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Here we start "Q&A about AMIGA with Susumu Hirasawa" that is a special project in early summer. Enjoy 18 questions and answers here!

1. Could you tell us about AMIGAs which you've ever used and how many machines you've got in total?

A: A1000, A500, A2500, A1200, A4000, and A600. A1000 was seriously damaged by the traffic accident but had transformed herself into A2500 with the insurance. A500 in BODEGA BAY was my brother's. He gave it to me. It's getting rusty now in a certain recording engineer's storeroom. A1200 is the borrowed one. It operates TAINACO, the Virtual drummer on P-MODEL's live show. A4000, I mainly use recently, is playing an active part in making songs and building a system of the Interactive Live Show. A600, which a certain person is tuning up, is waiting for its debut as a TAINACO machine. Therefore, I own three AMIGAs now.


Amiga has great importance for the studio.
The main machine is A4000.

2. Have you named your AMIGAs? What name will you give them if you do? Are you giving them "Virtual Kon-Thai"*?
(*Kon-Thai : Thai name)

A: Unfortunately, not. If I would, I'd rather name them suitable one for Trans-Gender. The combination of first name, making you confused with nationality, plus actual Thai family name will go better. Like what TG of Thailand willingly use.

A600 : Rie Chaijiratigan
A2500 : Maria Rahchahtachotik
A4000 : Emi Takkampurazaht

are superexcellently matching well with them.


The powerful form of A4000, which helps Susumu Hirasawa's all in all music work.
It is absolutely necessary for him now.

3. How long time a day do you use AMIGAs?

A: I'm using them for ten hours a day or more 'cause I'm making music at present. It's increasing five hours more when the Interactive Live Show comes closer.


The cover shot of his private studio. A4000 is on the right.

4. Have you ever let AMIGA speak Thai? And what do the Thai voice say in "Haldyn Hotel" and "Cyborg" in this connection?

A: AMIGA cannot speak Thai. The intonation is a problem. For example, when you let AMIGA speak "he" in Thai and type it, AMIGA will pronounce a word meaning "female genitalias" by the intonation of it. By the way, do not say "Coffee" in Thailand. * * Coffee is pronounced "Koh-hee" in Japanese. It means "Give me female genitalias". I cannot tell you about the Thai words in my songs here because of the problem of copyrights.

5. Have you repaired AMIGAs with the AMIGA EXERCISE* before?
(*; Pushing the chip card when its condition is bad)

A: Of course, I have. It is basic. But the point to push is likely to move. Nobody can tell that it will surely revive when they push the same point in the same case. Or, the stimulation may travel to the other point by the bend or something of its motherboard, I guess. To my surprise, another AMIGA had been repaired before by pushing the chip card of beside one. I wonder if the floor of my house bend with weigh...

6. I always find it hard to use AMIGA without any Japanese manuals. Tell us your hard experiences to operate it, if any.

A: There is a good word inclusively expressing the hardship I experienced. It is

"I am an AMIGA user. "

It doesn't matter that there is no Japanese manual. In the beginnings, I operated it with imaginations as my only guide. Contrary to your expectations, it goes well.

7. What should we study to be an expert of AMIGA or a computer itself?

A: First of all, you have to learn that you may not learn it from me.

8. What is the most wonderful thing you gain by using AMIGA?

A: Solitude and a title of "Liar".

9. Are you also interested in OS 3.5 and the next generation AMIGA, Mr Hirasawa?

A: Of course. If I could spend 1,000,000 yen freely now, I'd rather buy a personal computer and an AMIGA. Ah, well, do you understand me? There was an age when PC could not do what AMIGA could.

10. Do you make all music with AMIGA?

A: Yes. I'm proud of being a professional musician making music with free software.

11. What is the software you often use?

A: Suppose, for the longest time I use is probably SCALA. The following is "Bars & Pipes".

12. What software, or hardware, do you want now?

A: I'd like to skip with loading the Video Toaster on Silent Paw. Besides, Siamese.

13. Does Bars & Pipes run on UAE?

A: It doesn't run so far to be able to use at studio. I'd like to take a leaf out of Hasuwo's* spirit. I'll install UAE in my Pentium 266MHz notebook PC soon.
(*a Japanese active AMIGAN who supports Hirasawa)

14. Why do you use AMIGA for the system of Interactive Live Show, not Windows nor Mac? Did you consider AMIGA software for its individualities?.

A: Just as I started to produce the Interactive Live Show, a certain PC manufacturer made me an eager offer to use their machines and let their staff work on it. I darely said to him, "Just rebuild my live show's system only with your machines. I don't care about how many ones you pile up." I hardly heard from him ever since.
AMIGA is the machine which can accept any plans of amateurs like me and make them realised. It let us easily combine what we have already done and gives us hope that "I can do it". It is a machine permits even amateurs the enjoyment of computing, not operating.

15. We know you operated Miburi* at "Mermaid Song" on the Interactive Live Show "SIREN - the Unreal Soprano-". What software did you concretely send the signals of Miburi to?
(* - a MIDI device using movement of a player's arms, legs and shoulders as signals)

A: On that show, those signals were input directly to Bars & Pipes. On the Bars & Pipes side, the AREXX commands were assigned to the note numbers sent from Miburi. Those AREXX commands controlled SCALA and reprojected proper animations on screen.

16. In the latest Interactive Live Show, you've done the "Bridge Building*" on the Internet. Could you tell us what you think about it? What were the good points and the problems?

A: It was fun itself that I could collaborate with AMIGA users and that the unique idea only AMIGA could create took up its position in the music scene. I am mostly concerned about showing the performance which has its own meaning and quality different from what is barely possible by the support from a big enterprise and many professionals. Otherwise, there is no meaning to close up personal computers and the Internet. I think it was successful in that sense, and I am proud of it.

17. Every Interactive Live Show had elaborate CG; doors, villains, and so on. Did you design them by yourself? Or, by AMIGAN friends?

A: I don't make them by myself recently. I ask it to an able staff.

18. Have you occasionally obtained some hints from AMIGA when you make lyrics or stories?

A: Yes, I have a lot. Those words and stories, hinted by Amiga, are some kind of hidden codes sent to AMIGA users existing a few in Japan. If you have used AMIGA for a long time, you could find a lot, couldn't you?

Interviewee: Susumu Hirasawa
Interviewer: Shinji Miyoshi

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