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Welcome to Meffert's Puzzles online!
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Puzzle This page represents the hub point for the newest and most exciting venture to the Internet by a puzzle manufacturer. The aim of this web site is to inform, advertise and retail our products to the large on-line audience. We also cover related issues such as solutions to our puzzles, games to play with your friends and even a bit of mathematics!

Special News Items
Our PUZZLE FORUM is now working... Click Here To Enter!

IQ ChallengeThe IQ Challenge Page
The ultimate Mind Exerciser for all ages. Click here to try it... (Note: You must already own this puzzle)

Drives You Crazy CubeUsing The Drives You Crazy Cube
Has a simple rule aligne all 6 cubes in such a way that one of each color is on all for sides. You may start with 3 cubes first then 4, 5 and finally all 6 which has two solutions but is still quite challenging. . (Note: You must already own this puzzle)

Please Note that all our puzzles with the new molded tile finish are back in stock.

Special Offer: Molded color plastic tiles for 3x3x3 cubes at only $1.00 per color (9 Pcs.) including Free Airmail Postage. 6 Colors available, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange & White, to freshen up all those worn out cubes and make your own color configuration.

New Disney Puzzle Balls & Puzzle Heads - Limited Quantities left!
Puzzle Balls Puzzle BallsPuzzle BallsPuzzle BallsPuzzle BallsPuzzle BallsPuzzle BallsPuzzle BallsPuzzle BallsPuzzle BallsPuzzle BallsPuzzle Balls
A full range of Disney Puzzle Balls and Mickey & Donald Puzzle Head's are Now available for our younger puzzlers and Puzzle Collectors.

Puzzle Site Contributions Are Welcome!
Any contributions as to content special puzzle related features more puzzles, logical games, Links and any features including more Puzzles for our Shop, to make our site more interesting are greatly appreciated, especially for the all new Family Educational section.

The Puzzler Challenge Contest Is Back!
The new Puzzler Challenge for August is the Prof. Cube again. The winner for May - June for solving the Megaminx was John Gizzi again, with the fantastic time of 3293 seconds check sum 40612893, Well Done John. The fastest time for each month receives one FREE Puzzle of the winners choice. If you experience any technical difficulty with either Puzzler version, please contact Noel at noel@mud.ca. A new Puzzler Challenge every month. Click here!

New Products
New additions to our Puzzle Shop:

Puzzle of the Month...
the Ultimate Skewb (with Fluorescent labels)
Skill level:
Puzzle the "Master Cube",
Skill level:
Puzzle "Siamese Cube" Assembly construction set,
Skill level:
Puzzle "Skewb Diamond"
Skill level:
*All with high quality molded ABS Tiles instead of stickers.
& the unique "Back to Square 1" produced by Irwin Toys.
Skill level:
From This Puzzle To Square 1 Puzzle

Making your own custom cubes is fast becoming very popular with the new exciting Assembly Cubes! Winner of the Inventors Convention Gold Medal Award and covered by worldwide patents, applications & copyright. 3 Color, 6 Color & Transparent models available. Please Check this Spot regularly for new products.
From This Puzzle To This Puzzle To the Smoothest
Turning Cube Ever!
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