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Please keep in mind that Moof and the Dogcow icon are registered trademarks of Apple computer.

MacMoof is an extension written by Griffin Cottle. When installed, MacMoof will Moof! when it is loaded during startup, along with displaying an icon that should be familiar to you. Any e-mail concerning MacMoof should be sent to Grif, at Moooof2@aol.com, and myself, at ross@ctol.net. Griffin is a Mac developer who, like many of them, is a fan of the Dogcow. (Just look at his e-mail address.) Here are your downloading options for MacMoof:

68k-Contains the extension compiled for use on non-PowerPC Macintoshes.
PPC-Contains the extension which will only run on PowerMacs.
68k and PPC-This contains one copy of each. Be aware that this is not a FAT version, it's a copy of both the files above.

These files have now been moved to anonymous FTP. The problems which people have had with downloading MacMoof in the past should be fixed. Nevertheless, email me at ross@ctol.net for anything.