward to teach and to guide the masses. It has also led many more to search for truth and to discover facts and subjects that they thought did not exist. Unfortunately, this process has led many of you to health crises that you did not understand. Your medical profession has treated these abnormalities in a most curious fashion, by simply viewing them as an increasing number of misdiagnoses. Our intention was that it would draw attention to the fact that something very odd was truly going on. Only in very recent times have some of your medical researchers stumbled upon this possibility. Through it, they have learned about the vast numbers of genetic mutations in your global population. These mutations are allowing you to move out of judgment and into higher states of immunization.

      As you move out of judgment, you move away from fear and, especially, from anger. You become more able to process your normal negative approaches to reality. You become more centered and increase your ability to connect to your True Self. This enables you to obtain telepathic and other so-called psychic abilities. You see your reality as connected to other realities and to the many realms of Spirit. Most of those who possess these abilities are small children. They have come now because certain conditions in your global consciousness field have been reached. Because of this, they have been able to come and act as master guides for their parents and also to further shift your global consciousness field. This altered consciousness field is permitting such genetic mutations to spread among your adult population.

      Another effect of our actions is your ability to move swiftly through your negative thought-forms and to clear them. One major way is to transform them into positive thought-forms, or helpers. Instead of hindering you, they can now form a synergistic team to advise you positively on those actions leading to your personal growth, as well as to an increasingly positive and uplifting demeanor. This choice or strategy is left to you. However, we deeply feel that such a procedure is one that you shall follow, now or eventually. As you grow in Spirit, you grow also in the need to perfect yourself. This procedure is one that attracts you to the many self-improvement or self-growth programs now available. The growth of interest in them is another sign of the raising consciousness precipitated by our many subtle actions.

      This changing consciousness field has a great benefit. As it transforms and moves ever outward, it creates those conditions that tend to accelerate the changes that we have described herein. Think of this process as a wheel that creates itself again and again, as necessary. It is quickly forming a system of gears that can move anything. This action is what is now driving the vast potential that streams daily into your reality. There is only one outcome permitted by Heaven. That outcome is the successful transformation of your reality. This new reality is a coming Golden Age, long prophesied by Heaven. You have, indeed, arrived at the End Times. You have, indeed, come to the point in your journey when many amazing things shall happen. Now is the time for you to complete this journey together, and to manifest the vast capabilities that you all possess.

      Today, we have spoken about consciousness and where it is leading you. Dear Ones, you are about to complete a vast re-ordering of your reality. We in Heaven are quite proud of what you have done and are about to conclude. We request that you continue to look inside and to manifest those now-latent abilities with which you have come here. We now take our leave. O People of Earth and of the glorious Light of Heaven! Give forth your great Abilities to this realm, and know that the Supply of Heaven is a part of these wondrous gifts! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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