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Susumu Hirasawa uses Amiga(Bars&Pipes Pro, ScalaMM, OctaMED, etc..) for composing songs and performing his live shows. Not only did he use Amiga, but he wove the keywords concerning it to his music and live shows. He regards them as proofs of unity with us, Amiga users.

I'll pick them up and show you such keywords here. The CD number was added to each works. You can buy them at the Internet CD shop "http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/". In the very near future, everyone will be able to buy his new songs as digital data from all over the world. (The advancement of the Internet technology of Japan is still insufficient.)

Okay, let me introduce eight key words to you right now. (Eight is a lucky number in Japan.)

Keyword 1: Amiga Bridge

kyusai.jpg Music title: "TOWN-0 PHASE-5"
CD title:
"Technique of Relief" (1998)

Do you still remember? Amiga Bridge was a development machine scheduled to be made for the next generation Amiga. It was terrific information for Amigans when Susumu Hirasawa recorded the album, "Technique of Relief" having an important keyword "Bridge-building" in it. Although Amiga Bridge was not achieved after all, the bridge of CG was built by Amiga and the co-operation of audiences on the Interactive Live Show "World Cell".

Keyword 2: G-Force/WarpEngine

Live title: "Error Force"/"Error Engine"

The live shows called "Error" series were done six times in 1990-1995. (In WorkBench1.3, it is Guru Meditation though) Title of the 1st one was "Error Force" and the 5th's was "Error Engine". "Force" and "Engine" were also names of the accelerators of Amiga. Additionally, Landscape generator "Vistapro" was used as music generator in one of music for the live show "Error Engine". After that, this technique is reflected in the music of following albums.


1. CD title: "Landscapes"
CD No.:

This CD is now in only forward stock in Japan, so hard to get.

kunmae.jpg 2. CD title: "Kun Mae on Calculating"
CD No.:

Keyword 3: Jay

Live title: "Adios Jay"

Jay Miner; The designer of AMIGA. To the memory of him, Hirasawa dedicated the Interactive Live Show entitled "Adios Jay". 1994 was a serious year for bankruptcy of Commodore Company after the death of Jay. However, we'd got over those hardships and we'll be able to carry on... won't we?

Keyword 4: KING

Music title: "Gardener KING"

CD title: "Technique of Relief" (1998)

CD No.:

In talking about world famous Amiga owner and musician, you must recall "B.B.King". (I wonder whether he using Bars&Pipes?) Gardener KING is a superhuman character who looks after his garden, the universe. He mends the damaged part of the world on the outskirts of space. I remember Hirasawa wrote in our BBS like this, "I want to be called B.B.KING" :-)

Keyword 5: Phase5

kyusai.jpg Music title: "TOWN-0 PHASE-5"
CD title:
"Technique of Relief" (1998)
CD No.:
aurora.jpg Music title: "Snow Blind"
CD title:
CD No.:

Phase-5 means the substantialised fantasy. Phase5 Company, the developer in real existence, gave substance to the fantasy of the next generation Amiga, you know. In Lyrics of his song "Snow Blind", you can find the word "Giant of Blizzard". Though it doesn't indicate the accelerator of the Phase5 Company directly, the word might have been a hidden keyword to Amigans.

Keyword 6: ScalaMM

Live title: "TOKYO Paranesian"

A ladder hung to the sky is drawn on the package of authoring software "SCALA" which plays a role as the centre of the Interactive Live Show. Hirasawa actually climbed the ladder on the Interactive Live Show "TOKYO Paranesian". The movie of a ladder-climbing man, attached to SCALA, was also used at the beginning of the show.

Keyword 7: Topaz font

science.jpg Music title: "Dreaming Machine"
CD title:
"Ghost of Science" (1990)

Nobody can miss this keyword if he/she is an Amigan. The default font of WorkBench, I mean. The outre and useless size font named Topaz 18 appears in this song, a standard size is eight though.

Keyword 8: Trashcan


Music title: " Waste Cabaret "
CD No.: MAGL-5002

It is "Recycle Bin" in Windows, "Trash" in MacOS and BeOS, "Trashcan" in AmigaOS. This song's "Trashcan" means not only abandonment but also the reproduction today. That may be a message to us started the preparation for the Amiga regeneration again.

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Hirasawa joined in the first Global Trotters volume "Drive". You can easily get this album in Europe or America.
CD title:
CD No.:
You can get DEMO as digital data (RealAudio) here.
Global Trotters is a collaboration unit made up from Roedelius (great master of the German electronic music field) and musicians and composers all over the world.

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