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Tim Fountain

Founder member and designer of TIB, Tim's one of the driving forces behind the project. All this and exams too!

ICQ: ICQ #21624839


Richard Goodwin

Along with Tim, Rich is a founder member of The Icon Bar and chief purchaser of bits that eventually make up the server. Rich handles a lot of the day-to-day programming jobs when he's not too busy working for the Argo Group - doing day-to-day programming jobs.

ICQ: ICQ #19597894


Alasdair Bailey

Now known as the lone writer, Alasdair floats around cyberspace searching out stories to report in any one of his many media outlets. From Computer Shopper to Steam Railway, he's seen them all.

Enough tripe; I'm 19 and a student at The University of Birmingham. In my spare time I drink (and occasionally write articles for computer mags and websites). Keep an eye out for my EPOC (Psion) column in Computer Shopper magazine.

ICQ: ICQ #16139450


Harry Decker

Harry's font website has been a boon to the RISC OS community since it was first set up in January 1999 on the main ArgoNet server, and we're very pleased to be able to host the site here at TIB. With more disk space to play with, we hope the site can now grow and grow!



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